The Devil's Cage Chapter 968

Chapter 968 The Black Flame Under The Moon 2 In 1

The disdain and contempt comments sounded but it didn’t attract dislikes from the crowd.

Quite the contrary, when those words sounded as the figure slowly walked out, Volgen and the soldiers quickly calmed down.

“Everyone, attention! Stand in your positions now! We will show them what we are made of!”

The young captain whose heart settled down started to command his men in an orderly manner.

The soldiers and the mercenaries stood in their positions. The arrow tower and the rooftops were the defensive lines they were stationed in.

Volgen was standing on a rooftop near the gate. He raised his arm up high when he saw the robbers and bandits coming closer.

“First round ready”


He swung his arm down and 23 arrows were fired in an arching line as they vanished into the night sky.

“Aaaarg! Aaaaa!”

Agonizing cries were heard from the robbers and bandits further away.

Maybe the arrows fired weren’t concentrated enough but it was still lethal for the charging robbers and bandits.

Not only because a lot of Shatterstone Town civilian soldiers came from hunter backgrounds which granted them decent archery skills, but it was also because the robbers and bandits didn’t expect the town to retaliate.

It was not how they were informed but soon, the robbers and bandits didn’t care about the particulars anymore because the second round of arrows was before them.

Sou Sou Sou!

The concentrated vanguard riders were like live targets for the arrow rain.

A dozen of robbers and bandits were shot off their horses and trampled to meat paste by the following riders.

Several arrows missed the rider but instead shot the horse.


The horses neighed loudly and stood up with their hind legs; the riders were thrown off the horses.

Not only were the riders thrown to the ground, but it also caused a lot more robbers and bandits behind to crash into each other when they trying to avoid the wounded horses.

Crak! Crak!

Bone cracking sounds filled the night sky; they were of men and horses.

The robbers and bandits’ fierce charge were forced to a halt.

“Nicely done!”

Volgen praised loudly at the mercenaries who fired the arrows.

Despite coming from hunter backgrounds, compared to a real professional, the civilian soldiers were quite far behind, whether it was the usual training or real combat.

After two rounds of arrows, the civilian soldiers were already slightly panting.

The soldiers taut their bow with all their might to fire the two rounds of arrows and they even aimed accurately at their target. No doubt it cost them their stamina.

While the mercenaries were looking fine and breathing normally. It wouldn’t be a problem for them to fire another two rounds of arrows.

“Civilian soldiers skip the next round, mercenaries, in position!” Volgen commanded.

13 civilian soldiers regulated their breaths during the break and the 10 mercenaries taut their bow again.

Sou Sou Sou!

Arrows flew into the night sky again but this time around, the firing was less effective.

The robbers and bandits who lurked in the shady spots of Supreme Road weren’t idiots. After they realized grouping up would make them living targets, they scattered around.

Of course, there were one or two unlucky bastards who got shot as well.

Volgen was looking heavily at the scattered robbers and bandits.

These nefarious bastards reacted much quicker than he expected. At first, he thought they would be fine for at least the third round of arrows but now, the enemies reacted in only two rounds.

“Everyone scatter your shots, find your targets! Don’t forget to save your stamina!”

Volgen reminded the civilian soldiers and mercenaries while he took on a bow and arrow himself.



As the arrow flew, the fastest robber was shot off his horse.

Sou, Sou Sou!

Three more arrows were fired and none of the missed their target.

Each arrow that was let loose took the life of a robber.

No one was really surprised over Volgen’s archery. In fact, one of the reasons why he was appointed as captain of the civilian troop was because of his excellent archery.

Likewise, it was also why he didn’t join the firing at first since he was commanding his men.

Everyone knew when Volgen’s archery would play its biggest part.

A shadow was silently, swiftly approaching Volgen.

The previous command and the arrows he fired were telling the robbers and bandits this young man should be one of the leaders who was responsible for the defense.

If he was taken out, the robbers and bandits would be able to take out the defenses of the town completely. The whole town might even crumble without a fight.

With the thought in his head, the shadow pulled out his dagger but two more longswords were faster.

The first sword chopped of the shadow’s hand holding his dagger.

The second sword decapitated the shadow altogether.

When he saw the fallen shadowy figure, Volgen was stunned before he quickly threw a gaze of appreciation to Snacker.

Although the moment the shadowy figure struck, Volgen was confident enough in being able to avoid a lethal blow. Still, he would certainly get hurt in the process and getting hurt was not something worth being happy about, even more so in the current situation.

