The Devil's Cage Chapter 972

Chapter 972 The Rules To Attract Wolves

Bladeback Blue sounded like some herb but it was actually a type of mineral. It looked like metal on the outside but its inner part was blue; the darker it’s color, the better it’s quality.

Black oil mineral was just like its name suggested, a type of black oily mineral.

Kieran skillfully crushed the two minerals and mixed them together according to the ratio. He then started to draw the required magic circle on the ground: a triangle enveloping a square in the middle.

The triangle was the base and the square inside was the advance plus conversion. Then, Kieran used the diamonds to draw a similar magic circle on the wolves as well.

Finally, the wolves with the magic circle drawn on them would walk into the magic circle on the ground.

As the spell was activated, two magic circles would resonate and [Brand. Strengthen Fur] would be complete.

The whole process wasn’t that complicated, especially for Kieran who had the system’s knowledge and body synchronization, he was able to handle it with ease but the branding on the wolves wasn’t that smoothly done.

About 500 wolves went through the process and those that could pass the initial Constitution authentication, thus gaining the lowest Lvl 1 Strengthen Fur were only 30 out of the bunch.

Of those that reached Lvl 2 of Strengthen Fur, there was only 1 out of the 30 which was the original alpha wolf of the pack.

As for Lvl 3? None.

Even the original alpha wolf of the pack couldn’t pass the required Constitution authentication.

The outcome fell short of Kieran’s expectation by a lot and it also shortened his branding process from the original 2 days schedule to a morning and an afternoon.

“My lord, what are you going to do with the rest of the wolves? The meat they consume per day isn’t a small amount. I suggest we keep those successful ones and release the others back to their habitat. This way, we ensure the strongest elite in our team and it will be enough for us to deal with most situations. Should we need more help in the future, we can call them back as well,” Bankers suggested.

After [Mesly Ring] took control, Bankers automatically placed himself in Kieran’s point of view.

Not only did he complete everything Kieran ordered, but he would also take the initiative to solve potential troubles as well.

Kieran didn’t reject Banker’s suggestion though.

As for how the original owner of the wolves fed them, Kieran didn’t really know the process but he had a general guess. It was none other than providing the basic security while relying others on the wolves themselves.

Supreme Road was barren but not all of it was a wasteland. On both sides of Supreme road, there were areas that deviated from the iron bramble and plants, water was present, providing the place with a sufficient amount of food sources.

Otherwise, with such a huge number of wolves, even if Burning Dawn would adopt them, they would fall short in rearing them, let alone a common man.

When the decision was made, everything became simple.

Dividing a pack of wolves wasn’t an easy task, especially keeping the alpha wolf behind, it would instantly crumble the whole pack.

It was an impossible feat for other people but for Kieran, it was all too easy.

All he relied on was his body language and thoughts, everything was easily done.

Among the wolves that were ordered to leave, Bankers chose the strongest among them and hung a necklace over it.

It was a magical item without a question and when it activated, it will play Kieran’s voice and order the wolves to return in a timely manner.

“My lord, if it’s possible, I want to continue my experiments. I know it might be worthless to your lordship but if I succeed somehow, I will surely be of more help to you.” Bankers asked Kieran after seeing the wolves away.

“Sure. They will stay here as well. I’ll send someone with the meat over later.”

Kieran pointed at the remaining wolves and ordered.

As for Banker’s experiment?

After a simple briefing from him, Kieran wasn’t overly anticipated by it.

Let alone the experimental subject was “void” itself, which was something even Gods weren’t willing to touch, the fact that it was a magic experiment made Kieran beg himself to be excused.

Kieran who wasn’t entirely a newbie in magical experiments knew how terribly difficult it was to truly complete research, experiment, and present a complete product.

Not only would it require a huge amount of manpower and resources, but it would also take up an extremely long period of time as well.

Even if Bankers was somehow a lucky bastard that succeeded in his experiment, Kieran wouldn’t think he would be around for that long.

Therefore, from Kieran’s view, Bankers was just a qualified wolf “herder”.

Another reminder later, Kieran left the valley for Shatterstone Town.

15 km distance was quite close for Kieran, if he wanted, he could return to Shatterstone Town within a few breaths time but he didn’t.

He looked up at the side of the valley. The Frost Wolf pup beside his leg was emanating soft tender growls from its throat.

“Seems like you really have something that attracts wolves.”

A slightly rough voice sounded before a figure came out from the shadow.

It was a woman but she was taller than a common grown man; she was wearing leather armor, long pants and dressed like a mercenary.

Golden wavy hair, slightly squinted eyes with shallow grayish pupils; a tall nose along with her robust arms with wheat color skin made her look wild like a barbarian.

However, she wasn’t in good condition.

From Kieran’s viewing angle, there was an arrow stuck on her waist and blood was dripping down on the ground.

The concerning point was, that arrow was made out of silver and was enchanted!

“Can I ask for your help?” She asked.

“No. We don’t welcome strangers and some stranger tribes here.”

Kieran replied after another glance at the silver arrow.

“I just need to rest for a night.” She didn’t seem to give up on her last bit of hope.

Anyone or anything was unwilling to give up against death. They might have tons of persistence they couldn’t just let go of their lives but before death, if so, everything was worthless.

“No.” Kieran rejected in a clean manner.

Then, he looked at the woman in a dull manner; his cold gaze was full of repellence.

Kieran wasn’t scared of trouble but

She didn’t provide him with the payment that he truly sought.

No sub-missions, no special events, no sufficient rewards.

Kieran wouldn’t alter his principles just because it was a woman.

Her face showed slight hesitancy against Kieran’s cold gaze.

She then clenched her teeth and words escaped her mouth.

“I can give you the rights to mate with me.”