The Devil's Cage Chapter 904

Chapter 904 Contact

The two enormous divine presence stopped clashing. The crowd was looking at Atrina.

“Atrina, what did you say?” The elderly priest Einderson asked swiftly.

“I found half a body in that room. It doesn’t have a face but based on some personal belongings, it should be Chief Knight Reppu”

Before Atrina even finished, Priest Einderson ran towards the room that she mentioned.

The other two younger priests followed close behind, both of their faces were showing unusual nervousness.

Reppu was different from other people, he was the chief knight of Thorn Temple and although his position couldn’t rival the archpriest and officiants, he was definitely one of the higher ranks.

Not only did Reppu command the Knights of Thorns, the other important duty of protecting the temple from outside threats was also his responsibility.

Reppu’s death was an unacceptable loss for Thorn Temple.

Imagine what would happen if a military minister of a certain country was assassinated.

Soon enough, the Priest Einderson returned with a heavy expression and the two other younger priests were carrying the half body out.

Kieran had already took care of the body, there were no bite marks left on the wound, neither was it a clean cut like cutting tofu, he skillfully created irregular wounds over the body.

People would automatically think the body was torn apart with a single glance!

What about the other part of the body?

If a grown man was torn apart like this, it must be the doings of a giant monster and it wouldn’t be a surprise if a monster ate it.


A heavy, enraged voice of a woman sounded in the clouds like thunder, causing buzzing in people’s ears.

Kieran quickly grabbed Atrina who was terrorized and staggered because of the sudden shout while the elderly priest looked up to the sky.

Although the clouds had concealed the true situation, the elderly priest felt like he really saw what was happening.

“Lady Vanessa is enraged!” He emphasized.

Priest Einderson took in a deep breath to regulate his breaths before continuing, “The people from Wealth Temple are starting a war! No, not just starting but it has already begun!”

“From the Holy Thorn Grail, to the unfortunate death of Chief Knight Reppu, everything is a scheme against us with malicious planning. They used the Holy Thorn Grail to lure Chief Knight Reppu into their trap step by step before they caught him off guard.”

“This is only the start, their goals aren’t just Chief Knight Reppu alone but a lot more of us. The archpriest, lord officiant, anyone could be their next target! Because they knew how important the Holy Thorn Grail is to us.”

“Fortunately, Atrina here has unraveled their malicious schemes by Lady Vennessa’s guidance, and of course, Ryan. Thank you for everything you two have done for the temple. Now leave this to us!”

His voice started off calm but eventually turned frantic.

Priest Einderson glared sharply at the remaining Wealth Temple priests, showing of his killing intent without conceal.

Since the situation had escalated to this stage, should he hold back?

Even Mercy Temple wouldn’t do so, let alone Thorn Temple!

Thorn Temple viewed fate as tests and tests as way of life, the harder the tests for their lives, the stronger and more unyielding Thorn Temple was.

All the obstacles before Thorn Temple now was nothing but a big test. Only when all of them overcome the obstacles, would they truly be free, therefore no matter how hard the process would be, the Thorn Temple priests would not step back.

Kieran took a glance at Priest Einderson whose aura had gotten stronger as he spoke in addition to the other two young priests. Kieran sighed at the things going through Priest Einderson’s mind.

Even if it was what Kieran wanted, he couldn’t afford to allow Priest Einderson to strike.

If he did, what would happen to his loots?

“Priest Einderson, please do not be deceived by the battle before your eyes. Your sight should extend further ahead. This is just a small battlefield, the real battlefield is at Wealth Temple. We need more to know about everything that happened here, we need more to understand the truth about Wealth Temple,” Kieran said.

When Priest Einderson heard Kieran’s words, he couldn’t hold back his nods.

The battle before eyes was nothing but a small one, the real battle wasn’t here but at Wealth Temple! Or it might be at Thorn Temple!

Priest Einderson was anxious when he thought about how long Wealth Temple had been scheming against them and once they made their move, it would be a thunderous one.

“Ryan, I will remember what you did today!”

Priest Einderson left the words for Kieran before leaving in a hurry with the other two young priest.

The two Wealth Temple priests wanted to stop them but they couldn’t do anything against [Dandelion’s Pierce] in Kieran’s hand.

Puk Puk!

Two thuds later, two of the Wealth Temple priests fell to the ground while two more green glowing equipment popped up.

Kieran looked up to the sky after grabbing the the 5 Magic and 1 Rare ranked equipment.



Thunder sounded relentlessly but there was no lightning in sight.

All of Naveya citizens saw the thick dark clouds above the sky with trembling fear but they couldn’t really see anything happening.

However, the scene didn’t stop them from praying.

When a big area of land nearby Thorn Temple in the temple district were struck by a golden light, a giant crater was left behind. Kieran knew Vannessa and Carricanton would not hold back against each other.

Carricanton, the mortal that had ascended to God and claimed the title of Lady Wealth had truly declared war, it was impossible for Vanessa, the older God, to step back now.

New hatred and old grudges were mixed together, only one will emerge victor and survive this.

Everything was unfolding exactly as Kieran had expected.

“Ryan, I need to go back to Thorn Temple! The temple needs me!” Atrina said.

“I’ll go with you. My sword will protect you andthe enemies will understand the fear of death!” Kieran nodded.

It naturally was part of the plan but at the particular timing, it was very suiting to the atmosphere.


An exploding buzz came from the sky, it was the scream from that furious Lady Wealth.

Lady Wealth didn’t hesitate to throw down a bolt of her energy to punish Kieran but it was intercepted by Lady Thorn halfway, not only once but a total of three times.


An even louder buzz sounded.

Two Goddess who were already locked in a fierce fight felt more hatred for each other.

More power from both sides was being poured into the fight, especially Lady Thorn, Vanessa.

Vanessa always held the ideology of “balancing fate” and “predict and prevent catastrophe”.

She had to stay absolutely focus against a frantic foe. Therefore she didn’t notice a different, hidden energy had entered the ring.

The Lady of Thorn didn’t even notice that the energy had targeted Kieran and was about to make contact with him.