The Devil's Cage Chapter 900

Chapter 900 Wealth

Meanwhile, in Naveya’s wealthy district, a bunch of shady people were gathering in an independent building equipped with a garden.

It was a wealthy merchant’s house. The merchant was well-known by all because he donated tons of offerings to Wealth Temple.

Everyone pictured him as a devoted believer but at this moment inside his study room, the wealthy merchant was standing in front of a crowd with a heavy expression.

Even more so when all the disguises in the crowd were removed, showing their injured conditions to the merchant, his heavy expression worsened.

Unconsciously, the merchant looked at a middle-aged man in the crowd.

The middle-aged man was similar to the others, his arm was bandaged; his face looked normal but his eyes were as sharp as knives.

It was because of those sharp eyes, it made the middle-aged man stand out from the crowd.

Despite being injured, he still possessed a presence that others couldn’t neglect.

In fact, as the leader of Oak Hand, the middle-aged man possessed strength on par with his sharp eyes. Otherwise, he wouldn’t lead Oak Hand to become the longest surviving gang in Naveya and because of that, it granted him an outstandingly prestigious position among his peers.

Following the wealthy merchant’s gaze, the crowd too turned to the middle-aged man, seemingly awaiting his orders.

“Activate it,” the middle-aged man said as he was looked upon.


Those who didn’t know felt confused; those who knew trembled with shock.

Especially the wealthy merchant. As the person in-charged of “it”, he knew what consequences would follow, or more precisely, what cost they would have to pay.

“Leader, do we really have to do this?” The wealthy merchant asked with hesitance and unwillingness.

“We have to! Those bastards from Emerald Rock will never let this chance slip! They will surely launch a full assault on us using this opportunity and only ‘it” can help us overcome our problems at hand!”

The middle-aged man took in a deep breath and showed unwillingness on his face as well but his words were strict and decisive.

Although it would cost him his savings for many years, it would be better than losing his life right?

“I understand!” The wealthy merchant nodded and left the room afterward.

10 minutes later, a wagon arrived before the building’s entrance.

The wealthy merchant led his servants to welcome the person inside.

The two-wheeled wagon was pulled by an old horse; the wagoner was dressed very shabbily and had patches on his shirt but no one dared to look down on the wagon itself because of the temple’s insignia on it.

The insignia that represented Wealth Temple was a golden shining coin the size of a palm.

Likewise, the elderly priest that came down from the carriage had the same insignia on his chest and sleeves also.

Compared to his common priest outfit, the insignia was looking lively with its shine under the sun.

“Priest Schmocker, I thank you for your arrival.” The merchant greeted as he took a bag of coins and gave it to the priest.

The priest smiled when he received the bag of coins.

“May Lady Carricanton bless you.” The priest tapped the merchant’s shoulder lightly.

The merchant was overwhelmed by the unexpected favor. He then welcomed the priest into his mansion respectfully.

Anyone who saw the scene at any time, anywhere else, would feel surprised but not here.

Not only the servants but even the watching crowd showed an understanding smile.

Among the 25 temples in Naveya, the most easy-going temple was surely not Mercy Temple, it was Wealth Temple.

Inside Wealth Temple, money was absolute.

Whether one sinned or not, if they could provide enough money offering, they could acquire a Sin Atonement Scroll or a chance to be pardoned.

No money?

Please turn to the left and head to Mercy Temple instead; the sinner could elaborate on their sins and receive atonement for their sins by caning.

Therefore, Wealth Temple was popular among the wealthy people, it even pushed Thorn Temple down from the list, becoming one of the Four Great Temples and only second to Lightning Temple.

So it was necessary for the people to show respect to the priest himself.

The injured middle-aged man was already inside the living hall, welcoming Priest Schmocker.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Priest Schmocker. The moment I saw you, it felt like my wounds were gettingbetter.” The middle-aged man bowed before uttering flattering words.

“That is also Lady Carricanton’s glorious light. I am just her messenger and as for what you want to do, you better pray to the Goddess herself.”

Priest Schmocker was implying something else with his words, his face had the cunningness from time and age.

The priest knew who the middle-aged man was, his occupation and what he wanted to achieve but he didn’t care.

As long as the middle-aged man was willing to offer a great deal of money, pleasuring the Lady of Wealth, it would be sufficient.

Wasn’t this what a devoted believer should do?

As for the others? He didn’t care!

They were the prayers towards Lady Wealth, how could a mortal question so much?!

The middle-aged man understood the meaning instantly.

Promptly, the Oak Hand leader kneeled with one knee, “Oh respectful Lady Carricanton, the revered Lady of Wealth, please hear my prayers! I am willing to exchange my gold coins for your blessings and protections!”

As the middle-aged man spoke, two other men carried out a box full of gold coins.

Then, the gold coins in the box swiftly vanished before their naked eyes, as though an invisible hand grabbed the gold coins and filled them into an invisible sack.

Soon, the gold coins were emptied out; two more boxes of gold coins were carried out then after that.

“I am willing to wash my sins with more gold coins!” The middle-aged man continued.

This time, the two new boxes of gold coins flew up in mid-air and the gold coins were poured out but none of the coins touched the floor.

The gold coins vanished the moment they were poured down into the air itself.

At the same time, the middle-aged man had a faint layer of golden brilliance over his body.

When the golden brilliance appeared, Priest Schmocker started to pray softly.

“This is a little care from Lady Carricanton and you can only get such an effect by offering a huge amount of gold coins, at least ten thousand and above. Lady Carricanton is watching you and blessing you” Priest Schmocker said softly.

“Thank you Lady Wealth for your generosity,” The middle-aged man replied with respect and reverence.

Then, another bag of coins was placed in the priest’s palm; compared to the one given to him in the entrance, this bag of coins was bigger and more bloated.

The priest kept the coins in his sleeves; both of them exchanged smiles but their smiles were frozen right away.

“I’ve always wondered why Oak Hand had so much nerve to do things and it seems like they are affiliated with Wealth Temple?”

A voice entered the hall and


The main door of the building was blasted to the sky and a figure marched in with a stride.

Everyone within the hall widened their eyes one after another when they saw the approaching figure because despite being under the sun, the figure was faint and translucent.

What was more terrifying, following the figure’s appearance, a killing aura that covered the sky and flooded the earth smashed down on everyone inside the hall like a tidal wave, causing them to tremble.

They heard the wails of agony from the struggling souls, as life faded away, a dense bloody stench assaulted their nose.

A killer! No, not just any killer but an executioner, a butcher that has slaughtered countless souls!

Now, only one person in Naveya City fit the criteria of the figure: the mysterious and never seen before King of Killers!

The leader of Emerald Rock!