The Devil's Cage Chapter 92

Chapter 92: Strange

What was behind the gate?

The thought bloomed up in Kierans mind and aroused his curiosity, but he did not go over straightaway.

He activated his [Tracking] and carefully looked around for any clues.

He discovered a total of four sets of footprints, his own, Starbecks, Zywanes and Carpals.

His, Starbecks, and Zywanes footprints were still fresh and clear, but Carpals were blurry, as if he hadnt been there for quite some time.

Still, that was not the point. The point was that between the spot that Kieran was standing at and the front of the gate, there were no traces on the path.

In other words, no one had gotten near the gate.

At least not in a while. If someone had, they must not have used a common way to reach it.

Had they flied?

Had they been in spirit form?

Kieran made guesses.

Even though the [Mystical Knowledge] he had acquired had only been at basic level, it had still been enough to broaden Kierans horizons.

The knowledge in his mind reminded him that those seemingly impossible ways were quite possible after all. Although he did not know the exact way, the thought was enough to make him check his surroundings for a specific contraption.

Kieran was more careful and precise in inspecting the area. After ten minutes, he confirmed that there was no contraption around.

Still, that did not mean that he could just walk through the gate.

"Ill go get some stones," Kieran told Starbeck.

"Ill help!" Starbeck quickly followed Kieran out.

He knew Kieran wanted to throw stones to check if the path was clear. Starbeck was not new to such methods. He had witnessed a couple of veterans using them, but it was the first time he had volunteered to help.

Obviously, the only reason he had was because he was too afraid to stay near the entrance, in that cold, dark place, but he dared not say it.

Even though he knew he was a coward, saying it out loud was a different matter.

His pride still made him shy and embarrassed.

"I think youll be safer out here," Kieran said as he picked up a few stones. He had seen Starbeck come out to help, and as his temporary guardian, he felt that he had to advise him.

"I think Ill be much safer by your side, 2567! My instinct is always accurate!" Starbeck said stubbornly as he shook his head.

"You think youre some kind of animal whose instinct will make it tingle when its in danger? Or do you really think youre a mimosa plant after all?"

He did not care anymore. He just rolled his eyes at Starbeck.

He had said what he could and should say. Whether Starbeck took his advice or not was not up to him. He was just a short-term employee, not a full-time nanny.

Kieran turned his attention back to the uncharted path, using a slingshot to shoot the stones in his hands with his D- Rank Strength. The stones hit the solid floor, making a clear sound.

Kieran left a footprint for every half meter he walked between his original spot and the front of the gate.

There was no trap?

He was slightly surprised. Hed thought that such a place would have been filled with traps, yet he had found nothing.

"Maybe this place is not important?" he speculated unconsciously.

He frowned over what he had discovered. After all, hed been hoping to find some extra rewards there.

Still, that did not stop him from venturing forward.

"Wait here!" he told Starbeck.

"I can help!" Starbeck said once again.

"Are you sure you can?"

Kieran turned his head around and looked at Starbeck with a forced smile on his face. Starbeck realized that he could see through his cowardice, and blushed.

"I really want to help!" he said in a low voice.

"Sometimes good intentions are not useful," Kieran replied.

Starbecks face fell in disappointment. He looked like a mimosa plant caressed by the wind. His thin leaves were blowing softly, ready to close up at any moment.

Kieran looked at his employers hopeless face. He could not help but sigh as he pointed outside the gate.

"Wait here. This is as far as you can go!"

"Oh Okay." Starbeck nodded.

He went over to the spot designated by Kieran before Kieran turned to look at the gate.

After some inspection, he confirmed that there were no traps on it, and pushed it hard with his body, leaning against the gate.

As the gate was pushed open, Kieran leapt through to the other side.

Although he had confirmed that there were no traps on the gate, he was not sure whether opening it would not trigger any other traps, such as a downpour of arrows or some kind of metal-corroding acid.

Kieran was overthinking things.

Nothing happened when the gate was pushed open. No arrows or acid.

There was just a series of beating sounds.

A slow, powerful beat, beating rhythmically.

It sounded a little like a heartbeat.

A heartbeat?

Shocked by the sudden thought, Kieran looked inside the gate, and his jaw dropped.

Inside the spacious hall, there was a bronze lustrous coffin hanging in mid-air.

It was the size of a small truck, much larger than a common coffin, and made out of metal. Lots of words and symbols were carved on it, symbols that a basic level of [Mystical Knowledge] could not decipher.

On top of the coffin, there were 13 metal chains wrapped around it like snakes with different levels of thickness. The thickest chain was as big as a grown mans thigh, and the thinnest one only as big as a babys little finger. Kierans exceptional vision allowed him to see the thinnest chain, although ordinary eyes would not have been able to see it.

The 13 chains were locked tightly around the bronze coffin, moving without wind. They were not making any noise.

There was only a reddish sparkle from time to time, signifying their unusual existence.

"Wha What is this?"

Starbeck, who had been standing aside, had seen the scene as well. He was in awe. His cowardly personality did not even allow him to speak coherently.

"Hide!" Kieran suddenly shouted.

A series of formless waves suddenly started to ripple from the bronze coffin, and a human figure started to take shape on it.

Kieran took out his [M1905] and started shooting without a second thought.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

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