The Devil's Cage Chapter 903

Chapter 903 Fanning The Flames

Chapter 903: Fanning the Flames

Dik Dak.

Blood fell off the blade. It became more eye-catching after falling on the gray moset floor.

The crowd was stunned by the sudden scene and only came back to their senses after the blood touched the floor.

“How dare you”

One of the Wealth Temple priest pointed at Kieran but before he could even finish, Kieran interrupted him.

“Why wouldn’t I? He insulted my Atrina, so he must be prepared to pay with his life! Of course thiat includes you all as well!”

Kieran glanced over the Wealth Temple priest and the ones behind him.

Each of them felt like they were struck by thunder whenever they caught Kieran’s gaze.

[Dead-man’s Gaze]!

[Fear Illusion]!

The faint golden brilliance of Lady Wealth were casted over the two Wealth Temple Priest, protecting them from the mental impact but the other common deacons weren’t so lucky.

Puk! Puk! Puk!

Even though they too had the golden brilliance of Lady Wealth cast on them, they fell to the floor with mouthful of blood spat out.

Deacons were deacons, they would never receive the same care like the priests but it wasn’t what they dreaded the most.

What they dreaded was the rapier that sprung out from the shadow.

The long and tenacious rapier was like the eyes of the grim reaper, cold, ruthless and overflowing with killing intent.

Within a breath, three of the Wealth Temple deacons were stabbed, before three more followed shortly.

When the two Wealth Temple priests realized the situation, the deacons that followed them had all perished.

As for the common followers and servants, their heads exploded even earlier during the [Dead-man’s Gaze, Fear Illusion] attack.

The deacons, followers, and servants were all wiped out in an instant, causing the two priests to glare with utmost anger.



Killing Intent!

Three kinds of emotions intertwined, the two priests kneeled down without a second though, praying loudly.

“Sinner! You have committed atrocities!”

“Oh brilliant Lady Carricanton, descend with your divine sanction to this sinner, destroy his body and his soul!”

Amidst their prayers, a enormous divine presence started to show itself.

The bright and sunny sky turned dark in an instant dark clouds gathered but absent of lightnings.

The tremendous aura similar to the weight of Mt. Tai caused them to lose their breaths.

Another horrifying thing was, that enormous divine presence brought despair upon the people, itcould easily cause one’s mind to crumble.

Lady Thorn’s divine light was casted over the three Thorn priests but Atrina who was only a deacon started to shake.

Kieran stepped out and moved his body in front of Atrina who was terrified by the enormous divine presence.

He raised his hand and [Dandelion’s Pierce] flew back to his palm.

Kieran looked up to the sky, as fearless as a lion; his eyes were stern.

“Don’t be afraid, I’m here with you,” Kieran said.

The shivering Atrina was stupefied.

Although she knew it was part of the plan, when Kieran really stood before her, protecting her from harm, the temple deacon was still moved.

But soon enough, she was astonished by the tremendous killing aura that gushed out of Kieran’s body.

What a tremendous killing aura! Even the air started to ripple like the surface of the lake.

Everyone caught in the ripple was terrorized by the aura.

Even the three Thorn priests couldn’t help but take a few steps back and look at Kieran with utmost astonishment, especially the elderly priest Einderson, his face had disbelief smeared all over it.

“His aura has started to affect reality?”

“H-How is this possible?! How can a mortal achieve this!?”

The muttering words from the priest entered Kieran’s ears without miss.

“As expected, a player can only truly free themselves from the shackles of mortality after entering the Advanced Rank!”

Kieran squinted his eyes as he unexpectedly acquired a piece of vital information.

As his Spirit has entered Strong I rank, even the faint and vague aura started to become real.

When more killing intent sprung out from his mind, the people around him would feel the chills as though they had fallen into an abyss of ice. When he gave his best effort to heighten his killing intent and picture countless bodies in his mind, his killing aura would be as sharp as real blades, cutting people’s skin.

“So this is Strong I rank What will happen if I reach a higher rank?”

Kieran couldn’t help but wonder in his heart.

However, he promptly putaway his extra thoughts. He knew what his priorities were.

The situation beforehand might look smooth but he was lacking a crucial step.

Kieran waited silently, he believed Thorn Temple would not just sit back and watch him.

Aside from locating the Holy Thorn Grail in the premises, Thorn Temple realized the thieving incident was connected to the priest from Wealth Temple, the fact that Wealth Temple existed in this mess was enough for Thorn Temple to show hostility.

Thorn Temple was originally one of the four great temples beneath Lightning Temple before Wealth Temple snatched their position.

What happened between the two temples?

Kieran didn’t read about it in “Analytics of the temples developments in Naveya City” but he was sure there were grievances between the two temples.

That was why he formed the plan that he was executing now: using the grudges between the Thorn and Wealth temple to join Thorn Temple’s forces, hence acquiring a bigger influence over them.

That was also the reason why Kieran was so ruthless against the folks from Wealth Temple.

He understood that was the only way to gain favor from Thorn Temple and it would also prove that his love for Atrina was the reason for him to forsake darkness for light.

Of course, acquiring more spoils of war was one of the major reasons.

When Kieran saw the 5 green glowing items and 1 orange glowing item on the floor, his killing aura got denser; it became a sharp sword that perforated the sky.

It seemed like he wasn’t afraid of the pressuring from Lady Wealth and such a scene caused Priest Einderson’s eyes to glimmer.

However, he didn’t say anything, instead he kneeled down and prayed loudly like the opposite.

“Oh the wise Lady Vanessa, your believer has chosen to face the path of thorns frankly!”

“You wisdom will become the sharpest sword, carving a way through the path of thorns for us!”

As Eiderson’s prayers sounded, another enormous divine presence appeared within Kieran’s Intuition but this divine presence was different from the one before, it was more tender, like a spring breeze.

The divine presence swiftly freed Atrina and the three priests from the terrorized state. At the same time, the two enormous divine presence clashed.

Kieran’s Intuition allowed him to feel the heaven and earth was trembling fiercely but within a controllable range, it didn’t spread to further places.

“It’s battling under restrictions?” Kieran quietly frowned.

It wasn’t a good news for him though, what he wanted wasn’t a situation under control, causing the scene to go out of control was what he hoped for.

So, he quickly turned around to Atrina with an affectionate look.

“Are you okay Atri? What happened just now?” Kieran asked softly.

“I…I discovered Chief Knight Reppu’s body!”

Atrina said with a stutter.

As her words sounded, the scene fell into silence.

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