The Devil's Cage Chapter 970

Chapter 970 Palpitation

A trap!

It was a trap specifically targeted at Modi!

After realizing Kieran was a demon, the sudden realization struck Modis heart but most of it was confusion and puzzled thoughts.

Why Kieran did do what he did?

Could it be Kieran knew his plans beforehand?

Impossible! This is impossible! Ive never made contact with Sayer! All I did was push him to the position of the Golden City trades along with the tide, he couldnt have guessed it was my planning all along! Besides, Sayer has a contract that forbids him from telling his identity and everything about him!

Modi was mumbling to himself.

Bloody Mary looked at Modi in front of it, a sense of mocking flashed over its scarlet eyes.

Kieran, of course, couldnt know the details of all the matters, trivial or not, not even a God could achieve such feat but Kieran was vigilant enough.

When Sayer mentioned the wealth and warhorses, Kieran didnt get blinded by the sudden rewards.

The bigger the rewards, the more careful Kieran would be. Therefore, despite Sayer not leaking the information, Kieran was fully prepared for this and made up speculations of the upcoming events, of which all signs connected to Modi.

When the speculation was made, the upcoming events became reasonable and the plan that Modi took pride it became obvious as well.

The secret bazaars lab was just a part of the plan and if it succeeded, Modi would be happy but if it failed, he wouldnt really care because the real plan was laid after that.

Shatterstone Town and Kieran himself.

However, Modi didnt just wrongly estimate Kierans vigilance but he also seriously underestimated Kierans strength.

Likewise, Modi also revealed more valuable information to Kieran and it was what Kieran sought after at the moment.

Kieran appeared before Modi with the unconscious Bankers in his hand.

Bloody Mary turned into a red-eyed skull image and vanished on the spot.

Dont think youve won, this is just the beginning! I

Modi gave his threats but it was useless against Kieran.


Modis head exploded again.

Different from the last time where Modi escaped, he was really dead this time but there was still no notifications popped up.

You are just an abandoned chess piece. Broker had sent his men to infiltrate the place, so you didnt get to know how my strength has changed, which leads you to send out a target to test me.

Kieran looked at Modis body and glanced over the unconscious Bankers in his hand; he couldnt help but breathe deeply.

It wasnt hard for him to come up with the conclusion because Bankers was the best proof.

If Modi really knew how strong Kieran was, he would at least send a foe who was at least two levels higher than Bankers and not some guy fooled by Bloody Mary.


Kieran let out a heavy sigh.

The situation before him was the worst he could expect. His opponent was much more careful than he expected.

No one knew better than Kieran how troublesome it was to deal with a vigilant opponent, and more importantly

Broker wasnt here!

If Broker was in the current dungeon world, such tests were completely useless. Broker should be very clear of Kierans strength.

Broker isnt here? Then where would he be? The Witchs Legacy?

No doubt, that was the only answer.

But to say Broker gave up on the title dungeon [Blade of the Daybreaker], Kieran was reluctant to believe it, unless Broker had absolute confidence in his men.


Broker could interfere whenever he wanted!

Regardless of which it was, it wasnt good news to Kieran.

Although I have a hunch Broker might play his sh*tty tricks in the title dungeon Huh?

Just when Kieran was forming a plan to deal with Broker, Modis body suddenly changed which was out of Kierans expectations.

The body disintegrated into light particles and flew further away on the ground, or more precisely, [Modiis Boots] which he hid underground.

Kieran wouldnt be himself if he wasnt alarmed when he had to fight Brokers men and coincidentally the guys name was Modi.

There were only two ways for a player to get equipment in a dungeon.

First, the most direct way was dropping the equipment after the kill.

Second, from a native, missions, etc.

Regardless of which it was, it would be closely related to the native of that dungeon world.

His own equipment coincidentally met the original owner in another dungeon world?

It might seem impossible to other players but it was just to other players.

If it was Broker, and from how Kieran viewed it, it was very viable and he didnt forget the Unique Title Broker in effect as well.

Who could have guaranteed the Unique Title Broker didnt have other effects?

Therefore, Kieran was quite cautious of [Modiis Boots] and at the next moment, it proved that his caution was very correct.


The hateful presence of the curse appeared again before Kieran.

I curse you!

I curse you!

I curse you!

Modis image was floating above the ground where the boots were buried. It was growling loudly and the power of the curse was overflowing in all directions, however, a moment later, it realized Kieran wasnt there but further away.

Modis image saw Kieran standing further away with a calm expression.

Modi growled loudly in unwillingness as his body was rumbling with the power of the curse.

It wanted to throw itself to Kieran for his life.

However, it couldnt achieve it since it wasnt a simple soul anymore. As seconds turned into minutes, the power of the curse was getting out of control.



Modi growled loudly and exploded after that.

Under Kierans gaze, Modis image vanished without a sign and the power of the curse that threatened him dissipated as well.

He stood still for almost a few minutes before he made sure there wasnt any lingering danger.

Kieran then ordered Bloody Mary to dig up [Modiis Boots].

When dug up, the boots were shining in a lively gold.

[Name: Modi Boots]

[Type: Equipment]

[Rarity: Legendary]

[Attack: Strong]

[Defense: Powerful]

[Attribute: 1. Modi Dash, 2. Modi Jump, 3. Modi Conceal]

[Effect: None]

[Prerequisite: None]

[Able to bring out of dungeon: Yes]

[Remark: Modi didnt run the fastest but the longest! Modi didnt jump the highest but he would have a second and third chance! Other than that, Modi had an extra dodge!]

[Modi Dash: When equipped, whether walking, running or jumping, saves 45% Stamina]

[Modi Jump: When activated, after a single jump, consume more Stamina to perform a second and third jump. 3/day]

[Modi Conceal: When wearer stays still in shadow, Undercover +1]

Kieran looked at [Modi Boots] in surprise as its name and attributes adjusted itself.

He wasnt really surprised over the Rare to Legendary rarity jump and the two enhanced attribute plus a new one.

He was surprised why it would happen.

Killing the original owner to perfect the equipment? Or was it because of the power of the curse

Kieran speculated out of instinct but before more came to his mind, his heart palpitated.