The Devil's Cage Chapter 902

Chapter 902 Assault

Chapter 902: Assault

Atrina and co. broke through the shattered door and saw Kieran standing in the hall.

What came into their sights was a floor of dead bodies.

Although she was prepared beforehand, Atrina found it hard to conceal the terror in her heart after seeing the scene before her eyes.

However, the ruthless scene reminded the temple deacon even more of Kieran’s orders.

“Ryan, how are you? Are you hurt?” Atrina asked as though she cared.

“Nope, I’m good.” Kieran nodded with a smile before looking at the other three Thorn Priests who couldn’t conceal their shock.

After catching Kieran’s gaze, the three Thorn priests felt like they were facing their greatest enemy despite his gaze being absent of killing intent and looking extremely polite.

After all, there was a priest lying down on the floor; the three of them were quite familiar with Priest Schmocker.

Not only did they know how shameless Priest Schmocker was with his words, they knew how powerful he was as well.

A priest with that much strength dying at the hands of Kieran was enough to alarm the three Thorn priests, their first impression of Kieran had changed drastically.

Even though they had gotten an introduction from Atrina before they came and got to know who Kieran was, the scene was too much for them.

Looking at the floor filled with bodies! Look at Priest Schmocker’s body!

“So this is the leader of Emerald Rock of Naveya?”

“So this is the strength of the mysterious king of killers?”

Such thoughts lingered in the three priest’s minds.

“Dear sirs, please don’t be afraid. I know who my enemies are and my blade will only point at my enemies, not my friends. Especially a friend like Atrina.”

Kieran then exchanged a glance with the temple deacon.

Both of them showed a smile at the same time, Atrina’s smile even had some sweetness and shyness to it.

The three priests realized the situation before them when the noticed how both of them interact.

If they were still suspecting why the leader of Emerald Rock stood by Thorn Temple, after that slight interaction, all suspicions were laid to rest; their eyes had told them everything.


“Mr. Ryan, where is the Holy Thorn Grail?” One of the elderly priests asked.

While the elderly priest had a question solved, he was more concerned about the holy relic of Thorn Temple, so were the other two.

In fact, if Atrina didn’t mention the Holy Thorn Grail, why would Thorn Temple send three priests in a single outing?

“It should be around this building. When I stepped into the hall, I realized this guy was affiliated with Wealth Temple, so I couldn’t hold myself back, hence I didn’t have the time to search the place,” Kieran said.

The elderly priest nodded and waved his hand at the other two behind him.

The two other younger priests and Atrina swiftly moved out.

As for the possibility of Kieran lying, none of them thought so.

Aside from the floor of bodies, Kieran himself didn’t have the reason to lie, otherwise, he wouldn’t need Atrina to contact the priests.

Soon when they found the pot containing the Holy Thorn Grail, the three priests believed Kieran without a doubt.

“These filths dare to insult Lady Vanessa?!”

“They should be burned to death!”

The two young priests were infuriated when they saw the mystical runes carved on the pot and picked up a stench similar to seawater.

Though the elderly priest didn’t say anything, the rage on his expression was obvious.

It was well-known throughout the dungeon world that how filthy their sea was and if Holy Thorn Grail attracted any kind of giant monsters from the sea, the consequences would be unimaginable.

When the three priests thought of the fact that the Holy Thorn Grail was almost taken away, they were grateful and at the same time furious.

At that particular moment, a big bunch of people appeared outside the door.

The palm-sized golden shining coin insignia had made clear of their identities.

Wealth Temple!

“Priest Schmocker!”

The deacons and priests from Wealth Temple cried out in shock one after another when they saw Priest Schmocker’s body on the floor.

They then glared at the three priests from Thorn Temple.

Although the folks from Wealth Temple had received news of what was going on, they never thought things would go south.

Until they saw the light representing Priest Schmocker in their temple went dark, they realized something was wrong. Some of the deacons and priests in the temples hoped it wasn’t true.

The moment the cold body appeared in their sight, their luck finally went off.

“Damn you bastards, how dare you murder Priest Schmocker!”

“You will pay for Priest Schmocker’s life with yours!” One of the priests shouted.

“Pay with our lives? Thieving and insulting a holy relic is a heavy sin, he had it coming!”

The elderly Thorn priest laughed coldly.

“What? What are you blabbering about Einderson? You shall not insult Priest Schmocker when he is not here!” The Wealth Temple priests were stunned before arguing back.

The elderly Thorn priest didn’t say anything else, instead, he smashed the pot filled with seawater and carefully took the Holy Thorn Grail out.

When the seawater gushed out from the smashed pot, the Wealth Temple priests who were infuriated by their colleague’s death finally calmed down a little and when the Holy Thorn Grail showed itself, their face suffered a drastic change.

The whole of Naveya knew that the Holy Thorn Grail was stolen but when the stolen relic appeared here

Could it be

A bad feeling rose in the Wealth Temple priest’s heart.

“This is slander! Priest Schmocker was only here to collect an offering!”

The Wealth Temple priest, of course, wouldn’t voice out his true thoughts, instead, he tried to defend their stand.

“An offering?”

Priest Einderson glanced over the big box at the corner of the hall and was ready to say something, that was before he saw Atrina ran back into the hall in a panic.

“Priest Einderson! This is bad! Bad I say!” The temple deacon said with a pale face.

“What’s wrong Deacon Atrina? Don’t be afraid, speak slowly.”

Although Priest Einderson was interrupted, because Atrina had contributions in retrieving the Holy Thorn Grail, he didn’t mind at all and he spoke to her in a pleasant way.

However, the other Wealth Temple priest saw it differently.

“So this is the manners of Thorn Temple? How dare a petty deacon be so rude? If she is one of Wealth Temple, a deacon like her is only suitable in the servant’s room, doing the filthiest work!”

The Wealth Temple priest voiced out his mockery.

His words instantly attracted the glares from the other two younger Thorn Temple priests. The two of them knew after this incident, Atrina will surely don a priest robe and ascend to their ranks.

However, when she was insulted by Wealth Temple, it was reflected upon them!

If Atrina was insulted like this, what would they be? Would they end up in the servant’s room as well?

The hot-blooded and impulses of youth hastened their breaths; they wanted to teach Wealth Temple a lesson but someone was faster!


A loud slap later, the Wealth Temple priest that mocked so much was sent flying backward and it wasn’t the end!

A cold glare flashed and the Wealth Temple priest who was still in mid-air was stabbed by a longsword, pinning him on the wall.

His blood flowed along the line, slowly dripping off the wobbling blade.

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