The Devil's Cage Chapter 955

Chapter 955 The Stick And Carrot Policy

Kieran was not the newbie he once was anymore.

However, he still wouldn’t dare to underestimate the new information he got in the underground game, especially when two of them came up together in a special dungeon world.

Kieran was in his chair recalling what happened after he entered the dungeon world and soon, he noticed something.

“The sub-mission chain [Sheriff] would appear as long as I am in Shatterstone Town! Given that the mission is automatically chained and based on how the mission content was structured, in the end, I might truly have control over Shatterstone Town! After having control over the town, I would surely acquire some of the natives’ help”

Kieran frowned slightly.

If his theory was correct, gaining the help from the natives was not something worth being happy about or anticipating, because it would mean he had to face more difficult and peculiar situations, like a battlefield on two fronts.

Coincidentally, he had information that he was very intrigued about before his eyes: his [Identity] and Burning Dawn.

Burning Family and Burning Dawn.

Both terms having the same prefixes allowed Kieran to relate to more things, especially when he was a skilled fire user, more thoughts appeared in Kieran’s mind.

As Kieran was deep in thought, seconds turned into minutes.

The young captain had already gathered all the men he could; a total of 25 men appeared in front of the security office.

Kieran then walked out after being notified.

“My lord, everyone we havehere. There are four others who”

Volgen was looking dark and heavy when he mentioned the 4 deceased soldiers; he couldn’t continue properly.

“Lay them to rest according to proper procedures and send the pensions to their respective family. You better take good care of them as well,” Kieran ordered.

Despite the four deceased soldiers being strangers to him, nor was he familiar with the system that the civilian troops followed in a burial, he knew what he should do at the moment.

At least he noticed when he gave the order, a lot of the civilian soldiers’ eyes were glimmering; the reverence in their expressions was less anxious now.

It was what he wanted.

After having the speculations, Kieran knew he didn’t only need a bunch of civilian soldiers that would comply and obey his instructions, he wanted them to obey wholeheartedly.

Only then would he get certain aid from the civilian soldiers in the upcoming events.

Of course, a certain few of the civilian soldiers had to go.

Kieran didn’t wish to see a few soldiers hating their steps due to hesitancy when the whole group was charging at their enemy, thus affecting the morale of the whole group or perhaps even worse.

He walked up to the group; the group was poorly equipped, varied in different heights and sizes and its number was so few that one would feel pity for them.

“I am 2567, the new sheriff of Shatterstone Town. I can’t tell you about my past but I want you to witness my future. We will share victory together and overcome death together.”

“Now anyone who wishes to stay away from the danger that this path will lead us to, please stand out! I swear on the honor of sheriff that I will not hold you responsible for what you did today.”

Kieran said loudly.

Skimming an already small group at its initial stage might seem unwise in other people’s eyes but it would be better to adjust and adapt when things happen.

As for adjusting the group while he cleared [Sheriff], the series of chain quest?

If he had the time, he would certainly do so but he knew time was not on his side.

Kieran didn’t only need to complete the [Sheriff]’s chain mission in the shortest time possible so that he could take control of the whole town, he would also need to quickly expand Shatterstone Town’s arsenal.

He was already falling behind a particular someone. He didn’t wish to keep it that way.

The soldiers were looking at each other with hesitation but none of them moved away.

“I promise no one will know about your actions here tonight and if people ask, I will say that you left because of injuries from tonight’s operation,” Kieran continued.

His tone was flat but he purposely put emphasis on “the operation tonight”.

A few of the hesitating soldiers couldn’t help but quiver when they heard what Kieran said.

In the end, the soldier that stayed on guard at Dwarf Wine and Rice Basin and also the one who tried to evade his duty during the moving of the bodies out of the secret room stood out.

“Mm. Leave your sword and you can leave.” Kieran nodded.

“I’m sorry my lord!”

His face was hesitant and apologetic as he spoke but his actions were not slow at all. He placed his sword down and ran towards the dark beside.

When there was a first, there would be a second, a third

“Sorry” could be heard repeatedly; the group of civilian soldiers was quickly decreasing in number.

After a minute had passed and no one left anymore, the number of troops was down by half, leaving only 13 of them behind.

“Not bad. Better than I expected. From now on, you all will be the real soldiers of Shatterstone Town. You will not be responsible for farming and herding anymore. I want all of you to train every day, fight every day and I will be responsible for your daily expenses from now on.”

“Volgen, you will take charge of the distribution of needs.”

Kieran said as he took out a delicate and bloated coin sack. He tossed it to the young captain.

Volgen caught the coin sack but the opening was not tightly sealed.


The gold coins in the sack fell out and fell to the ground.

As the moonlight shed its pure radiance over the golden coins, it was emanating a dazzling shine.

The civilian soldiers that stayed had their eyes glued on the coins and were glimmering.

Gold coins obtained through shady means would cause an honest man to hesitate but when it was obtained through legitimate means, even an honest man wouldn’t reject it.

Kieran captured the expressions of all the remaining soldiers in his sight before he said loudly.

“This is just a part of it. From now on, follow me and I will assure you that you will have fame, wealth and things that you can’t even imagine in the future.”

“You might be sons of farmers, blacksmiths, or carpenters but your sons in the future will not be farmers, blacksmiths, and carpenters anymore because they have you as fathers! You, who are willing to risk your life for your future generation’s well being!”

The encouraging words excited the soldiers one after another; all of them were breathing heavily, as if what Kieran said already happened.

The situation motivated them, boosted their morale.

The situation made them obedient and carry out Kieran’s orders without scruple.

Promptly, the town which has just quieted down became merry and loud again.

At the same time, something is brewing in the dark.