The Devil's Cage Chapter 926

Chapter 926 Lilith

Lilith, the priest from Love Temple was led into Kieran’s room by the servants.

Her golden hair was long and rested over her shoulders. Despite the priest robe, it didn’t affect her beautiful features and instead, it added a unique temperament to her presence.

Obviously, Lilith meticulously dressed up for the meeting.


Lilith’s gaze was glued to Kieran who was sitting in his chair.

For the past few days, her mind was replaying that scene where they first “met”.

In fact, from that moment onwards, Lilith had been figuring out how she could meet Kieran again but before she could think of anything, the horrifying events befell Naveya City.

Wealth Temple was annihilated.

The Lady of Wealth had fallen and

The rise of a Godslayer!

Whenever the title came into her mind, Lilith’s gaze towards Kieran was not just hot anymore, even the blush on her cheeks had spread down to her neck.

Compared to the “king of killers”, Lilith thought the title of “Godslayer” would be more fitting for the man before her.

Likewise, a man like Kieran would be fitting in her company.

Of course, she knew about the stories of him and that Deacon Atrina, in fact, she had heard more than five versions of the story but did it matter?

Lilith could disregard every consequence in the name of love, her smile had gotten more charming as she pondered upon the matter.

“I’ve brought a mystical potion from Love Temple, I hoped that it would provide you with some help but it seems like my worries were unnecessary. You are much more powerful than rumor has it but please accept it anyways as a present from me.”

Lilith then passed a small box to Kieran.

After a glance and making sure there weren’t any unusual things that shouldn’t be on the box, Kieran took the box and opened it in front of her.

There was a potion in the box, it wasn’t the usual tube vial but a rounded bottom flask with a shorter neck. It was only the size of a grown man’s thumb,

[Name: Secondary Water of Life]

[Type: Potion]

[Rarity: Rare]

[Attribute: Restore 1000 HP in 10 seconds]

[Prerequisite: None]

[Able to bring out of dungeon: Yes]

[Remark: This is not just a product of potionology but is imbued with divine power.]

“A decent potion!”

Kieran praised honestly before storing it away.

Restoring 100 HP in 1 second was something very precious for any kind of player.

In simpler words, it would be a lifesaver during crucial times.

As for his other injuries, Kieran didn’t really speak much.

When Lady Thorn threw him into the River of Fate, it also healed his injuries at the same time.

His right eye that he had lost to Lady Wealth was also regrown and the vision was similar to before.

If Kieran didn’t mention anything, Lilith wouldn’t press the matter too.

Lilith was more concerned about the Kieran accepting the potion she delivered and the praise that came after.

“I’ve heard from Officiant Einderson that you’ll be attending in the Festival of Partners at Hunter Temple? May I be of company on this trip? And, I know a little secret and if you allow me to follow you, I’ll share it with you. I guarantee your trip will not be wasted!”

Lilith winked at Kieran in a naughty manner.

“Einderson said?” Kieran was criticizing Einderson’s loose mouth in his heart.

When Kieran said he was attending the Festival of Partners at Hunter Temple, it was only partially true, most of it was because he had a reason to leave, he didn’t really want to attend.

Besides, Kieran already had the idea of simply sending a priest on behalf of him to settle the matter but now since Lilith opened her mouth, Kieran found it hard to reject.

Somehow, Kieran’s senses felt Lady Thorn’s attention was locked on him again.

“What kind of secret?”

Kieran showed an interested look in order to not raise any suspicions.

“Does that mean you agree?” Lilith clapped in joy.

Right away, her youthful presence overflowed. The grace of a young lady elevated her unique charms a few times higher without her noticing.

However, Kieran looked as calm as ever and his eyes were dull, as though he wasn’t affected by the youthful presence.

His powerful Spirit attribute and with the presence of Eye of Chimeras, it made him subconsciously control himself all the time but Lilith didn’t know about that.

All she knew was Kieran didn’t react differently because of her joyful charms.

If it was someone else, even an elder would lose their mind over her cute looks, let alone the younger ones of which most of them would suck up to her like an obedient dog.

Some of them even had gazes that disgusted her but not Kieran.

A fresh feeling rose up in Lilith’s heart, so did a sense of reliableness.

Kieran’s reliableness. Only a man like him was reliable, a man that would not be baffled by looks.

When the thought popped into her mind, Lilith sank even deeper into her idealized fantasy.

An idealized fantasy was a scary thing, not only because it tended to be perfect and flawless, even if it had flaws, one would look past them and turn them into something good.

Lilith was in such a state of mind right now.

So when she saw Kieran nodding, her smile was at her brightest and happiest.

“Do you have any pets?” Lilith asked with her dazzling smile.


Kieran unconsciously thought of Starbeck but he quickly shook his head, “Pardon me, I don’t have the chance or the time to take care one.”

It wasn’t entirely a lie.

Back in real life, Kieran’s financial condition was at the brink of starving to death, how could he have the extra funds to take care of a pet?

More so, most of the pets in Kieran’s eyes were livestock for food and that perspective was in his mind for quite a while.

Although he had the Fire Raven in the game, he didn’t treat it as his pet but his comrade-in-arms. The Fire Raven was much closer than common players to him.

“I guess so. Given your lifestyle, raising a pet is difficult but not from today onwards. Now you are Thorn Temple’s archpriest and it really isn’t too much for you to own a pet. So do you like cats or dogs?” Lilith asked.

“Cats and dogs?” Kieran shook his head.

He didn’t really hate cats and dogs but they were too weak. Even with buffs, they wouldn’t be of any help at all.

As the conversation with Lilith progressed longer, Kieran had a hunch of what the secret was.

The Hunter, the God of Hunter Temple could grant people other than his own temple personnel a chance to acquire an animal partner.

It was actually a secretive matter but when Kieran thought about the young hunter that always followed Lilith around, it wasn’t that all surprising for her to know some secrets.

“You don’t like cats and dogs? Hmmm, we are in a bit of trouble!”

“Hold on! Follow me, maybe we can get what you want there.”

Lilith frowned in a cute way but when she realized something else, she ran out of the temple.

Kieran squinted his eyes at Lilith’s overjoyed manner.

He kept his countenance and followed her.