The Devil's Cage Chapter 969

Chapter 969 Trap

Kieran with an anxious face didnt realize the unusualness in front him until he stepped into the trap.

When he felt the surroundings change, his face followed as well. He wanted to retreat but the trap activation was faster than he imagined.

A circle of white, blue, and black rose up from the ground and encaged Kieran inside together with a 10-meter radius.


Continuous clear clunking was heard when chains of the same tri-color fired out from the void and wrapped Kierans body like a venomous viper.

After he was tied down, a scimitar slowly appeared above his head like a grim reapers scythe together with Bankers.

So you are the eldest peasant sun of the Burning Family?

The gemstone in his hand was shining while he walked out from the shadow and sized up Kieran with a suspicious gaze.

There was no mocking or disdain to his gaze, just puzzled.

Bankers who was in a long robe and had a pair of glasses on his face with messy hair felt it a little too easy. However, as the gemstone in his hand jumped, he quickly retreated.

Illusion?! Just like what Modi said! Shouldnt the folks from the Burning Family specialize in fire magic and only minor in illusions? Bankers asked himself.

Then, he shook his head as he didnt plan to press the question.

After all, he was tasked to capture Kieran, the rest was up to Modi.

It was their basic principle of dealing with each other: he would not participate in Modis matters and Modi would not question his research.

The deal seemed to happen in a weird way but it was the foundation of their agreement.

Bankers and Modi knew it clearly.

Please dont struggle too much, otherwise youll taste the pain.

Bankers pointed at the scimitar in the air while he contacted his employer. He didnt really avoid Kierans presence, thus Bankers conversation was heard clearly.

Ive got the target, Bankers said directly.

Good, take away his personal belongings and cut off all of his limbs.

Modis voice sounded from the gemstone.

The extra criteria wasnt included in the first mission briefing. Bankers frowned.

Now you know. Ill raise the price three times over. Hurry and do what I said!

Modis voice sounded anxious and restless.

Even if you raise the price, you cant change Are you out of your mind?

Bankers was being stubborn on this but before he finished, he cried out in shock.

Kieran who was bound by the chains started to struggle fiercely, despite the scimitar chopping down, he didnt stop.


Kieran dodged the lethal strike to his head from the scimitar in an extremely twisted way but he didnt completely dodge the chop.

His legs were severed completely!

Blood gushed out in an instant but Kieran escaped the bindings in an unusual manner.

What made Bankers felt it to be more inconceivable was that Kierans legs grew out once more.

WhaWhat the

Bankers were stunned but Kieran wasnt.

Kieran whose legs had regrown twisted his body and escape the light circle as though he dived into the void. However, when he appeared again, he was pinned down on the ground by a light arrow.

It wasnt Bankers this time but Modi!

Modi who supposed to be hiding in some secret spot appeared out of thin air before Kieran and looked down on him with a haughty manner.

2567, you never would have thought it would you? Modi said with delight.

Modi?! You did this on purpose?!

Bankers too saw Modi appear in front him, he then looked at the gemstone in his hand and he immediately realized what was going on: Modi had planned everything.

As for why he planned it?

The answer was Kieran being pinned down on the ground.

From the start of Modis plan to the end, it was all for that particular moment to capture Kieran.

No, no, no! These are necessary tests because you dont fully understand this 2567, but I do, hence my actions.

Modi replied courteously to Bankers who had contributed quite a lot in his plan.

Of course, when Modi replied to Bankers, he didnt forget to strike Kieran.

Sou Sou Sou Sou!

Four more light arrows which were smaller than the first one was shot at Kierans limbs, completely robbing him of his resistance.

Then, a vial of holy water was poured over Kierans face.

Tsss, Tsssssss!

As though his face was being sprayed by acid.

Kierans face swiftly folded and was corroded by the holy water as it emanated the sizzling sound.

Painful and continuous growls were heard from Kierans mouth ceaselessly and when Modi heard them, he felt happier.

The reaction between the devils bloodline and holy water allowed Modi to be certain that Kieran had no resistance left and has truly stepped into his trap.

What else was more entertaining than Kierans suffering?

More suffering!

Two more vials of holy water were poured on Kierans body. Seeing how Kieran was twitching and couldnt struggle because he was pinned down by the light arrows, Modi couldnt hold his laughter back.

Using Arrow of Brilliance and Water of Brilliance on a Burning Family member, you want to incite a civil war between the Burning Dawn? And since youve already captured him, you can just kill him, theres no reason to torture him, Bankers frowned.

Obviously, Bankers couldnt accept torture and interrogation and the civil war between Burning Dawn wasnt really a concern, it was more like a common question.

Do I still need to create internal affairs for the Burning Dawn now? They can hardly look after themselves with the enemies they are facing now.

Take this, three times your pay!

Modi replied while avoiding the important points.

However, the triple pay was enough to release Bankers of his persistence and made him leave.

Kieran wasnt someone to him, he didnt have to fall out with his longtime employer because of a stranger.

Bankers left with his pay, leaving only Modi and Kieran behind.

Tss, Tssssss!

Modi poured another vial holy water on Kierans body without a second thought.

While seeing Kieran corroding under the holy water and suffering from the pain, Modi couldnt help but say, Dont worry, I wont let you die so fast! At least before this dungeon ends, you have to be alive who are you?

The delighted Modi suddenly changed his face.

The eye that he placed in Bankers’pay was destroyed and Bankers certainly didnt possess the abilities to do that.

Modi was very clear of that, otherwise, he wouldnt have realized it until now.

More importantly, Bankers wouldnt allow anyone else to touch his pay, unless

Bankers was dead!

In this barren wilderness, who else could kill Bankers without him even reacting?


It was the only person Modi could think of but then

Who was the Kieran before his eyes?

Modi widened his eyes at Kieran whose face was burned off by the holy water.

Then, Kieran looked up as he played along with Modi. He looked at Modi with a pair of scarlet eyes, replying his question. At the same time, the aura that could not be concealed anymore slowly revealed itself.


The word escape Modis mouth when he felt the aura.