The Devil's Cage Chapter 953

Chapter 953 Inkling

Holler’s dried up body inflated like a balloon under Kieran’s gaze.

It swiftly turned from a dried up body to a normal person; a live person with real breaths and blushed cheeks.

“Damn it, the Burning Family, I will..”

As Holler was opening his eyes, he was muttering non-stop but when he saw Kieran was standing in front of him, looking down on him with a domineering manner, his threats stopped abruptly.

Kieran was calm as he was looking at Holler who reincarnated using someone else’s body.

Everything that unfolded up to this point was within his expectations.

When Kieran saw the robbers approaching through the Fire Raven’s eyes, things became obvious.

The secret room in Dwarf Wine and Rice Basin was the supplying station for the robbers while the merchants from Edi Merchant Group were committing dark deals with them.

Besides that, Mayor Holler was also one of them. The seemingly fair mayor was the one who commanded the Edi Merchant Group to commit those dark deals with the robbers.

Throughout the course, Sheriff Peters might have noticed some inkling leading to the illegal deals and was killed off by Holler to eliminate all witnesses; Holler then forged the scene, portraying Sheriff Peters dying in the battle with the robbers.

Afraid that someone would discover his nefarious deeds, Holler dealt with the other sheriffs in the same way.

Until Kieran took up the position. Or maybe because Kieran coincidentally appeared in Shatterstone Town while the robbers were planning to raid it, thus resulting in the anxious decision from the mayor by sending someone over to kill Kieran on the first night.

As for why Holler killed the hen in favor of the eggs by affiliating himself with the robbers to raid Shatterstone Town?

It wasn’t that hard to understand.

A warrior in the military for all his life had no chance to learn the powers like the reincarnated Holler.

If one were to wish to learn such powers, they were bound to pay some cost.

In simpler words, Holler was nothing but a chess piece, similar to how he used the Edi Merchant Group.

Could Holler possess telekinesis from birth? Impossible.

Because of the power of lineage and bloodline, some were born different but definitely not Holler. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have left Burning Dawn and returned to Shatterstone Town.

“Who is the mastermind behind you?” Kieran asked softly.

“How do you know”

“Hmph! I won’t tell you! Not even a single word! We will retaliate and you will taste fear and despair!”

Holler was shocked. It seemed like, after reincarnation in someone else’s body, his brain suffered some damage, causing him to be less sane. He instinctively replied to a stupid question but as his answer came out of his mouth, he realized he was wrong. It caused him to growl angrily because of the embarrassment.

Kieran, on the other hand, was staring straight into Holler’s eyes as he growled.

The angry Holler quickly settled down as well; his eyes turned from resisting the question to complying with all his effort.

“Yes, my lord. I will tell you everything I know.”

Holler got up and kneeled on one knee. After that, he crawled on the floor and kissed Kieran’s boots.

Kieran didn’t feel strange at all since he knew what [Mesly Ring] could do; he turned around and went back to Shatterstone Town.

The tightly shut gate was opened up right away.

Everyone gathered at the gate opened up a path for Kieran and they stared at Kieran with a dull gaze; they also saw Holler walking behind Kieran with the utmost respect.

“What happened?” Everyone was asking the same question.

From what happened just now, Mayor Holler must have something to do with everything but what the mayor did after that baffled everyone’s thoughts.

“Son of Moon! The Son of Moon can control people’s minds!”

Messy mumbling sounded from the townspeople. The claim caused fear to appear on their faces.

Son of Moon, it was not a good term for those who made living near Supreme Road.

Although the moon always represented romance, the Son of Moon didn’t.

Other than having a death wish, no one wished to encounter a terrifying being like the Son of Moon.

Among the crowd, a few people dressed similarly to the other citizens yet their temperaments were slightly different from others; their faces were heavy as well.

However, they didn’t look heavy because of the messy mumbles but because of what Holler said before.

“Burning Family’s men? His hair and eyes are not red that Burning Marquis’ peasant elder son! Should we say as expected of the most discussed person in Dawn City?”

The few hidden ones exchanged gazes before swiftly fading away in the crowd.

Inside a certain shadowy spot outside Shatterstone Town, a wide wagon was hiding from sight.

Wright who was standing beside the wagon witnessed the incident from start to end.

From the exploding heads of hundreds of robbers to how Holler turned completely obedient. The butler of Burning Marquis witnessed it all. His strict and old-fashioned face suddenly had a faint smile on it.

“It is exactly as Lord Marquis expectedYou are ready now.”

“The burning fire is fearless of darkness.”

“The burning will is fearless of horror.”

“The burning soul is fearless of despair.”

“Please take care of yourself.”

The butler bowed at Shatterstone Town before he went off.

The wide wagon sprinted out from the shadows and rode towards Dawn City with exceptional speed. The fire emblem beside the wagon shone brightly like a real flame under the moonlight.

It didn’t only just rumble around, it was burning fiercely as well; inside the burning flame, a head with horns was faintly visible.

The gazes on him were slowly getting reducing and when Kieran returned to his security office, the last gaze from the citizens was gone.

Kieran wasn’t too bothered about it. He always spared no attention to gazes without malicious or killing intent.

Otherwise, with his Intuition boosted by his Chosen One’s Spirit attribute, he would become a paranoid crazy person in less than a few days.

However, he still marked down a couple of the intentional gazes among the crowd because they were slightly stronger than the commoners.

The powerful ones were always obvious.

Kieran sat in his chair and looked at Holler in front of him.

Without further command, Holler started to spill what he knew.

“My lord, a person named Modi was my only contact and he would contact me only from his side. He would assign some missions to me and then teach me some mystical arts as pay. At first, the missions were harmless but it somehow turned into some unacceptable request. However, I was at the point of no return. The moment when I used the mystical arts taught by him to heal my old wounds, I was far beyond return.”

Kieran nodded, signaling for Holler to continue.

The person named Modi wasn’t really a genius with his methods. His methods were not that innovative as similar means were always used in gray area territories.

Benefits would be given each time a victim completed their task, including but not limited to money or women. When the victim was in too deep, they would be sliced open and left behind to bleed to death.

“This time, Modi required a sufficient amount of fresh lives, so he wanted me to work with the robbers to raid the town! That bastard was planning this from the beginning but I was too slow to notice it.”

Holler being controlled by [Mesly Ring] confessed his crime as he was freed from the shackles that held him down before; his face was looking extremely shameful and guilty.

“About this Modi guy, do you know anything else?” Kieran asked.

“He is very mysterious. Only he contacts me each time and we never really met in person. I’ve tried to trail him but I’ve failed many times. After being warned, I gave up on that thought. However, it seems like he is very unfamiliar with Supreme Road since he would make common mistakes,” Holler answered.

“Unfamiliar? Common mistakes?” Kieran squinted his eyes as speculations formed in his mind.