The dual blader nodded to the young captain before dashing off to his next target.

Shatterstone Town’s defenses were still too weak.

Whether it was the numbers of defensive personnel or the defensive arrangements, all were still too weak.

It presented an opportunity for the enemies who were skilled in infiltrating and hiding their presence as if they entered an empty house.

Another sword strike taking out an infiltrator later, the dual blader couldn’t help but sigh.

Just when Snacker sighed, a crossbow arrow was fired from the shadows.



The crossbow arrow from the shadows was fast but Blu’s arrow wasn’t slow either.

Blu’s arrow deflected the crossbow arrow and a splash of red was drawn at that shadowy spot.

Riley then walked out with a crossbow.

“These robbers and bandits are not your usual John Does, they still have good stuff like this.”

Riley exclaimed while he fired the crossbow to another shadowy spot and pinned the guy on the ground.

“I’ll feel even stranger if some John Doe were to work along Sand Bandit, Cranium Crusher, and Bearman’s group.

Snacker then dashed towards his next target.

“You are not wrong either!” Riley shrugged before he concealed himself again.

Blu loaded his bow with arrows again.

The trio from Dawn City was clearing out the robbers and bandits infiltrating the town with utmost teamwork and tacit understanding. However, from the start till the end, the three of the placed a part of their attention on Kieran.

The abilities Kieran showed last night were too astonishing for the three of them. They wanted to see again what kind of abilities he possessed but the outcome was sort of confusing.

The robbers and bandits had arrived at Shatterstone Town gate and the modified abatis was moved away from the main path by the enemies.

A clear path was presented before the robbers and bandits while Kieran stood in front of the gate and stared down at them with an arrogant gaze, seemingly having no intention to make a move.

The robbers and bandits were shocked when they saw Kieran in his arrogant manner.

A lot of them saw what happened last night so it wasn’t possible to hide it anymore and of the robbers and bandits who were able to arrive in front of the town, which one of them weren’t well-informed of Kieran’s abilities?

Therefore, when they saw Kieran looking down at them with an arrogant look, the cunning robbers and bandits that roamed freely around Supreme Road started to hesitate.

So, a strange scene formed in front of Shatterstone Town.

On one side was a single man with no reinforcements, standing alone.

The other side was huge in numbers yet none of them dared to step forward to claim the town.

When both sides looked at each other, the former showed contempt to the group with his arrogant face while the latter was avoiding his gaze, looking more hesitant than ever.

The strange scene went on until a loud shout came from the crowd.


A figure so muscular that it wasn’t human anymore dashed out from the crowd while wielding a robust spiked club; he smashed his spiked club at Kieran with all his force.


The tremendous force created a heavy air-breaking noise.

The strong wind blew away the dirt around the gate; some smaller pebbles were thrown into the air as the wind stung people’s face.

Everyone saw the figure wielding the spiked club in shock.Even if they weren’t the target themselves, they felt how terrifying the blow would be.

“Bearman! It’s Bearman!”

The robbers and bandits chanted in shock; the townspeople gasped.

Bearman’s infamous name was notorious around Supreme Road. Him, Sand Bandit, and Cranium Crusher had almost become the synonym of the robbers and bandits in the area.

Everyone who walked Supreme Road would fear and revere the three of them, except for Kieran standing there.

While facing against Bearman’s furious blow, Kieran was still as arrogant as ever and didn’t spare a glance at the huge figure, he didn’t even want to look as if the spiked club didn’t exist or an opponent like Bearman was an insult to him.

Kieran closed his eyes right away.

“Lord 2567, be careful!”

Everyone was stunned when they saw Kieran close his eyes, The young captain couldn’t help but warn him but he turned a deaf ear to the warning while going his way.

The spiked club was getting closer; the heavy whistle was getting heavier.

The stolen trading goods infuriated Bearman and the contempt no, negligence from his opponent enraged him to the max.

The rage made Bearman’s body expanded even more.

The rage made Bearman’s strength increase even more powerful.

The rage made Bearman feel like he was burning.


Bearman was really engulfed in fire!


Black smoke came out from his apertures.

Bearman’s brain and organs were instantly burned to ash, followed by his muscles, bone, skin, and hair.

A moment ago, Bearman was lively and angry but within a breath’s time, he was turned into a giant torch.


The heavy spiked club landed on the ground.

The huge clunk shook everyone’s hearts; they unconsciously turned to Kieran after that.

