The Devil's Cage Chapter 988

Chapter 988 Arrival At Camp

Aisphany and Orderfell were sitting face to face.

As the general of Burning Dawn’s North camp, Orderfell wasn’t young any more but likewise, as a noble, Orderfell nourished himself quite well. His skin were tight and shining, making him look younger than his actual age by quite a bit, in addition to his considerably fit body, it made Orderfell looked like a man in his prime.

“I once killed a wolf the size of a mule, it left some scars on my body but its head is hanging above my wall now and is now one of my most precious spoils!”

Orderfell started to boast his courageous act in front of Aisphany again.

It was the third time he told the story since both of them met.

Even if Aisphany was a excellent swindler and had shrewdness above others, the smile on her face was already frozen at the moment.

No one could accept a person telling the same old story repetitively, especially if the person was a man, a supposedly mature man!

If she didn’t have further reliance on the general, she would definitely show him how she hated a fussy man.


The moment Ms. Swindler lifted her long golden hair and turned her eyes, her actions instantly captivated Orderfell’s attention.

“Stupid piece of meat!”

Aisphany commented on the general in her heart as she looked at him.

She showed another smile before saying, “General Orderfell, we should pay more attention to Dilder and the others. It isn’t the first time they’ve held a secret meeting! They seem to be planning something from the day I arrived and now I’m afraid they are at the last stage of preparing!” Aisphany tried her best in reminding the general.

However, Orderfell didn’t even care about the reminder.

“Don’t worry, Lady Envoy. I am fully prepared! As long as Dilder makes a move, I will give him more than he bargained for!” Orderfell said with utmost assurance.

Seeing how Orderfell reacted, Aisphany gave up on the last hope of persuading him and started to think of a way out.

In fact, if it wasn’t for the contract with Kieran, Aisphany would have left the moment she noticed something was wrong.

The first rule of Ms. Swindler, never place herself in danger!

As for Kieran?

It was an accident, an accident because of the mimosa, Starbeck.

Whenever she thought about the harmless fella, Ms. Swindler really hoped that she could go back in time and steer herself away from Starbeck who seemed like a big fat sheep but instead, had a bunch of hungry wolves standing behind him. Aisphany originally wanted to earn something from Starbeck but as she stepped deeper, she realized her current situation was the worst that could happen.

The nobles inside Burning Dawn fighting for wealth and power, wolf plague wrecking havoc, the secret agent from Golden City

Being sandwiched inbetween so much factions, a slight misstep would crush her to bits.

Oh right! And the idiot before her eyes!

Unconsciously, Aisphany took a glance ar Orderfell again.

When the general noticed Aisphany was looking at him, he stuck his chest up and made himself look stronger. However, from how Aisphany looked at him, Orderfell was nothing but a clown.

He thought he had everything under control but he didn’t know everything he knew was what people wanted him to know.

Until now, Aisphany sort of understand why Orderfell wasn’t infected with the wolf plague.

Given how low his intellect was, infected or not, he would not be a problem to the mastermind behind the scenes.

Or perhaps the wolf plague couldn’t infect an idiot?

Aisphany was talking to herself in her mind and at the same time quivered because of the mastermind’s plan.

The wolf plague had a specific targeting criteria and it already caused suspicion in Aisphany’s heart a while ago. After a few test, the quick-witted Ms. Swindler had realized something was not right but what she couldn’t understand was, the mastermind didn’t even care about the consequences.

A bunch of infected Burning Dawn soldiers would of course destroy Burning Dawn from inside out but without the restrictions from Burning Dawn, the infected soldiers would roam freely and wreck havoc around Supreme Road like wild horses.

More so, it would even affect the whole Saint Cyanda region.

It wasn’t just an alarmist talk. Aisphany had closely observed the infected’s frenzied state before, the infected had completely lost their sanity and transformed into a bloodthirsty monster who only knew how to kill.

“No, I must leave this place! Even if it means violating the contract, there might still ways to make it up to him but staying here will get me killed soon! I will die a graveless death!”

Aisphany started to brush Orderfell off since she had her own thoughts already.

“General Orderfell, you suggested hunting last time right? I think it’s a great activity, why not we go for a hunt tomorrow? I wish to have an early rest for the hunt tomorrow as well,” Aisphany said.

“Very good! You take a good rest, I’ll wait for you tomorrow!”

Orderfell stood up with face of excitement before parting with Aisphany. The general of noble background really thought he moved Aisphany with his charms.

From the start till end, he didn’t notice the contempt Aisphany was showing to him.

Likewise, he was so confident in his own arrangements and didn’t even notice the big flaw inside.

When Orderfell left, Aisphany stood up and started to pack her things.

Despite getting less spoils than expected, at least she didn’t have to leave empty-handed, especially since Orderfell did present her with a few decent accessories, the kind that would rake in a high price in Dawn City.

Soon, she held a bulging pack in her hand.

However, until the very last moment, Aisphany only realized her slightly retarded assistant, follower, Raulee was not in the room.

“That damn piece of meat, where the hell did he get to at a time like this?” She scolded her man softly and angrily but she didn’t leave him behind.

She knew if she did, Raulee would die a graveless death.

The nobles might be retarded in some other aspects but they had a lot of inventions for interrogation that would numb one’s skull and cause one to shiver without the cold.

Aisphany searched her place for Raulee and eventually expanded her search area wider.

Seconds turned into minutes, minutes to hours.

Soon, the sunrays appeared on the east horizon.

Dawn was here, the sun would rise soon.

An unusual atmosphere started to appear around Burning Dawn’s base camp.

The sharp sensed swindler noticed something wasn’t right and she quickly hid into a shadowy spot amidst her search.

Then, she saw Orderfell whose limbs were all tied up. The general was enraged and shouting non-stop.

His deputy, Dilder on the other hand was holding a longsword with a smile, standing in front of his superior.

“I can kill you whenever I want but do you know why you could stay alive until now? Because I want those bastards to see your death, only by killing the general in name will I rob them of their path of retreat!” Dilder lowered his voice at Orderfell.

“You WuuggggUggggh!”

Orderfell wanted to curse out loud but the moment he opened his mouth, Dilder stuffed his mouth with a cloth he prepared beforehand.

The broken piece of cloth was obviously some soldier’s sock. It didn’t just shut Orderfell up, it made him wanted to throw up endlessly.

Unfortunately, with his mouth stuffed, Orderfell couldn’t really vomit, the vomit was forced back down his throat.

“Bring him to the field, all the soldiers that pledge their allegiance to me can deliver a cut on his body. Those who did not follow me, bring them”

“Walloon is back! He is back with the imperial envoy, 2567!”

Dilder’s command was interrupted by a scout.

He was stunned at first but soon he waved his hand, seemingly not concerned about Kieran’s arrival.

“A couple more coming here to die, great, I can deal with them all together.”

“Come on! Let us welcome the lord envoy, after all, we must show respect and a warm welcome for someone who is about to die!”

Dilder smiled as he ordered his men; he then led his men outside the camp gate.