The Devil's Cage Chapter 980

Chapter 980 Outpost

Further away, dust was flying and clamoring sounds were heard in succession.

Under the sunlight, glares from swords and knives were rushing back and forth.

A group of robbers, around 30 men, were charging towards Kieran and company.

Why robbers though?

Around Supreme Road, other than the elites from Burning Dawn, only robbers that come and go like the wind would appear as riders.

The merchant groups and travelers were all on foot, even if they had horses, it would be for the wagons.


Walloon wanted to say something when he saw the robbers further away.

The major wanted to redeem Burning Dawn’s image but he didn’t know how to explain what they were witnessing.

“They should be the robbers who received Sand Bandit, Cranium Crusher, and Bearman’s raiding news a little too late.”

Kieran glanced over the robbers and soon had his conclusion. He then gave his orders.

“Gregori, bring some men and kill them,” Kieran said coldly.

Mercy and soft-heartedness were not needed when facing the robbers and bandits of Supreme Road.

The memories in his mind and the intel he had gotten over the past few days was enough to allow Kieran to make a precise judgment.

“Yes, my lord.”

Gregori slightly bowed on his horse before he looked at the approaching robbers with a killer gaze and a straightened body.

Gregori was originally a mercenary, mercenaries weren’t overly fond of the robbers and bandits either. Moreover, it was also Kieran’s order.

“Leave none alive!”

A loud shout later, Gregori shook his horse rein before charging forward.

The other five followers trailed behind him without a second thought.

The group of 6 were charging towards a group of 30.

When they saw the scene, the charging robbers laughed out loud. They were laughing at Gregori’s failure to acknowledge his limitations.

Based on the common situation, since the robbers outnumbered Gregori by 6 times, they thought they had already won.

However, unlike the situation before them, their thoughts were based on the common situation.

Gregori swung his sword forward like an arrow let loose, easily breaking through the robbers’ formation.

Especially the leader of the group who thought himself so valiant and brave, he was sliced in half by Gregori’s sword.

Blood splashed; cries of agony echoed everywhere.

The robbers were mocking with their laughs a moment ago but now, they were terror-stricken.

They wanted to flee but suddenly, their galloping horses had their hooves stuck on the ground as though they stepped on glue. The sudden stop created a force so huge that their organs had suffered an unimaginable impact.

A lot of the robbers fell off their horses with mouths full of blood.

The bigger sized robbers were decapitated when Gregori and his men caught up with them.

The whole battle lasted for around a minute.

Just when Walloon wanted to send his men to help, the battle was over. Gregori was already ordering his men to clean up the battlefield.

“Sir 2567, your man is really extraordinary.”

As Walloon was looking at Gregori who was bringing back the other horses, he commented after a bit of thinking.

Kieran nodded without many expressions. He wasn’t at all surprised at the scene.

Of course Gregori was extraordinary, otherwise, he wouldn’t be one of the pawns of Modi before this.

In fact, if Gregori didn’t meet Kieran, his abilities were enough to cause headaches to anyone else.

Being able to control soil and rocks, Gregori was like a tiger with wings in this wide barren land.

Kieran who knew everything about Gregori wasn’t at all surprised but Walloon who didn’t know looked at Kieran in his expressionless face; he started to reevaluate Kieran again.

Walloon knew perfectly what kind of people Shatterstone Town housed. Other than Volgen, there were no decent men anymore.

Now, Kieran had more decent men than just Volgen alone around him, like Gregori.

Blu and Riley back at the town were also decent fighters.

The former’s archery and the hiding techniques of the latter made a heavy impression in Walloon’s mind.

Oh right! There was also the dual blader!

Despite forgetting his name, Walloon was sure he must be quite strong as well.

Plus the civilian soldiers who were stronger than the common citizens, Walloon uncontrollably thought of more.

“The peasant eldest son of Burning Family? But these kinds of resources and aids another conflict of open and secret means has begun? These big families sure are scary!”

Walloon couldn’t help but shake his head as he thought of something more.

The lingering fearful expression on his face naturally fell into Kieran’s line of sight but he didn’t care.

Even if he knew what Walloon was thinking, he wouldn’t care. He was just borrowing the identity.

Whether the peasant eldest son of Burning Family or the conflict of open and secret means that followed with his identity, they were not really related to him.

“We need to make haste! Let’s hope the soldiers at the outpost are as elite as you claimed, Walloon!” Kieran said.

Walloon was stunned, followed by a drastic change in expression.

The major wasn’t an idiot by any means, he quickly understood Kieran’s meaning.

A lot of robbers and bandits didn’t know about the death of Sand Bandit, Cranium Crusher, and Bearman as their news coverage was stuck at the initial stage.

Therefore, they would eventually gather at Shatterstone Town and naturally, the robbers and bandits would travel past the outpost near the town.

A small scale of robbers and bandits wouldn’t dare to have second thoughts about an outpost with Burning Dawn stationed there but what if the numbers increase?

Never underestimate the greed of humans, just like one shouldn’t underestimate the foolishness of a greedy fox.

The resources in Burning Dawn’s outpost were enough for the robbers and bandits to risk their attempt with the advantage of numbers.

“Make haste! Make haste!” Walloon ordered loudly.

Immediately, the traveling group entered a full sprinting mode.

Fortunately, the horses they got from the random robbers and bandits allowed the men of the group to ride multiple horses at once.

Kieran and co. traveled the journey that originally took 6 hours in a mere 4 hours.

However, when the group saw the outpost before them, everyone was stunned except for Kieran.

The sturdy walls that they remembered had crumbled; the tall watchtower was broken in half.

An ugly situation befell the camp and the field as bodies were scattered all over the place.

The soldiers of Burning Dawn each died a gruesome death as though they were interrogated and tortured; a lot of them were dismembered as well.

The limbs were cut off before the soldiers were decapitated or they were left to die with agonizing wails after their limbs were cut off.

However, compared to the ones who were skinned alive and had brains eaten through their crushed skulls, the former was considered merciful enough.

These soldiers were still alive when their skulls were crushed and brains were taken out.

Kieran saw after the soldiers lost their skin and flesh, how their eyes in their sockets were jerking out of pain. He could very well imagine what kind of pain they been through when they were alive.

He was inspecting the bodies one after another as he shuttled through the place.

As for the ones who followed him, other than Gregori who was close, the others were vomiting non-stop after their faces changed for the worse.

Major Walloon didn’t throw up but he wasn’t in good shape..

“It’s that! That thing is here again!”

Walloon was mumbling gibberish to himself as if he had lost his soul.

As he mumbled to himself in fear, some unusual energy started to spread from the deeper parts of the outpost.