The Devil's Cage Chapter 971

Chapter 971 Welcome To Shatterstone Town 2 In 1

As though a shadow covered his heart, the uncomfortable feeling turned Kierans attention further away, the direction where Supreme Road was.

However, he didnt spot anything within his sight, the palpitation vanished afterward as well as if the minor occurrence was an illusion but Kieran knew the frightening fact within.

Even if it was just an illusion!

His Spirit attribute had already reached G+ rank and the tag was at Strong rank II, Pre-rank III.

The illusion that could make him feel uncomfortable with that ridiculous Spirit rank, it would be deadly for others.

More so Was it really an illusion?

Kieran placed his hand over his chest, feeling the vigorous beating of his two hearts. He felt the Dawn Force circulating his body, the Plague Force was lying latent, the Devil Forces arrogance, the rampancy of the Cardinal Sins and the reserve presence of Saint Thorn Force.

He also felt the palpitation that seemed to have disappeared but was actually lingering around.

As though it was a small, cunning thief, the palpitation hid in his heart without a sign and if he didnt realize it, it would definitely turn into a time bomb in the future.

But now?

The arrogant Devil Force made its move first by destroying it boldly and resolutely.

The rampant Cardinal Sins Force then swallowed it without caring.

Dawn Force then wash away the lingering bits until it was completely cleared away from Kierans heart.


Kieran let out a long sigh. He opened his eyes as an unusual shine glimmered in his pupils.

Without pause, Kieran squatted down and used his finger to draw on the ground.

The sunrise of Dawn, the light that broke the darknesss shackle.

The dawn shed light over the fields, rivers, and forest.

Faintly and mild, the white light started to shine on [Seal of Dawn] and naturally resonated with the Dawn Force in Kierans body.

Then, the white light enshrouded a 10-meter radius area.

While being covered in the light, Kieran grabbed a pinch of dirt and carefully felt the changes within.

A slight sense of hidden dark energy quickly faded away.

The dirt that was already in draught became drier as the slight energy faded away; it was scattered when the wind blew.

Scary power of the curse! Kieran commented.

Then, he frowned.

Despite his understanding of the power of the curse not being too deep, he knew the energy that he felt in the dirt was different than the power of the curse that came from Modi just now.

Modis curse was slightly obvious but the energy in the dirt was more latent, hard to notice.

So this power is also that bastards handy work? Or did it come from Supreme Road?!

Kieran was speculating wildly but one thing was for sure, the person bore malicious intent!

Ill be looking forward to your next appearance.

Kieran said softly before he grabbed Bankers and vanished.

He didnt kill Bankers though because it wouldnt do him any good and mostly because he was short on manpower.

His enemy had entered [Blade of the Daybreaker] for longer than Kieran expected.

Not only did they build up their forces, from what Modi said, but the forces had also grown to a decent strength.

Kieran wasnt really afraid of such forces, just like he didnt mind getting another loyal man under his wing, especially when it was an elite that his enemies chose after multiple screenings.

Inside that deep dark cave, the bloody stench was getting stronger.

The animal and human carcasses had increased even more compared to the night before.

Much more food was being delivered into the cave to the huge man despite his hunching body.

Compared to the first meeting, the man had gotten more hungry, despite the fact that he had eaten quite a lot of food.

Weak! Weak! Too Weak! This kind of low-level blood and meat doesnt have nutrition value at all!

The mans stomach was growling like thunder.

The hunger dissatisfied him.

The hunger made him restless.

The hunger made him bloodthirsty!

However, everything went away the next moment.

As Modis curse exploded, the dissatisfaction, restless, and bloodthirst went away, leaving only delight on the mans face.

Ahahahahaha! Unexpected discovery!

The man laughed out loud and wanted step outside the cave.

If you dont want to become the prey of that guy, you can try going out.

A voice of reminder sounded behind the man, freezing his movements.

Damn it, still nothing? The man cursed before asking the voice.

No. We must find the real chess piece, an abandoned one gave us too little info! The voice of reminder replied.

