The Devil's Cage Chapter 901

Chapter 901 Strike

Chapter 901: Strike

It was well-known within Naveya that Emerald Rock’s leader was mysterious.

Most people didn’t even know the gender or age of the mysterious killer.

Some even suspected that the person was a secret agent trained by a certain temple.

However, Oak Hand’s leader was different.

Oak Hand’s leader had fought Emerald Rock more than once and even though he hadn’t seen the true face of his opponent before, he knew the leader was a young man. That was the reason why Oak Hand’s leader dreaded goi g against Emerald Rock’s leader.

Each time Oak Hand’s leader thought of how the opposite made him fall short of his ambitious, he started to imagine what would happen in anotherfive maybe ten years. The troubling thoughts in his mind made him lose a lot of sleep.

Therefore, Oak Hand’s leader started his own backup plan, which was to join forces with Wealth Temple and place all his bets on Priest Schmocker.

Oak Hand’s leader hoped that he could have a sturdy shield supporting him during desperate times so that he could escape unharmed but he never would have thought the day would arrive so suddenly.

From the start to end, Oak Hand’s leader didn’t even doubt Kieran’s identity.

That killing aura that rose to the sky and the young face were super effective in confusing the man.

Looking at the young man walking in slowly as though he was an asura from hell, Oak Hand’s leader subconsciously stepped back and quietly hid behind the Wealth Temple priest, Schmocker.

“Dear sir, what did you say just now?”

Priest Schmocker didn’t care about Oak Hand’s leader stepping back as all his attention was placed on Kieran.

The priest noticed something unusual from the words Kieran spoke.

“What I said? The man beside you should know more!”

Kieran showed a killer smile to the retreatingOak Hand leader.

The man instantly quivered when he was greeted with the smile

In the eyes of the leader, Kieran who was in human form suddenly tore his skin apart with his bare hands, revealing who he was underneath: a snake-like wolf monster that was chewing on human flesh and devouring life force!

It had the head of a snake but the body, limbs and the tail of a wolf.

It’s size even grew 10 times larger. The Oak Hand leader was like a little chick standing before an ox as he stood before Kieran.

From the leader’s perspective, Kieran’s body had gotten bigger.


The thought popped up in the leader’s heart.

Then, the leader that was once feared by many turned around and ran. He might be fearless against humans but against a monster?

That was amatters for the temples, he wouldn’t want to get himself involved.

However, his efforts in escaping were futile.

The monster extended it’s claw and grabbed the leader in its palm before delivering him to the snake mouth.


The leader screamed in agony as the huge snake mouth was coming closer.

Suddenly, a faint golden brilliance shined.

Everything before the leader’s eye shattered to pieces.

The leader finally recollected his senses and only then did he noticed he was still in the hall; Kieran was still Kieran, not the monster that he saw.


Pain invaded his body like a flash flood, his muscles and bones felt like they were all crushed to bits.


After he spat out a mouthful of blood, the leader fell to the ground, limping on his last breath. It seemed like he was not too far from his demise.

With [Half-dead’s Gaze], [Deadman’s Gaze, Fear Illusion] dragging all the gang members into their deepest fears and while facing against Kieran’s Strong I rank Spirit blast, none of them stood a chance, all of their heads exploded and their brains splattered.

The Oak Hand leader not ending up like his men wasn’t because he had stronger Spirit than his men.

Truth be told, the leader’s Spirit was nowhere near strong, the real reason he escaped his head exploding fate was because of the “care” from Lady Wealth.

However, after withstanding Kieran’s Strong I rank Spirit blast, that little bit of “care” vanished into nothing.

Looking at the fallen Oak Hand leader and his men with exploding heads, the Wealth temple priest who was covered in a faint golden brilliance showed a heavy expression.

Priest Schmocker was immune to the [Fear Illusions] of [Deadman’s Gaze] because of the blessing of Lady Wealth, but it didn’t stop him from getting a clear idea how powerful and terrifying Kieran was at that moment.

He only felt that kind of feeling before in front of the Archpriest of Wealth Temple.

“What a terrifying person!” Priest Schmocker commented but he didn’t fall back.

He was a priest, a priest from the Temple of Wealth!

“How dare you! You dare oppose the Temple of Wealth? Even if you are the leader of Emerald Rock, you should have a clear idea that standing against Wealth Temple with your so-called Emerald Rock killer organization is nothing but throwing an egg against a rock!”

Priest Schmocker shouted.

The enraged priest brightened the faint golden brilliance on him, making him look more holistic and dignified.

Lines of notifications about Spirit authentication popped up in Kieran’s vision, he’d passed all of them without pause.

Strong I rank Spirit allowed Kieran to stand tall against such Fear effects, making it feel like a breeze to his face.

So, when Priest Schmocker saw Kieran stepping closer to him, he was astonished.

The priest didn’t expect Kieran to neglect a Godly dignity but he soon came back to his senses.

He didn’t panic nor was he scared, Priest Schmocker never thought he would be in danger he if faced off against Kieran.

Just like what Priest Schmocker said, Emerald Rock might have quite the reputation in Naveya but compared to Wealth Temple, it was nothing.

Kieran would know what to choose if he was still a sane person.

Let alone striking the priest down, Kieran shouldn’t even voice his disrespect!

Even after what had happened, Kieran should have offered more gold coins to calm Priest Schmocker down.

“How much gold coins should I ask for? 1000 coinsNo, no, no, it won’t fit the identity! Emerald Rock might not be as wealthy as Oak Hand but still came out on top of other organizations, I guess 3000 coins would be a reasonable amount.” Priest Schmocker started to calculate how much offering should he get.

Just when the thought popped up, Kieran struck!

The thin long sword silently pierced through the priest’s neck!

Priest Schmocker opened his eyes wide, looking in disbelief as he fell to his death.

Until his last breath, the priest didn’t believe that Kieran had really struck him down.

Kieran said softly as he looked upon the restless death of the priest, “It’s true, Emerald Rock dares not make their move against Wealth Temple but I don’t represent the killers but Thorn Temple!”

Kieran’s voice echoed in the hall for quite some time before it faded away.

Meanwhile further down the street, Atrina was leading a few priests from Thorn Temple towards the said building.

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