The Devil's Cage Chapter 95

Chapter 95: Restraint

The shine formed an energy flow that surrounded Kierans left hand like water.

He felt as if his hand had been enforced like a sword and shield, and become indestructible.

The power of [Primus Crunch] had empowered him immensely. Although he knew it was because of the skill, the sudden surge of energy made him hallucinate because he was not familiar with it yet. It was the first time he was feeling like this, and he could not help but let out a cry.

His cry burst out like waves, echoing around the area.

Suddenly, a colossal mirage formed behind Kierans body along with his cry. The white mirage had scales on it and had opened up its mouth, which was big enough to swallow a car.

A faint yet heavy roar produced by the mirage merged with Kierans cry.

Scarlet red eyes formed on the mirage as it roared and gazed at its prey.

It was the Colossal Crocodile Primus!

When Kieran activated [Primus Greed], its soul, which was fused together with [Primus Arm], had been unleashed back into the world.

Kieran was able to grasp its unique form and immense power and display its destructive ability.

He sliced Gilfren Hatch with his left hand. Startled by the sudden appearance of Primus, Hatch did not dodge the attack.

A bloody wound formed on his body, which was immune to normal sword or knife attacks.

His black blood splattered all over Kierans left hand.

A layer of scarlet energy similar to the red color of Primus eyes surrounded Kierans left hand and expelled the black blood on his hand, leaving a purified life energy that went into Kierans body.

[Primus Crunch: Inflicts 20 Damage to Target HP, Targets Immunity to Lethal Attacks and Moderate Death Skin Skill could not surpass the power of Primus Crunch, 20 Damage inflicted to Target HP...]

[Primus Greed: Inflicts 20 Damage to Target HP, Steals 2 Life Points...]

"Immunity to Lethal Attacks and Moderate Death Skin Skill could not surpass Primus Crunch?"

Feeling his HP recovering, Kieran checked the battlelog notification, his eyes shining.

Suddenly, he went into frenzy mode as well, unleashing a barrage of attacks towards Gilfren Hatch.

Left [Primus Crunch] and right [Lightning Tigers Finger]!

Lines of scarlet red energy and lightning filled the space, creating a flurry of attacks.

The wind produced from Kierans attacks engulfed Gilfren Hatch completely.

Hatch, who had once again received damage from Kieran, became even more frenzied.

The heavily wounded half-dead had quit dodging and chosen to fight hand-to-hand with Kieran.

Hatch was confident that, using his bodys special attributes, he would emerge victorious from the fight.

The two of them looked like reckless, boorish fighters as they exchanged punches, blood and flesh splattering everywhere.

However, after only a couple of seconds, Gilfren Hatchs body was filled with wounds and he could barely stand up properly. His movements were getting slower, and his consciousness was fading. All he remembered was that he needed to win, so he kept on fighting.

Kieran was not feeling all that well either, but he did not slow down in his attacks, his eyes filling with even more craziness.

Since [Primus Crunch] surpassed both skills of the half-dead, he purposely aimed at Hatchs weak spots.

Hatch was showing signs of weakening, so Kieran pushed him over and rode over the half-dead, unleashing a barrage of vicious attacks on Hatchs head.

The heavy blows kept landing on the half-deads head until it was unable to move. Only then did Kieran finally stop.

The whole fight lasted only about six to seven seconds.

As a matter of fact, Hatch was already exhausted. He had used up most of his strength in the 350 damage that Kieran had inflicted on him and had entered a [Heavily Wounded Status].

Although he had some kind of special mode that allowed him to ignore the negative effects of the [Heavily Wounded Status], he could not ignore the fact that his HP was gradually dropping.

According to the 30% HP decrease, Gilfren Hatchs maximum HP was around 500.

After the 350 damage that Kieran had dealt though, he only had about 150 HP left.

With the empowerment of [Primus Crunch], one hit from Kieran could inflict 20 damage to the half-dead, and that was not even on its weak spots.

Kieran had unleashed more than ten punches, and most of them had landed on Hatchs head.

Although Kieran had also taken a dozen hits, without his special mode, Hatchs punches were not as strong. In fact, they were barely stronger than a common mans. Kieran was still able to withstand that kind of attack, but if [Primus Greed] had not granted him those Life Points, he would have died as well.

[Primus Crunch: Inflicts 20 Damage to Target HP, Targets Immunity to Lethal Attacks and Moderate Death Skin Skill could not surpass the power of Primus Crunch, 40 Damage Inflicted to Target HP (20 Hand-to-Hand Combat Pro) X2, Target dies]

[Primus Greed: Inflicts 40 Damage to Target HP, Steals 4 Life Points...]


The battlelog notification notified Kieran that he was the victor of the fight.

The Colossal Crocodile Primus roared loudly, as if it were undefeatable, and the mirage of its figure dispersed into thin air.

The 10-second limit of [Primus Crunch] was up, and so was [Primus Greed], which was a follow-up skill of the former.

Gilfren Hatchs body fell to the ground and started to deteriorate rapidly like a melting candle.

As his body melted away, a faint orange glow ring appeared within the puddle of goo.

Kieran quickly grabbed the ring and dashed out of the area. He remembered that the [Tribute] magical effect was still in effect.

When he rushed out of the hall and through the gate, a notification popped up in his vision.

[Leaving area of influence...]

[Tribute Effect disappears...]

He had felt his life energy slipping away before, and now he felt relieved to be alive. He turned around and looked back at the hall.

He saw the black and red goo that was Gilfren Hatch fly into the bronze coffin hanging in the air. Within the blink of an eye, it was absorbed by the coffin.

As Hatch was absorbed, the chains and heartbeat of the coffin went back to how theyd been when Kieran had discovered them.

At the same time, a system notification popped up.

[Player has finished the Main Mission: Solve the mysteries in the prison within one week]

[Players will leave the dungeon in 5 minutes...]

[Please take whatever items you wish to keep with you.]

[Note: Any items that exceed the maximum weight will be discarded!]


Starbeck shouted in joy. This was what he had been waiting for.

Kieran saw the notification and his expression turned bitter. He looked at the bronze coffin deliberately. He knew there were more secrets in it than he had discovered, and much greater rewards.

Such rewards would come with a risk that Kieran was not willing to take, though.

He had already lost 100 HP by being induced with Fear. No matter what was inside the coffin, it was not something he could afford to provoke.

Kieran clenched his teeth as he looked regretfully at the closed coffin. He did not want to lose his life because of greed.

He quickly walked out with a sense of regret.

Starbeck, on the other hand, had been observing Kierans movements. He was afraid that Kieran would recklessly provoke something that he should not.

He saw Kieran heading somewhere as the dungeon was coming to an end. "Where are you going?" he asked curiously.

"To compensate for my losses!" Kieran replied without even turning back.

He quickly disappeared from Starbecks line of sight.