The Devil's Cage Chapter 923

Chapter 923 Thrown In

Kieran snapped Lady Wealth’s waist.

Before both parts of her body could fall on the floor, they were burned to ashes by Kieran’s devil flame on his body.



A gold coin in the size of a child’s palm fell out from the ash and landed on the floor, it went on rolling on the floor but before it could get far, Kieran picked it up.

The gold coin was somehow struggling when Kieran touched. Then as it devil flame burned in his hand, it quieted down.

[Name: Unknown]

[Type: Unknown]

[Rarity: ?]

[Attribute: ?]

[Prerequisite: ?]

[Able to bring out of dungeon: Yes]

[Remark: Its value will far exceed your wildest imagination.]

There was no luster on the coin nor was there anything on the description except question marks but it didn’t stop Kieran from focusing on the remark.

Moreover, how bad would an item be if it fell from a God?

Kieran put away the coin swiftly, he hurled the flame from his hand at the grand hall before dashing outside.

That person kept held their promise, now it was his turn to do so.


The devil flame rumbled everywhere, the Temple of Wealth was instantly set ablaze since it lost the light from Lady Wealth.

Everyone in temple district was staring at the blazing fire, they saw Kieran dashed out from the sea of fire.

The moment they saw Kieran, all of those who laid eyes on him were stunned because they who had the utmost belief in Lady Wealth heard her wail of death at her last breath on Kieran.

“H-How is this possible?

“I know right! How?

“How is this even happening?”

“A God, a God was slain by a mortal?”

“A A Godslayer!”


Inconceivable voices sounded in succession but none of them dared to stop Kieran.

They were scared as they saw Kieran off.

When they realized where Kieran was heading, their suppressed cries of surprise sounded again.

“That’s Sin Temple!”

“He is heading to Sin Temple!”

The people exchanged gazes at one another.

All of them saw the shock on each other’s faces because they knew what Kieran was going to do at Sin Temple.

Wasn’t it enough after slaughtering the Lady of Wealth? Did he want to strike down the Interrogator as well?

Fear lingered in the people’s hearts, none of them dared to stop his action, especially when their beliefs were not placed in the temple that Kieran was heading to, courage wouldn’t exist within them.

All the people did was watch Kieran sprint off towards Sin Temple.

The people then saw a giant fireball form on Kieran’s hand before being hurled towards Sin Temple.

Sin Temple’s front hall was blasted to the sky, followed by the corridors, front square, and the grand hall!



Kieran was like a moving cannon tower, the devil flame that used [Charles’ Fire] as a base was flying in every direction, burning everything that he could see.

The Advanced Rank flames were tormenting and burning down the whole Sin Temple, including the statue of that Interrogator.

However, when the devil flame was halfway burning off the status, the status shined brightly.

Then, the devil flame was dispelled off the statue, the flames around the temple were extinguished swiftly as well.

Kieran squinted his eyes and raised his hand. A swirling fireball appeared as he breathed and was expanding with exponential speed.

4 seconds later, a 3-meter diameter fireball was floating on top of Kieran’s hand.

It was different from the ones before, this one was hotter and more ruthless!

After the 4-second charging time, with [Fiery Sulphur]’s buff, the devil flame on Kieran’s hand has passed I rank and reached II rank.

II rank of devil flame was burning fiercely, the air around the fire was being distorted.

The shine on the Interrogator’s statue had gotten even brighter, to the point that it made the statue look like a real person.

“Mortal, don’t overstep your boundaries. Vanessa and I have called a ceasefire and I have paid a high enough price!”

A cold and gloomy voice came from the statue’s mouth.

The clay statue’s mouth was opening and closing while its eyes were looking down at Kieran.

His words sounded fierce but what Kieran heard was the timidity behind the intimidation.

If the Interrogator was really not afraid, he wouldn’t have spoken with a mortal like Kieran, striking him down directly would be the best choice, just like how Lady Wealth did before.

“Ceasefire? I suggest for Lady Vanessa to start the fight again. After all, this is a really hard to come by chance!”

Kieran said straightforwardly.

The expression on the statue turned even more gloomy but it didn’t speak anymore.

In front of Kieran, a figure appeared with a dazzling light.

It was the Lady of Thorn, Vanessa.

While feeling the familiar aura, Kieran dispersed the devil flame, he was her knight-in-name so he must show respect worthy of the title to her.

“My Lady.” Kieran saluted in his knightly way.

“Follow me.”

Amidst her faint tender voice, Lady Thorn Reach out her arm towards Kieran.

Kieran was stunned and was looking at Lady Thorn in surprise but he didn’t show the anxiety and fear that a commoner would show, he grabbed her hand.

Then, Lady Thorn vanished together with Kieran.

Throughout the process, Lady Thorn didn’t even bat an eye at the Interrogator.

When both of them vanished, the Interrogator on that status voiced out his heavy growls that resembled the sorrowful cry from a lost dog.

The river appeared again.

This time, Kieran wasn’t standing in the river but on top of it, floating above while he grabbed Lady Thorn’s hand.

At the river, Lady Thorn’s divine light was removed and what remained was a coarse dress and shoes, a normal face with chestnut colored hair with a gunny cloth over her head.

At first sight, she looked extremely normal, just like any passerby.

At second look, she started to turn elusive as if she was a rainbow after the rain with extraordinary charm.

Kieran glanced over her face and eventually landed his attention on her thin, fair palm.

He was holding her hand, it was soft and warm but what caught Kieran’s attention was her wrist.

There was a greenish black bramble around her wrist, forming an exquisite bracelet.

“Curious are you?” Lady Thorn asked.

“Mm.” Kieran nodded without trying to hide anything.

If Kieran wasn’t curious over the bramble bracelet that suppressed Lady Thorn’s true power and weakened almost 90% of her strength, he wasn’t Kieran.

“This is the power of fate,” Lady Thorn said slowly.

“Fate? So this is the River of fate?” Kieran was shocked and asked out of instinct.

“River of Fate? You can say it like that as well but”

Lady Thorn slightly nodded but before she finished and without waiting for Kieran’s question, she flung her hand.

Instantly, Kieran was thrown into the thickest, longest and most unpredictable main stream of the river without any resistance.


Water splashed hard, Kieran’s body was floating around helplessly.

In the end, Kieran was moved forward swiftly together with the rapid river current.