The Devil's Cage Chapter 918

Chapter 918 Stare

The blade was reflecting the purplish moonlight, making the bewitching glimmer on it brighter than ever.

When Kieran swung down [Arrogant Word] with his both his hands, it didn’t just rip the air but it roared fiercely as though it was a violent typhoon, shattering the illusion of the slaughtered millions.


The illusion popped like a bubble under the sun but a deafening explosion echoed in the ears upon bursting.

[Arrogant Word]’s giant blade was pressed down hard against the rusty longsword, even Burwell who was wielding the sword had his legs plunged deeper into the ground.

SS+ Strength hadn’t reached the Advanced Rank but it had far exceeded the common limits of a man. More so, Kieran swung it down from up high which secured him the advantage.

Burwell was placed in a disadvantageous position without a question, not only did the great force bury his legs into the ground, even his internals suffered a huge impact.

Burwell, however, wasn’t bothered at all, he showed a wide smile at Kieran.

Blood gushed out from his mouth and tainted his white teeth red, it dripped out from the corner of his mouth.

However, the blood didn’t fall on the ground, instead, it defied logic and flew towards the rusty sword.

Burwell’s blood fused into the rusty sword without any delay.


The rusty sword then buzzed loudly.

Those red rusty stains vibrated all of a sudden and it was fired at Kieran like an arrow fired out from a strong bow.

It was fast and caught Kieran off guard but it wasn’t Burwell’s final move.

Sou Sou Sou!

After the red rust was fired outwards at air-shattering speeds, a cold glare appeared.

The longsword which was rusty a moment ago transformed into a brand new blade shining brightly. After the red rust was removed, it added a shivering cold glare to the blade.

Most importantly, that longsword was actually a soft blade!

A swirl later, the sword that was soft as a snake wrapped around [Arrogant Word] and its tip was like the fang of a venomous viper, lunging towards Kieran’s neck following the red rust projectile.

Two Powerful rank forcefield barriers flashed.

[Primus Scale] appeared and blocked the red rust before it shattered and although it didn’t have enough to block the second sword tip, it gave Kieran enough time to lift his right hand.

An ice shield formed before the soft blade.


When the soft blade tip stabbed the ice shield, it sank in a few inches deep, shaking the ice shield.


A clear shattering sound later, [Seattle Right Hand, Ice Hand Shield] with Extreme defense shattered and the thrusting sword tip shuddered hard.

The strongest point of [Seattle Right Hand, Ice Hand Shield] was not the powerful defensive capabilities which were only weaker than Kieran’s Advanced Rank attribute but the cold counterattack after a successful parry and the burst damage when the shield shattered.

More blood gushed out from Burwell’s mouth.

However, after a slight pause, the sword tip went on again, Burwell didn’t stop even if he saw another ice shield forming before his sword.

He was fearless, he pressed on with an indomitable will.

The observers around who saw the scene looked ugly.

“He really doesn’t care about his body! What a madman!”

“Even if he is old, he is an old madman!”

The archpriest from Valiant Temple was mumbling with his mouth but his eyes were glued to the battlefield, he wanted to witness the final outcome of the battle.

So was everyone else.

“I know right!”

“Ryan might be decent but how can he compete with Burwell?”

“Young Ryan, you don’t know what it means to risk your life for it!”

The archpriest from Love Temple sighed and it seemed like she felt pity for a young man with a bright future to die like that but promptly, the Love Temple archpriest widened her eyes.

Not only her but everyone else as well, Valiant Temple archpriest’s jaw even fell to the ground.

“Madman! Another madman!”

Such comment was uttered by the archpriest but no one objected because they saw Burwell’s sword shatter the ice shield again.

They saw the sword tip was lunging towards Kieran.

Kieran didn’t dodge or anything, instead, he dished out a kick with his calm face.


A wild and violent wind came from Kieran’s kick as it was aimed towards Burwell’s abdomen.

The sword tip was closing in; the kick was closing in.

Both of them were risking their lives!

Kieran didn’t know how to risk his life?

What a joke!

The moment he stepped into this game a long time ago, he possessed the thoughts of risking his life for the lives of others.

Kieran really cherished his life but he knew if he stepped back, he would die anyway.

It was like that before and it would be like that in the future!

He could have dealt with Burwell with a more relaxing method but he couldn’t afford the delay.

He was running out of time!

The fight should have ended after he killed the Sin Knights yet Burwell appeared right after that, Why?

The answer was not that hard to figure out.

A person like Burwell would not simply change his original decision, so there was only a single reason that might change Burwell mind.

The God that he served, the God of Sin, Embal!

Rumour has it that divine interrogator was harsh and ruthless and if he gave an order to Burwell, it must have been targeted at something.

However, it wasn’t Kieran that Embal was targeting but Thorn Temple!

Kieran knew it very well.

If the God really went after him, it wouldn’t just be the archpriest who came forth and confronted Kieran, the lord officiant would follow as well.

Where was the officiant though?

It was natural that he joined forces with Wealth Temple and was planning an assault on Thorn Temple.

Although Thorn Temple’s Archpriest Sirontu and Officiant Barrion were at the temple, the situation was three against two and it will be a deathmatch.

In order for the assault to go smoothly, Burwell came to confront Kieran and stall him since he was the only one who could provide support to Thorn Temple.

Of course, all those arrangements were not just for the temple or Kieran, the ultimate goal was Lady Thorn herself.

Kieran didn’t know what the God of Sin and Lady Wealth had planned for Lady Thorn, the secrets among the divines were still unreachable to him but he knew he must stop them.

Otherwise, he would lose his only base in Naveya.

If he didn’t want Sin Temple and Wealth Temple to chase him everywhere he went after this, or even the respective Gods coming out themselves to deal with him, the loose end, he would have to deal with the battle with Burwell as fast as possible.

Backing down before the threat of death?

It wasn’t Kieran’s style.

Looking at the sword tip that was approaching fast and the vicious smile on his opponent’s face, Kieran took in a deep breath.

[Arrogant Word] allowed him to sweep the battlefield like a rampaging force, anyone who fell behind him in strength would end up separated by the sharp blade.

His kicking combo that fused multiple skills together even allowed him to have more complete and powerful close combat capabilities, anyone who underestimated him would be in form more than they bargained for.

However, none of all those were his strongest, they could only be considered as his backups.

More so, Kieran didn’t plan to use his strongest power next because it wasn’t necessary.

“You know, in some places, a lot of people call me the Chosen One?”

Kieran’s voice was soft, to the point that only Burwell could hear it.

But right after that, the image that appeared in Kieran’s eyes were visible to everyone else.