Kieran was still standing there with closed eyes, looking arrogant as ever and it seemed like he turned his expression into words of mocking, insulting the offenders.

However, the freaky scene of Bearman bursting up in flames was impactful, none of the robbers and bandits dared to step up from the bottom of their heart.

But sometimes, humans acted against their own will.

“My body?!”

“What’s wrong with my body?!”

Dozens of robbers and bandits realized their bodies went out of control. They widened their eyes and charged towards Kieran with their swords and knives.

“It’s Sand Bandit!”

Different from the time when Bearman appeared, when Sand Bandit’s name was mentioned, even the robbers and bandits showed fear.

As for why?

The answer was obvious when dozens of them charged towards Kieran with their uncontrollable bodies.

Sand Bandit could control people’s bodies!

If it wasn’t for the controlled person’s clear consciousness, everyone would assume Sand Bandit was the legendary Son of Moon but rumor had it Sand Bandit had the lineage of Son of Moon as well.

The robbers and bandits looked at each other in fear.

When they saw the one-eyed middle-aged man with his men, they automatically split in half like the tides slashed in half.

Sand Bandit appeared among the crowd.

Not only him but Cranium Crusher was eye-catching too.

Despite his physique and appearance being normal, Cranium Crusher’s presence still made the other robbers and bandits avoid him like the plague.

The reason why Sand Bandit, Cranium Crusher, and Bearman were able to become the figureheads of the robbers and bandits around Supreme Road was not only because of their strength but because of their ruthless and cruel characters.

However, following Sand Bandit and Cranium Crusher’s appearance, the invaders who stopped their march because of Bearman’s death had their morale boosted again.

It was a cold hard fact that Bearman was dead but it was also a fact Sand Bandit and Cranium Crusher were much stronger.

The robbers and bandits believed with the two of them here, the bastard that blocked the gate would be dead in no time.

Then, it would be the happiest part of their plan!

They were originally here to raid Shatterstone Town.

Of course, based on their own rules, they had to acquire the qualifications to raid by making an “effort”.

Therefore, the eyes of the robbers and bandits turned red.

Killing intent! But more of it were greed!

The dozens of robbers and bandits who were controlled by Sand Bandit were no exception either.

They were being controlled, there was no doubt about that but it was also a fact they were part of the raid.

It was enough for them.


The controlled robbers and bandits yelled loudly at Kieran with his closed eyes.

Many more robbers and bandits behind them shouted together as well and were ready to charge.

They wanted to take down this town in one fell swoop; they wanted to party in the town after that.

They wanted to laugh in the flames and drink amidst the cries.

Each and every one of the attackers were breathing heavily and killing intent was overflowing when the thoughts filled their minds.

However, when the flame really came, they didn’t laugh; the cries were heard but it was from themselves.

The black colored flame lit up more than two hundreds robbers and bandits like how it did to Bearman, turning them into blazing human torches.

Under the bright moonlight, the black flame was rumbling in front of Shatterstone Town gate like tides.

Sand Bandit and Cranium Crusher’s cunning allowed them to escape the ignition.

Both of them widened their eyes and clenched their teeth at Kieran who was still closing his eyes.

“Who are you? These flames aren’t the flames of the Burning Family!”

Both of them shouted their question loudly.

When they shouted, Kieran frowned. He felt like it was getting too noisy.

“Dogs barking.”

Amidst his soft words, Kieran turned around and walked back into the town; he didn’t even bat an eye at the two.

Sand Bandit and Cranium Crusher looked at the figure going away further with grudgeful eyes but they didn’t give chase.

It wasn’t that they didn’t want to, they couldn’t, they dared not.

Six figures that moved around freely in the black flames appeared in front both of them like an iron wall, blocking them from giving chase.

They saw the face on the six figures: Lust, Greed, Gluttony, Sloth, Wrath, and Envy.

The two of them felt the evil that came from the human heart itself.

Sand Bandit and Cranium Crusher shivered in unison.

Meanwhile, in a place further away from Shatterstone Town, Bankers was secretly preparing after he was informed of what happened.

“With Sand Bandit, Cranium Crusher, and Bearman there, even if that guy is the Burning Family’s peasant elder son, he would be dead if he returned! Useless move! But Modi’s price is not too shabby, guess it’s my lucky day!” Bankers smiled softly.

After feeling the slight jump of the gemstone in his hand, he quickly hid in the darkness next to him.

Further away, Kieran was approaching at lightning speed.