The Devil's Cage Chapter 986

Chapter 986 Flattering Oneself

After around 20 minutes, when Kieran and co. continued their journey, it was already dark.

The last bit of sun vanished on the horizon.

The moon and stars became the protagonists of the night.

With Walloon and Gregori, the veterans who knew the road well enough, the group didn’t need to worry about getting lost.

Supreme Road at night wasn’t as scorching hot as it was during the day. The breezy night wind even made one feel extremely pleasant, especially when one didn’t need to worry about safety.

Everyone in the group was quite relaxed.

Around half an hour ago, they met another gang of robbers that was gathering around Supreme Road.

The robbers that showed up this time were much more than the previous one, almost a hundred of them and even on Supreme Road, those numbers were considered as big scale.

But what happened to them?

Before the hundreds of robbers even got close to Kieran and co., their heads exploded with a single glance from Kieran.

Walloon and his men who hadn’t witness the scene before were shocked and overjoyed.

They were shocked and overjoyed at Kieran’s strength.

“It is really fortunate that we can follow a lord like him!” Walloon exclaimed.

When Dawn energy appeared on Kieran’s hand, Walloon had treated him as one of their own and hoped that Kieran would be as strong as possible.

After all, the enemies that Kieran had to face in the future would not be mere robbers and bandits.

Other than the imperial general at Burning Dawn Base, the assault of the “darkness” and wolf plague alone would require them to have a powerful leader.

Whenever he thought about the hardship that Kieran had to face in the future, Walloon’s relaxed face turned heavy right away.

“Don’t worry. With his lordship with us, everything will turn out just fine,” Gregori said with utmost confidence.

“Mm.” Walloon nodded.

Then, he turned around and saw Kieran on his horse. Walloon’s mind was replaying the scene where a hundred robbers had their heads blown up again and again.

“His tremendous power will be able to help Burning Dawn overcome its hardship!”

Walloon clenched his fist as the conviction in his heart grew stronger.

Likewise, the other two who shared a strong conviction in their hearts were Evie Dan and Sharly.

Both of them found their target.

If one were to ask the two ladies what kind of man or male was the most attractive, they would surely answer the powerful kind, in unison despite their rivalry.

It wasn’t just because both their backgrounds decided their perception, it was also because strong was the best clearing pass anywhere, anytime.

The definition of strong however varies among different people.

Some focused on personal strengths, some focused on wealth.

Meanwhile, Kieran who showed that he could fight a hundred men single-handedly was fatally attractive to the female hunter and werewolf lady.

As if they noticed the gaze from the person beside them, both Evie Dan and Sharly glared at each other.

Compared to the previous opposing stand and hostility, their gazes at each other had a lot more “fire” that forbid them from stepping down.

“What will a mix between human and wolf be called? “It” will get nothing but hate from both sides,” Evie Dan said while purposely lowering her voice as her words were vicious.

Even more so when she emphasized the term “it”.

“A bunch of wandering hunters are no different than monsters in people’s eyes, right? I suppose you hunters are scarier than monsters in a certain area, am I right?” The werewolf lady replied coldly.

The relentless war of words allowed the werewolf lady to know that getting angry from the provocations would not do her any good since she wasn’t an idiot. Instead, it would presented a chance for her rival to get the upper hand and pursue victory while she was struck down.

If she wanted to defeat her rival, she had to sharpen her fangs and teeth, havingto keep calm at all times.

The elders in the tribe always told to her that the calm wildness was the path to true power.

She didn’t understand it before, she was still confused about the saying now but since she knew it would allow her to beat Evie Dan, she would give her best.

“Who are you calling a monster?!”

Evie Dan glared at the werewolf lady.

It was the first time she got agitated by Sharly’s words. She glared angrily at Sharly like a cat with straightened fur.

Sharly, on the other hand, didn’t feel scared at all against the glaring, she lifted her right thumb and moved it across her neck.

A death declaration!

The provocative action made the female hunter pant heavily.

“I swear I will cut your head off and decorate my wall with it!” She said with her clenched teeth.

“Don’t worry! Your head will be a toy for my first child!” Sharly countered without stepping down.

The fire between the two of them was getting fierce but neither of them crossed the line and lost their sanity.

Both of them were holding onto their baselines to not to get ugly in front of Kieran.

Other than that, each time they argued, they would check Kieran’s reaction and when they didn’t notice any reaction from him, both of the ladies continued insulting each other.

Whenever Kieran was noticing them, both of them would turn away from each other and pretend to carry on.

Therefore, when they saw Kieran signal the group to stop and was walking towards them, both of them instantly turned nervous.

“Did I overdo it?”

“Is he going to exile me?”

“If he does, what should I do?”

“Will he let me stay if I beg?”

Countless thoughts appeared in the ladies’ mind in that instance.


Kieran walk passed them and headed towards Walloon’s aide who was tied up. He grabbed the aide and went aside.

From the start till end, Kieran didn’t even bat an eye at the two ladies because the captive, the aide in his hand had much more value than Evie Dan and Sharly, despite the three of them all being captives.


Kieran simply threw the aide on the ground.

The aide was awakened by the throw and swiftly regained his consciousness.

After being slightly stunned, the aide reacted to the situation and glared angrily at Kieran.

“I will break every bone in your body, skin you alive and”

“My lord! Please forgive my offending manner and disrespect! I never thought I would commit such an outrageous act!”

The aide was viciously cursing but before he could finish, he became extremely obedient and respectful. Even thouggh he was tied down by iron chains, he climbed up struggling and knelt before Kieran.

“I want to know the people who are infected with the wolf plague inside Burning Dawn base and tell me everything about the wolf plague and your organization.”

Kieran had been waiting for [Mesly Ring]’s cooldown didn’t chit-chat anymore with the newly controlled aide and asked what he wanted.

“Yes, my lord.”

The controlled aide wouldn’t say no under the ring’s influence, he immediately spilled the beans.

While listening to what the aide had to say, Kieran’s brows unconsciously furrowed hard.

Things were much worse than he had expected.