The Devil's Cage Chapter 935

Chapter 935 Unparalleled Devour

Kieran who was careful as he entered the temple heightened his guard more when he heard the unusual chewing.

He signaled Starbeck to step back before he merged himself into the shadows, [Arrogant Word] was also drawn out in his hand but when he truly arrived in the core area of Sin Temple and saw the Interrogator’s statue, he was still shocked nevertheless.

A mouth full of sharp teeth was chewing at the statue!

A mouth! Without any other visible organs!

There was no throat or any other part of the head. As the mouth opened and closed, the statue’s head was bitten off completely as though it fell into a different dimension.

Gak Cha, Gak Cha!

The bone-crunching noise sounded again as the mouth was chewing on the statue.


Another crack appeared on the already damaged statue. The crack kept spreading throughout the statue’s body and when it connected itself with other cracks, it became the last straw that broke the camel’s back.


The Interrogator’s statue crumbled into pieces. Different pieces of the statue fell to the floor, whipping up a mini dust storm but that mouth didn’t go away

The big mouth opened up again after its chewing, its stenchful saliva fell on the floor and swiftly corroded a large area underneath.

The flat flooring was instantly turned into a swamp reeking of horrible stenches.

A skeleton was then spat out by the giant mouth. It fell into the swamp and was swiftly devoured into nothing.

More importantly, it seemed to have noticed Kieran, even with above Transcendence [Undercover] together with the [Dark Movement Technique], he was spotted.

The formless energy assaulted Kieran.



Such sensations came from the giant mouth ceaselessly and an even more intense malicious intent rampaged toward Kieran like a comet falling from the sky.

After an invisible blow and a heavy bang, Kieran fell out from the shadows, he managed to get on his feet after staggering forward a few steps.

Line after line of Spirit authentications piled up against one another, spamming Kieran like a rapid waterfall.

With all sorts of buffs and authentication priorities, his I rank spirit attribute started to wobble as the authentication was getting harsher.

The mental impact transformed into small iron needles, stinging Kieran’s body relentlessly.

The iron needles became bigger and bigger, to the point that it almost materialized into a real iron needle and that wasn’t the end of it!

The iron needle soon transformed into a small dagger; the small dagger soon transformed into a short knife and eventually a longsword.


Puk! Puk!

Within a breath’s time, hundreds of wounds were carved into Kieran’s body.

There were long ones and short ones; deep ones and shallow ones.

The longer, deeper wounds revealed his bones; the shorter, shallower ones were only half a finger long but still damaged his flesh.

Blood gushed out all over his body, robbing Kieran of his mobility in an instant.

[Secondary Armor Skin] was rendered completely useless but it was not the only skill Kieran had.

[Saint Thorn] started to shine with its own unique light, white light as sharp as a real blade appeared as rings around Kieran’s body.

When the sharp light ring reached its threshold and crumbled, Kieran’s wounds were slowly healing.

The giant mouth seemed to have felt the pain from [Saint Thorn].

However, the pain didn’t scare it away, instead, it was agitated it even more.

Tremendous amounts of spirit energy flowed out from the giant mouth, the energy transformed into a cyclone, ravaging the grand hall as though it was tearing the whole building apart, Kieran included.

When he felt the rampant spirit energy, Kieran raised his left hand in a calm way.


The devil flame burned hot on his palm.

At the same time, Kieran was enduring the rampaging spirit energy around him. If he had a choice, surely he would never want to endure it. Kieran as a Chosen One knew that formless and invisible spirit energy like this was different from the lethal weakness of [Deadman’s Gaze], it was not something that he could avoid by closing his eyes. Other than using his Spirit to withstand the tremendous mental pressure, there was no other way.


The devil fireball was hurled towards the giant mouth. It was a direct hit and the special effect from the fireball engulfed the giant mouth in a sea of flames.

Kieran, on the other hand, staggered to the floor as if he was drunk; huge amounts of blood were gushing out his mouth and nose.

The giant mouth was screeching sharply as it was being incinerated by the sea of fire but it did not give up the idea of devouring Kieran. Despite it being engulfed in flames, it charged towards Kieran madly.



A robust magma arm was pressed towards the giant lips.

The tremendous force from the arm smashed the mouth on the ground, creating a giant crater on impact.

The flames splashed everywhere like water as it filled the deep crater completely. It became like a pond filled with fire and once again soaked the giant mouth in it.

The one of a kind screeching came from the mouth again.

This time, however, was different from the purely screeching, it fired out a sound wave attack at Kieran.

Devil Kieran was stunned for a second. Despite having regained his senses almost right away, the giant mouth freed itself from being clamped down by Kieran. Not only did it free itself, it even bit Kieran on the arm.

The boiling magma was dripping all over its teeth, it burned the giant mouth fiercely, causing it to wail even louder but Kieran’s devil arm was almost ripped away by the bite, leaving only threads of magma connecting his arm to his body.

The excruciating pain gushed into Kieran’s heart.

The unknown powerful energy plus the sudden pain from his arm enraged Devil Kieran, making him more rampant than ever.

The situation was different from usual.

During normal times, Kieran could control himself in devil form with maximum effort but now his control was greatly weakened.

Kieran in his devil form was already emanating an explosive chaotic aura as if it was a walking volcano.

Devil Kieran’s blazing eyes shone viciously. He didn’t even care about his arm which was going to fall off at any time, instead, he hugged the giant mouth with the other arm.

He opened his mouth and bit the giant mouth on the lip.

“I’ll eat you!”


Devil Kieran bit of a chunk of flesh and blood off the giant lip, he chewed and swallowed before another bite at the lip.

The giant mouth did want to be on the weak side. Not only did it swallowed Kieran’s fallen arm, but it also started to chew on Kieran’s body.

Two monstrous existences were tangled together, biting off each other bit by bit.

Blood splashed everywhere, flesh was badly mutilated and fire engulfed the place.

After a mere 4 to 5 seconds, half of Devil Kieran’s stomach was eaten, more boiling magma gushed out from the huge opening.

The giant mouth was not in good shape either. It didn’t just lose its upper lip, the sharp teeth that looked like hooks were bitten off and crunched to bits by Devil Kieran too.

Devil Kieran was about to go after the lower lip after that.

Both sides were evenly matched to this point but actually, the giant mouth still had the advantage over Kieran because of the duration of his devil form.

If Kieran was alone in this fight, he would surely plunge into a disadvantageous position but he wasn’t alone in this fight!

As the devil ate the lip, pieces of special flesh and blood went into his body and were transformed into a special energy.

The external energy was like the light in the darkness, stimulating the cardinal sins.

Then, the slumbering cardinal sins in Kieran woke up.

“Eat! Eat! Eat!”

Gluttony appeared beside Devil Kieran and took a huge bite on that giant mouth uncontrollably.

“Me too! Everything is mine!” Greed followed tightly behind.

“Why only you guys? Where’s mine?” Envy was showing an envious expression yet he threw himself over faster than the other two.

“How dare you bite me! I will devour you!” Wrath growled.

“Wait for me!” Sloth said but his actions were slow as usual.

“Disgusting!” Lust commented on the mouth before taking a bite.

Only Pride stood indifferently. He was looking arrogant and full of disdain but the Origin Force energy was gushing into his body ceaselessly and quietly.

Pride did not even notice the changes but as the energy gushed into his body, he seemed a little different, let alone the other 6 were busy chewing on the mouth.

All of the cardinal sins did not realize something was changing in their body because there was only one thing left in their mind.


They would eat this monster!