The Devil's Cage Chapter 93

Chapter 93: Fight

Although the figure was blurry, the bloody pattern on its face stood out.

It was the half-dead.

The one that was Zywanes body possessed by Gilfren Hatch.

Kieran didnt know why it would appear there, especially considering that Lawless, who was supposed to be fighting it, was missing as well. There was no death notification though, which meant that he still had to be alive.

Kieran was relieved. He did not hesitate in firing three shots.

[Shooting, Blessed Bullets: Inflicts 40 Damage to Target HP, Target is Immune to Lethal Attacks, Moderate Death Skin Skill, Resists 30 Damage; Blessed Bullets, Inflict Extra 100 Damage to Target HP, Authentication deemed as Lethal, Inflicts 110 Damage to Target...]


The sudden shooting seemed to frighten Gilfren Hatch. He could not have imagined that after getting rid of his persistent opponent and reaching this secret place, he would have to face another attack.

It was completely out of his expectations.

Yet even though he was surprised, he quickly came to his senses and his body, which had been in the middle of the formless ripples, turned in unimaginable ways to dodge the next bullets.

Hatch looked at Kieran with a vicious face that looked like a mix between a man and a monster.

Kieran remembered Lawlesss advice and quickly turned his head to avoid his gaze.

"Its you!" Hatchs coarse, dry voice was filled with rage.

Kieran replied with another shot of his gun.


Gilfren Hatch had twist its body to dodge the incoming bullet again.

It made him even madder, yet his rage was followed by confusion.

After so much delicate planning and hard work, he was finally going to be reincarnated as a legendary monster. He did not understand why these two kept getting in his way.

It seemed like both his opponents had an unusual amount of knowledge about the half-dead. Not only did they know his strong points, but they also knew his weaknesses and even find a way to restrain him.

Gilfren Hatch had managed to shake off the previous fellow, who had been wielding a rocket launcher with beyond superhuman strength, yet now he had come across his comrade, who was even more persistent and hard to deal with than him.

Gilfren Hatch might have had some trouble with the unusually strong fellow, but the current battle was far tougher than that one. It was causing him extreme pain.

The bullets that the man in front of him had fired felt as if they had been laced with poison. Gilfren Hatch felt his life energy slipping away.

He should have been able to withstand any kind of bullets and ignore their attack, yet he seemed to be threatened by the weapon in Kierans hand.

"Damn you!" Hatch shouted in that coarse, dry voice of his. He sounded vicious and vile, and his face was filled with blood patterns, wiggling and glowing brighter along with his rage.

Hatch raised his hands towards Kieran and brought up a powerful binding force.

Kieran was not able to dodge it in time. He tried to roll to the side, but he was still caught by its constraining force and pushed down to the floor with immense pressure.

Kieran was dragged off in mid air as Gilfren Hatch floated off the formless waves, descending slowly from the bronze coffin. Kieran floated towards him.

[Constraints: You are constrained by your enemy, Authenticating Strength Authentication failed, unable to break free...]

[Constraints: You are constrained by your enemy, Authenticating Strength Authentication failed, unable to break free...]


Kierans vision filled with battlelog notifications as Gilfren Hatch, who was not far from him, was waiting for him to get close with a vicious, vile smile on his face.

Kieran did not even want to imagine what would happen if he got close enough to Hatch. The outcome would be nothing to look forward to.

He quickly opened up his character window.

[Points: 3,700; Skill Points: 1; Golden Skill Points: 0; Golden Attribute Points: 1]

Immediately, he added his Golden Attribute Point to his Strength. He didnt regret it. The very reason he had saved that Golden Attribute Point in the first place had been in order to use it in desperate situations like the one before him.

[Using Golden Attribute Point...]

[Strength D- D]

Following the increase of his Strength, a stream of warm energy gushed out from his body. His already muscular body had become even stronger. Although his muscles were hidden underneath his clothes and there seemed to be no difference on the outside, he still felt the change clearly.

The fact that the constraining strength he had not been able to shake off just now had loosened up was proof enough. It was still very hard to get away from, but it was different than before, when he could not even budge. It gave Kieran a thin ray of hope as he clenched his teeth and struggled to free himself from his constraints.

Kierans heart was beating faster, and his blood was circulating all over his body, stimulating his muscles and making them tighten up. In an instant, he felt as if his body had expanded by one size.

"Struggle all you want! Only through struggle will you understand despair! And you deserve to feel desperate!" Gilfren Hatch laughed as he watched Kieran struggling to break free from his constraints.

Kierans thin body structure made Hatch think he could never break free. In other words, he thought he was a lamb heading for slaughter. Just like the heretics who once followed him before they were killed.

Foolish mortals! With such a comment in his heart for his own followers, Hatch made himself look very high on top and waiting for Kieran to approach him with his next attack prepared.

Hatch wanted to rip Kieran into pieces to vent his anger.

However, he suddenly realized that his constraints were broken.

How was that possible?

Hatch opened his eyes wide and looked at Kieran, who was about to pull the trigger, with an incredulous expression.

Hatchs face was filled with a vicious, vile expression once again as he aimed at Kierans chest and punched him.

Under the circumstances, Hatch was a sitting duck. He would be unable to dodge the incoming bullets, no matter how fast he was.

The fact that he could not dodge them though did not mean that he was willing to give up. He would rather get hurt than die. Kieran was the one who would die.

Kierans [M1905] fired blankly at Gilfren Hatchs forehead at the same time that Hatchs punch landed hard on his chest.

A black splatter of blood appeared on the mans forehead, while the punch on Kierans chest was blocked by an invisible barrier.

For three seconds, [Primus Scale] had provided Kieran with a defensive barrier stronger than any protective equipment.

Kierans black leather gauntlet was shining as he looked at Gilfren Hatchs stunned expression and said coldly, "The thing I hate most is despair!"

As his words faded, Kierans [M1905], which was still pointed at Gilfren Hatchs forehead, was fired once again.


Gilfren Hatchs forehead was splattered with black blood once more.