The Devil's Cage Chapter 913

Chapter 913 Stir Up


As the title “King of Killers” was uttered out loud, the crowd in the hall was plunged into chaos as though a bomb was found amongst them.

All hell broke loose in the hall as the crowd who was dull and lifeless a moment ago ran around in panic and fear, trying to find a place to hide.

Some, however, didn’t follow the masses, including Lilith and the other young women.

At that particular moment, the ladies’ eyes were glimmering brightly.

All of them looked at that window; some bolder ones even ran out, trying to chase that mysterious figure, Lilith was one of them.

However, when they ladies stormed out of the hall, all they saw was shadows from the moonlight and not a real figure of any sort. None of them saw who they were hoping for but after a slight disappointment, they showed more and more anticipation.

“The wind blows your temples, it was his hand that caressed your neck.”

“The shadows follows your feet, it was his steps that follows your trail.”

“He is like the wind and shadow, he is the “King of Killers”!”

One of the lass couldn’t help but muttere her poem.

“Like wind and shadow?”

Lilith heard the poem, she couldn’t help but stare blankly.

Then, she turned around and saw Pudd and Livezel who were still frozen in place, their lips were still shivering after being splashed by Bocard’s blood.

The two young men who claimed themselves as bold and courageous couldn’t suppress the chills from the bottom of their heart after witnessing Bocard’s death.

Bocard was an evenly matched rival and was not much different in age either, yet he died without a sound before their eyes. No doubt it had caused quite the impact on their mental states.

They were frightened, they were scared and while at loss for what to do next, they didn’t conceal their expressions.

Lilith looked disappointed when she saw the pale faces on the two young men.

The priest from Love Temple didn’t call out to the other two young men anymore, instead she walked away and boarded her own wagon.

After a whip from the Wagoner, Lilith’s wagon swiftly vanished into the dark.

Comparison was scary regardless of time. No matter how perfect and flawless an item or a person was, once a comparison was made, it would become a little lackluster, especially under the condition of being prejudiced by first impressions.

Tonight was destined to be a sleepless night.

The ladies were excited because of that blurry figure; the people who voiced their disdain before were frightened, they were afraid that they would become the second Bocard.

Bocard’s death was like a pail of icy cold water being splashed onto a boiling pot.

Everyone knew Sin Temple would be furious about his death and countless people were anticipating the actions from Sin Temple.

Of course, amidst the anticipation, malicious intents were slipped in here and there.

One needed to know, Sin Temple was one of the four great temples beneath Lightning Temple and was the least favorite one from the people but none of that had anything to do with Kieran for the time being.

Kieran returned to the hideout a while ago and he was taking the head that he had took care of with him to the secret room beside.

Inside the secret room, a dozen Emerald Rock killers that he had under control over were standing by beside the magic circle.

The magic circle was laid across the entire floor, it was a basic structure of a circle enveloping a square within and the square was divided into 9 boxes.

Each box held different items: heart, liver, kidney in jars, a full thumb and pinky, and a pelvic bone that had all flesh scrapped off of it.

The only empty box was the middle one.

Kieran then placed Bocard’s head in the middle and stepped outside of the magic circle. He then signaled the dozen of Emerald Rock killers, Mizelle, Maize and Pelker to enter the outer rim of the magic circle.

All four of the empty spots between the square and the circle were filled before the incantations were chanted.

The magic circle then slowly lit up.

Flames started to burn on the items in the boxes and as the casting materials were being burned, the people who stood within the circle had a slight increase in their aura.

It was slim but enough to satisfy Kieran because he knew his casting was successful.

Of course, increasing strength wasn’t the main point, keeping the secret was.

Among the mystical spells Tiki gave Kieran, there were some methods that confused beliefs and prevent one from being watched, similar to a weaker version of [Thorn’s Deceive].

Now Kieran had another layer of protection on the soul level.

Anyone who wanted to peek into his men’s soul would have something interesting happen to them. He knew he had to do so after encountering the Sin Temple priest otherwise his secrets might leak at anytime.

It certainly was not an outcome Kieran wished for and of course, killing all of the killers would have secured his secrets to a certain extent but it wasn’t entirely safe.

Despite how people say it, “the best at keeping secrets were the dead”, it was only during normal times.

It was not applicable in this current dungeon world because Gods existed.

In this dungeon world, souls stayed after death and the beliefs for certain Gods would guide the dead souls directly into their divine kingdom. The Gods could even track down the dead and their souls.

The God from Sin Temple was well known for this.

More importantly, Kieran had taken up the identity of Emerald Rock’s leader, he needed his men to go along with his cover.

Kieran stood outside the magic circle and watched the casting materials burn out. He then waved at his men that he could fully trust now.

“Split up into three groups. Mizelle, Pelker and Maize, you three take a group with you and rotate shifts for the night,” Kieran ordered.

“Yes, my lord!”

The three of them bowed and quickly moved out.

Although the secret hideout was secluded enough, certain levels of vigilance were still a must.

After arranging everything, Kieran returned to his own room.

The room originally belonged to Reppu.

It was originally a rough place filled with gold and jewels in a messy way but after Starbeck took over, the place became different.

Kieran couldn’t tell what was the difference exactly because he wasn’t an expert in appraising all these but it didn’t stop him from praising Starbeck. Especially when looking at the golden roasted meat on the table.

“The honey roast meat that I promised you before, and my own crafted juice. I thought of brewing wine but I don’t have enough time,” Starbeck said while donning a black and white apron and a pair of mittens.

“This will be enough and I don’t drink.”

Kieran tore the thick roast meet with his bare hands and stuffed it into his mouth.

The crispy and sweet flavour made him squint his eyes pleasantly.

The meat selected for the honey roasting should be a pork trotter. After deboning the meat, it was simmered with sauce and was beaten more than once so that the meat would taste chewier. After coming into contact with the charcoal, the chewiness will transform into crispiness and together with the honey smeared on it, the sweetness didn’t only just go into the meat, it expelled the porky stench as well.

However, the most surprising fact was the freshness that lingered on the tip of his tongue.

“Mint?” Kieran was stunned.

“Yes. Before I roast, I use mint to rub the meat. It can lessen the oiliness and cloy, too bad I don’t have basil otherwise it would taste even better.”

Starbeck couldn’t hold back his smile after Kieran noticed the slight difference in the meal.

What was more delightful for a cook than the one enjoying the mealknowing how to taste?

Well, the taster didn’t only just protect the cook with all his effort, the enjoying the meal even tasted the uniqueness of the cooking.

“I am really looking forward to the basil treatment in the future,” Kieran said while chewing off big chunks of the meat.

After gobbling down all the roast meat, Kieran finished the juice beside his plate.


Kieran leaned back and sighed in satisfaction but the following system notifications caused him to sit up immediately.

He couldn’t hold back the surprise on his face.