The Devil's Cage Chapter 975

Chapter 975 Envoy

“I don’t know! In fact, I only got near to Burning Dawn and I fell under her arrow! I don’t really know the details there,” Sharly replied.

Kieran went into deep thought by nodding and didn’t press the question further.

He wasn’t sure whether Sharly was telling the truth or not.

Fortunately, he had another candidate viable for questioning.

Grabbing the female hunter, Kieran walked into the room next door. He signaled Bankers to create a soundproof barrier before waking the hunter up.

It wasn’t exactly a warm morning call though but repeated slaps on her face.

Pak Pak Pak!

After a series of slaps, the female hunter seemed to have regained consciousness; she moved slightly between the second and third slap.

Kieran saw her eyeball movement under her eyelids and her hand was slowly reaching to her waist. However, she was actually pretending to be unconscious and it made Kieran frown.


A cup of water was splashed on her face through her cloth mask.

Kieran didn’t want to play games with the hunter, time was not on his side. He hoped to get this over with quickly and find out what he wanted to know.

Compared to his opponent, he was falling behind by a lot.

The water hit her face through her mask and made her body feel like it was about to freeze.

Obviously, she didn’t think Kieran would splash water at her when he noticed that she had woken up.

“Woken up? If not, I can add ice to the water and give you another splash to hasten the process.”

Kieran said.

The female hunter remained quiet as she opened her eyes. She glared at Kieran with an angry gaze.

Her palm was at her waist already but she couldn’t find the medicine powder on her belt.

Not only her medicine powder, but the dagger in her boots was also gone as well.

Where did it go? The answer was self-explanatory.

More importantly, the placement.

If one wanted to take her medicine powder, one would have to remove her belt and if her belt was removed

Right away, her gaze at Kieran turned from anger to hatred and disgust, as if she saw the most despicable person before her.

“Who are you?”

“Where did you come from?”

“Why are you investigating the wolf plague?”

Kieran, however, spilled his questions without caring about the detestable gaze.

He wouldn’t be careless in searching his captive’s body, even though her strength was really nothing to him, he would still be careful.

Three consecutive questions later, the female hunter replied with silence, it seemed like she didn’t want to give in like that.

Kieran raised a brow at her silence.

“I don’t wish to repeat my question and I don’t want silence as an answer.”

Kieran grabbed her palm as he warned her.

Her seemingly slim palm was actually full of calluses, especially the thumb, index, and middle fingers; the center of her palm was covered as well.

“Not only skilled in archery but the sword as well? Seems like you are quite used to a dagger also, that’s why the calluses on your pinky finger to the edge of your palm are thicker,” Kieran said.

The female hunter looked at Kieran with a confused gaze. She didn’t understand why Kieran would say something like that but she would soon.

Kieran’s right index finger was pressed on the base of her left pinky finger while his thumb was at the tip of the pinky.



A clear noise later, the hunter’s pinky was broken.

Kieran stayed quiet and went on to grab her left ring finger. The same happened.


The ring finger was broken as well.

Going with the flow, Kieran pinched her left middle finger.

“You have one chance. I’ll break them and you’ll have time to think. But if you stay quiet, I’ll cut them off instead. You still can recover from a broken finger but when the finger is cut off, it won’t be that easy to recover from,” Kieran said.

His tone was as cool as usual and because of his coolness, the female hunter felt chills.

He meant it!

“If I don’t do what he says, he will cut off my fingers!”

The thoughts appeared in her mind right away.

As she felt the warmth from Kieran’s palm, she shivered instead.

She had never met someone like Kieran before.

Cold, straightforward, he struck her as an emotionless person.

More importantly, he was very powerful.

While facing off against such a scary person, the female hunter’s mind was spinning quickly. The education she received and the environment she grew up wouldn’t allow her to give up in resisting but it also prevented her from striking a rock with an egg.

“I’m Evie Dan, a hunter,” she shouted.

“Mm. Go on.” Kieran nodded.

“I’m from the center of Saint Cyanda and because of my travels, I ended up around Supreme Road. Then, I discovered Sharly who was responsible for the wolf plague,” she answered.

“Did you see Sharly cause the wolf plague with your own eyes?” Kieran asked.

“A werewolf never leaves its tribe without a reason. If she did, there must be something going on. Anyone who takes the words of a werewolf for granted will eventually end up badly because they don’t know how ferocious and cunning werewolves are.” She laughed coldly and her words had obvious means to sow dissension.

Kieran didn’t care, he only asked about the things that concerned him the most.

“What do you know about Burning Dawn? What happened there?”

“An outpost of Burning Dawn was completely taken out. They were assaulted by the people infected with the wolf plague or should I say they were caught by the plague.”

“What about the militia camp of Burning Dawn?”

“I don’t know. I’m just a wandering hunter, not a mission hunter. My “employer” wouldn’t tell me everything but I believe the incident at Burning Dawn won’t stay dark for long and more powerful hunters will come forth.”

Both of them asked and answered.

Soon, Kieran had gotten what he wanted to know.

Then, with Evie Dan’s suspicious gaze, Kieran reconnected her broken fingers but his actions didn’t get forgiveness from Evie Dan.

In fact, from how she viewed it, there must be some unspeakable scheme behind Kieran’s action to fix her fingers.

Kieran, however, didn’t mind her views. His goal was met as he knew what he wanted to.

As for the fixing?

A decent subordinate must be in a healthy condition.

Dak, Dak Dak!

Volgen’s hurried steps clearly entered Kieran’s ears.

Kieran was very clear about Volgen’s character, something must have happened, otherwise, he wouldn’t be in a rush.

Therefore, Kieran quickly fixed Evie Dan and tied her at the front of the bed before going out.

“My lord, the envoy from Burning Dawn is here!”

Volgen delivered the message when he saw Kieran step out of the room.