The Devil's Cage Chapter 985

Chapter 985 Blood Stained Medal

Rage was obvious in Sharly’s shallow gray eyes.

The power of the wild was circulating in her body, making her glare sharper and scarier but it wasn’t enough to scare off Evie Dan.

Quite the opposite, it caused Evie Dan to sneer even more.

“You want to rip my chest open? Or bite off my throat? Don’t hesitate anymore, just do as you will.”

Evie Dan who came from a hunter family knew all too well about the werewolf habits, she understood how a female werewolf had to survive in her tribe and what kind of position they had.

Other than the real alpha wolf, the werewolves also followed the laws of nature which dictated that the female would follow the male.

Evie Dan didn’t know why a female werewolf would have such emotions towards a human but she knew how to deal with it, or more precisely, counter her.

Sharly was getting angrier when Evie Dan’s disdainful comments hit her.

Rage shook the werewolf lady’s body hard but she didn’t make a second move.

The werewolf lady looked at Kieran who was burying the bodies further away and took a deep breath.

“Don’t think this is over!” She said before turning away to help Kieran.

However, Evie Dan didn’t want to just let Sharly off just like that.

“Are you worried that 2567 will see the ferocious side of you and kill you?Among the Burning Family and the Dawn Family’s combat merits, killing a creature like you is too normal, too casual! To the point that it’s like drinking water! The thought of seeing your head being hung over the Shatterstone Town gate excites me!” Evie Dan followed Sharly and spoke softly behind her.

From Evie Dan’s perspective, such hateful words were like poison to Sharly, she would be enraged and strike her but out of her expectations, Sharly did not. Instead, she laughed.

“What do you know? You think you know everything about 2567? Little clown!”

Sharly was moving a body as she walked past Evie Dan. She didn’t even look at her as her words sounded quickly.

The female hunter was stunned right away. The disbelief towards Kieran appeared in her heart again.

Even though Kieran showed the traits of the Dawn Family, it was still a fact that he grouped up with a werewolf, thus causing doubts in Evie Dan’s heart.

She walked closer to Kieran, trying to inspect him with a more meticulous gaze.

His face was young, not exactly handsome but clean, especially the focus in his eyes during his work, it was very attracting.

Looking at his eyes, it automatically reminded her the stars of the night sky.

No, no!

The stars might be dazzling but they were not as bright as those eyes!

As the eyes were getting closer to her, Evie Dan seemed to have discovered the things that she had been finding in Supreme Road yet neglected over time.

Unconsciously, she reached out her hand, trying to grab it but the moment her arm moved, she regained her senses.

Looking at Kieran in front of her, she blushed.


“As a captive, you should do what’s expected of you, not standing here and doing nothing.”

Evie Dan wanted to explain but Kieran interrupted her.

His voice was without emotion yet it instantly broke Evie Dan’s fantasy and dragged her back to reality.

Fantasy was always great while reality was always harsh.

At that particular moment, Evie Dan was experiencing the harsh side of reality.


“Hurry up. I don’t want to repeat myself!”

Evie Dan tried her best to voice out her thoughts but was once again interrupted by Kieran.

Staring at the coldness in his eyes, Evie Dan felt like the winter’s wind was blowing over her; it didn’t just freeze her body, it froze her heart as well.

Evie Dan was slightly absent-minded as she started to help move the bodies.

Sharly however somehow appeared behind her.

“I got it, your clown looks. Not bad I must say, I’ll share a piece of biscuit with you later during mealtime.”

The werewolf lady was never the kind who stayed put when people scolded or beat her, she seized the opportunity and countered Evie Dan.

“Put away your tail! It’s wagging non-stop! Are you trying to expose yourself?”

Evie Dan replied coldly before she laid her eyes on Kieran again.

She saw how Kieran was meticulously moving the bodies, burying them with utmost care.

Slowly, Evie Dan thought of the last scene again and somehow, she realized she wasn’t angry anymore. She was even a little excited.

She was never treated that way before by a young man.

The excitement and freshness that she never felt before filled her frozen heart.

Promptly, her heart melted.

“Put away your disgusting gaze! I’m warning you”

Before Sharly even finished, Evie Dan carried a body and quietly moved beside Kieran, trying to get in sync with his motions before they buried the bodies.

Gak Tss!

A piece of metal armor on the werewolf lady was twisted by seethingrage but she didn’t dash up with her claws and teeth to fight with Evie Dn. Instead, she mimicked Evie Dan and started to get in sync with Kieran’s movements.

The synchronized movements of the three of them were seen by the others but no one said anything.

Everyone thought it was natural.

Young, powerful, and extraordinary. Anyone with such characteristics would naturally attract pursuers, it was also normal if a girl was chasing a guy.

Back in Dawn City, the peasant eldest son of Burning Family was once the most admirable amongst all.

Kieran did not care about the eyes of others nor did he care about the vexing captives beside him. He concentrated on finishing his work at hand.

It was only after the last body was buried properly that he straightened his back and took a deep breath.

He then went towards a watchtower of which the upper half of the structure had fallen on the ground.

Under the crowd’s unbelieving to shocked expressions, Kieran lifted up the half watchtower that was made of wood and stone.

Dong! Dong Dong!

With the watchtower on his shoulder, with each step he took, the ground would tremble; each time the ground trembled, he would be closer to the grave.

In the end


Kieran plunged the watchtower in front of the grave.

“This…This is a gravestone?” Everyone was shocked.

Kieran, however, replied with a stern expression.

“Death is terrifying. It brings forth darkness and the unknown. It will torture your sanity, making you crumble before it.”

“When that happens, please remember who you are, you were once the soldiers of Burning Dawn! Climb up to this watchtower and watch over the land that you once swore an oath to protect!”

“The laughter of travelers are your merits; the safe return of the merchants is your conviction!”

“Your merits will never fade and your conviction will never scatter! I will tell everyone that shares the same rank as you your merits and convictions!”

“Souls that once protected this land.. May you rest in peace.”

Standing in front of the grave, Kieran straightened his body and placed his right fist before his chest, bowing down slightly.

The setting sun elongated his shadow and also shed its glorious ray on the grave.

The bloody golden sun ray was pierced by the shadow as if a giant blood stained medal was hung on the land.