Where is that chess piece? The man asked.

East, the voice replied.

East? Dawn City?! The man was stunned.

Yes, Dawn City.

Are you sure? The man with some insider info felt hesitant.

Ive never been wrong. The voice sounded calm and it was the calmness fueled the mans final decision.

Lets go! To Dawn City! But Before we move, we must leave some trouble for this 2567, hes progressing too smoothly and eventually might become my biggest competitor, besides

The mans mumbles sounded softer and softer to the point that it was too soft to hear.

Gregori led his men and a lot more supplies to Shatterstone Town. It was already morning when they arrived.

The sunshine was showering them, the warmth didnt only expel the coldness of an all-night journey, even their tiredness was alleviated a little.

For the Frost Wolf pup that Gregori was carrying, it could finally dance happily because it picked up Kierans presence.

After it freed itself from Gregoris arms, it dashed and shuttled through obstacles and rows of people, jumping and crawling across the gate and sprinted towards the security office.

With the Frost Wolf pup leading the way, Gregori and his men were exempted from the long queue and as for others, they would have to remain in the queue.

Even those who used to be Shatterstone Town residents had to line up to get into the town because their leaving last night had removed their identities as the towns residents.

Other than a familiar face, they enjoy no privileges but none of them voiced their dissatisfaction.

It was not only because the whole of Supreme Road had to go through the similar process to enter the town, but it was also because Sand Bandit, Cranium Crusher, and many more robbers and bandits head were hanging outside.

The heads that moved along with the warm wind was the best warning sign; better than any words and actions.

A short middle-aged man with a not too fitting uniform plus a hat appeared in front of the gate of Shatterstone.

Good day everyone! You may know me as Old Peeker, the owner of Dwarf Wine and Rice Basin? Also the newly appointed tax officer of Shatterstone Town. I am here to announce an order, not mine but from that Lord himself. I guess everyone knew who that Lord is so Ill skip the chit-chat.

The residents who left Shatterstone Town last night, you people have betrayed the least amount of faith the town had in you. So you will not have the identity of Shatterstone Town residents anymore. Your properties you ask? His lordship is merciful enough to not confiscate it all but will provide an equal exchange for it. You pesky bastards, you better thank his lordships mercy! If I was in charge, Id hang you all to death!

Old Peeker announced as he pointed at those shameful people who used to be residents. He bared his teeth like a fierce dog.

Then, the fierce dog turned his eyes to the returning merchant groups.

His malicious gaze caused a series of anxiety in the members of the merchant groups hearts and soon, their anxiety was proven to be valid.

The new merchant groups that arrived together will follow the old rules, a copper for a head, three copper for a horse and three copper for a wagon. Dwarf Wine and Rice Basin welcomes your new arrival as well, you will get Old Peekers homemade wine for free! And as for the merchant groups who left last night

Very sorry, the town does not welcome you anymore! In short, as long as you people appear around Shatterstone Town from now onwards, you will be treated as robbers and bandits and our valiant civilian troop will attack you, kill you, and hang your body in front town for it to dry off!

Old Peekers words caused a huge commotion among the merchant groups.

Every one of the merchants shouted in dissatisfaction.


You cant do this!

This isnt fair!

You are forcing us to death!

Old Peeker smiled coldly when he was greeted with the voices of dissatisfaction.

Of course I can! Because this is his lordships order! It also fits all the laws of Saint Cyanda and even if the king arrives himself, he will not be exempted!

You people cry for fairness? When you people left last night, the fairness went to hell together with your courage, you can find your so-called fairness in hell! I dont mind sending you there myself!

As Old Peekers words subsided, a civilian soldier armed with a longsword appeared behind him and on top of the archer tower, multiple new recruits taut their bows as the arrows were pointed at the merchants causing a ruckus.

The scene instantly quieted down.

The merchant groups that were forced to leave felt resentful but when they saw the sharp sword and cold glare from the arrows, they wisely left.

