The Devil's Cage Chapter 915

Chapter 915 Glaring At Each Other

Atrina was walking along the bodies.

She carefully made out the identities of the deceased and whenever she saw a well-known figure amongst the pile, she couldn’t hold back her cries of shock.

The chief and the deputy chief of the Sin Knights.

The four great priests of Sin Temple, Mako, Longarl, Jerad and Cecil.

Every one of them appeared within her sight; they were no different than the common dead knights, all of them were slashed in half by a huge weapon.

When she returned to the secret hideout, Atrina’s gaze at Kieran became hotter and was filled with disbelief.

The Sin Knights were all wiped out! Together with the four great priests of Sin Temple!

This time, it was different than wiping out all of the Wealth Knights.

Sin Knights were much stronger than Wealth Knights and other than that, the Sin Knights had their priests together!

The group of knights supported by the priests and knights riding solo were two entirely different concepts.

Therefore, even if Kieran had the great achievement of wiping out the Wealth Temple Knights single-handedly, it might seem praiseworthy in the eyes of everyone in the temple district but it wasn’t something outrageous.

This time, however, was different!

Kieran wiped out the entire group of knights with priests backing them up.

Atrina could only imagine how the people of the temple district would react when the news got out.

Surprise? Disbelief? Perhaps, most of it would be fear and horror.

She knew some of the people had treacherous minds and for the past few days, she had heard more than once about the rumors and gossip that came from the other temples.

Atrina understood those rumors came because of her “special” identity, those bastards purposely spoiled the news to her, hoping that she would do something irrational to affect Kieran’s plans.

Despicable? She had seen worse.

In order to secure believers and resources, the relationship between temples was definitely not a harmonious one, battles in both opened strife and veiled struggles were ceaseless.

“It’s just that this time you’ve all miscalculated!” Atrina couldn’t hold back the pleasant feeling in her heart.

She then slowly and nimbly sat beside Kieran, looking like a good girl. Together with her beautiful face, she had a temperament that one would love.

Obviously, after witnessing Kieran wipe out the Sin Knights and the accompanied priests, the temple deacon had made some important life decisions.

Kieran who was holding to his cup of tea threw a gaze at Atrina; he knew what was she thinking but he didn’t care.

He was thinking about how Sin Temple would react after this.

Bocard was bait, the Sin Knights and the four great priests were also a bait.

All those were used to lure out the archpriest or the officiant of Sin Temple.

Or more precisely, in Kieran’s plans, his true target had always been the archpriest and officiant of Sin Temple.

Inside this dungeon world where the Gods were the protagonists. If one wanted to acquire a decent amount of rewards, slaying the Gods would be the optimal choice.

However, without sufficient strength, it would be suicidal.

So, Kieran improvised, he took a step back and went after some other important supporting character: the servants of the Gods.

Aside from the normal deacons, priests, and knights, the archpriest and officiant automatically became his priority.

In simpler words, Kieran’s targets had always been the archpriest, officiant and other characters alike regardless of the affiliated temple. The reason he chose Sin Temple was only because of Wealth Temple’s situation.

From a certain aspect, Kieran was very grateful for Wealth Temple.

If it wasn’t for them, how would he get such a bold and bright excuse?

Kieran would never share that with Atrina, despite them being collaborators, and now it seemed like this collaborator wanted to elevate her status.

Kieran looked down on her hands placed on his shoulder and noticed her body was closing on him subtly.

“Atrina, you need some rest, I’ll send you back to the temple first thing tomorrow,” he said.

“Okay.” Her body froze but she nodded right away.

Atrina didn’t dare to oppose Kieran even from the beginning and after realized Kieran was much stronger than she anticipated, she completely removed such “thoughts” from her mind.

Atrina stood up obediently and went to her room.

However, when Atrina passed by Starbeck, she glared at him. It seemed like she blamed Starbeck for something that happened.

Starbeck was caught off guard, he didn’t know what Atrina was trying to convey.

He instinctively shrunk in his neck and took two steps back.

Atrina felt even more frustrated when she saw how scared Starbeck was because she realized his cowardly personality attracted protection from others, it further verified some thoughts in her mind.

However, while being beside Kieran, she dared not do anything beyond her identity. All she did was curse Starbeck in her heart multiple times before leaving in a hurry.

After seeing Atrina off, Starbeck who was bedazzled by her frustration heaved a long sigh.

He didn’t know what was going on but he knew she didn’t mean well.

Fortunately, he had Kieran on his side.

Starbeck was relieved when he saw Kieran sitting on the sofa.

Just like how his sharp senses noticed the malicious thoughts from Atrina, he too knew what she was afraid of.

So, Starbeck felt like he had to do more for Kieran, he ought to further express his gratitude.

“You want to have some dessert? Having some sweets to go with the red tea will give quite the flavor but if you are going for savory snacks, I am also good with those.” Starbeck asked Kieran.

The only way Starbeck knew how to repay Kieran was to cook more delicious food for him.

“Sweet ones thank you,” Kieran thought for a while before answering.

“Hold on.” Starbeck then went straight to the kitchen.

When Kieran heard the mixing of flour and eggs in the kitchen, he felt delighted and took out the loot from the battle just now for a check.

A total of 5 Magic rank equipment: 4 from the great priest, one from the Sin Temple Chief Knight.

Obviously, it was not unreasonable for the Sin Knights to be stronger than other temple knights but there was nothing noteworthy among the 5 pieces of equipment but he didn’t ditch them, he put them in his backpack.

For a stingy soul like Kieran, any kind of loot would never be abandoned if he could reach it, especially some loot that might have a high price, potentially.

Therefore, Kieran waited patiently for more than 5 minutes before he tidied up his backpack and headed outside.

Under the greenish white and purplish moonlight, the bodies of the Sin Knights were looking more vicious than ever but Kieran looked as if he was like taking a stroll in his backyard, ignoring the pungent smell of the blood and walked towards the center of the pile of bodies.

It was there he broke through the Sin Knights’ heavy defense formation and killed the four great priests, leading to his victory.

But now, the bodies of the four great priests that were slashed by [Arrogant Word] were missing; not only the priests but the chief knight, deputy chief knight and a lot more of the Sin Knights’ bodies were missing.

Kieran looked down at the traces, he squinted his eyes and turned around.

A scrawny face somehow laid over his shoulder and was glaring at him with that morbid eyes.