Even if they had more guards, it was useless because Shatterstone Town didnt rely on the civilian soldiers, it relied on the peasant eldest son of Burning Family.

When they thought about how scary he was, the scene where heads exploded and the black flames that consumed people from the inside, none of them dared to act recklessly.

When Old Peeker saw the merchant groups leaving, he continued.

Oh right, you say that we are forcing you to death? Then did you ever think that your leaving last night was forcing us to death?

Beat it as*holes! Bunch of pricks only here for the convenience and benefits! Dont think that I didnt know why the hell you bastards came back so fast! His lordship is still too merciful, from how I see it, you people are the ones should be hung to death!

Old Peeker scolded the merchant group with all his words.

The merchant groups who still felt resentful quickly run when they were scolded.

Their deepest, darkest thoughts were exposed by Old Peekers words.

Seeing how the group ran with their tails between their legs, Old Peeker spat on the ground before he turned around to the newly arriving merchants and travelers.

Everyone, please follow our troops orders to enter the town. And Shatterstone Town welcomes you!

It seemed like Old Peeker changed his angry face to a happy one as he greeted the newly arrived visitors with a bow.

Volgen who was standing in a hidden spot looked the scene; he couldnt hold back his sighs.

Before this, he was the one with the most rejection of Old Peeker being the tax officer but from what he saw, it seemed like Old Peeker was the most suitable candidate.

But was he loyal?

With lingering doubts, the young captain returned to the security office and told Kieran everything he saw, as well as his doubts.

Kieran didnt say anything as he was fondling the Frost Wolf pups chin with his finger.

Gregori who joined the group replied on behalf of Kieran, Dont worry Captain Volgen. As long as Old Peeker values his life, he will show more loyalty to his lordship than anyone else.

Gregori was uttering a phrase with double meaning.

The young captain pondered upon the meaning with furrowed brows. He felt like the words had more meaning but Kieran didnt give him the luxury to think further.

Volgen, I need you to rearrange the troops. We originally had 13 of us and youve recruited 10 mercenaries. Now Gregori has brought in 25 more which boosts our numbers to 46. I dont need you to train them hard but I hope the men will be worthy of the armor they put on and the swords they wield. They should also be able to use the bow on their back and horses they ride. Kieran said.

Yes, my lord. Thank you Sir Gregori for your generosity.

The young captain replied loudly before he expressed gratitude to Gregori. His tone and manner were very sincere.

No doubt it was very likable, especially his actions, they were praisable.

What a good helper.

Gregori couldnt help but praise when he saw Volgens orderly arrangements of the troops.

Kieran didnt deny nor did he pay further attention.

Following the acquirement of [Brand. Strengthen Fur], the temporary pieced together civilian troops were destined to never be the first line of offense under Kierans command; the strong and exceptionally decent wolves were.

When he thought about the wolves that could expand his forces rapidly and the fact that they were truly fearless and loyal, he stood up.

Holler, Gregori, I need you to purchase a huge amount of meat, the more the better. Also, pay attention to the surroundings of the town. Sand Bandit, Cranium Crusher, and Bearman are dead but it doesnt mean the robbers and bandits are extinct.

Kieran said as he walked outside.

The large wolf packs would never be within Shatterstone Town or near its proximity.

They were stationed in a valley 15 km away from town. The place was actually where the robbers and bandits trained and reared their horses but after the place was emptied out by Sayer, it became the spot where Kieran reared his wolves instead.

My lord!

Bankers bowed respectfully when he saw Kieran.

As the new recruit of [Mesly Ring], Bankers swiftly displayed his abilities that exceed Kierans expectation.

He had quite the level of Mystical Knowledge and knew alchemy, enchantment, and potionology as well.

More importantly, in Bankers lab, there were sufficient amounts of Bladeback Blue, diamonds, and black oil minerals which were the ingredients to complete [Brand. Strengthen Fur].

Are the ingredients prepared? Kieran asked.

Everything is ready to go. Bankers replied.

Then let us begin!

Kieran then walked into the valley while Bankers followed behind.