The Devil's Cage Chapter 990

Chapter 990 Special

Wolf howls were heard all around the battlements, it shook the wilderness around the entire camp.

Beneath the battlements, everyone else was dumbstruck at the white werewolf standing tall on top of them, including Walloon and Evie Dan.

Sharly was an exception though.

“As I thought! My smell and instinct are correct, only a true”

Sharly muttered softly as she gazed the werewolf figure on top of the wall. Her eyes were glimmering with joy that she couldn’t hold back.



A sharp howl sounded from beneath the battlements as well.

Sharly couldn’t hold herself and transformed into her werewolf form as well.

Her reddish golden fur was shining brightly under the sun as if she was a royal ruby.

Without a second thought, Sharly in her werewolf form wanted to dash up the walls and stand side by side with Kieran but she was stopped by Evie Dan.


Sharly’s graze eyes were also showing an extremely dangerous gaze at her rival.

She had never been so hateful of the female hunter like she was now.

Likewise, Evie Dan felt the same towards Sharly as well at that moment.

“Didn’t you hear? 2567 is infected with the wolf plague! He is not a real werewolf! Don’t overthink your little wolf brain!”

Evie Dan emphasized each and every word, especially the last part, it felt like a personal attack to Sharly.

“Is that so? At least we both look more alike now!” Sharly said without denying.

“It’s just temporary! I will heal 2567, and I will crucify that bastard that turned him into his hideous look and burn them alive! I am a woman of my word!”

Evie Dan’s declaration sounded powerful as if she was making a vow.

“That is the matter for a later time, now MOVE!”

Sharly didn’t even care, she said with a restless tone while revealing her sharp claws.

It seemed like if Evie Dan held her back her any longer, Sharly would really strike her down.

The current situation was like a golden opportunity for Sharly and she would disregard all consequences to have her way.

“Bring it on then!”

A dagger appeared in Evie Dan’s hand. The sharp edge of her weapon represented her attitude towards her rival.

A fierce female fight would break out any moment but eventually, it didn’t happen, because of Walloon.

“Ladies, you do understand the consequences of brawling here right? Or do you not care about how his lordship feels about this? This is Burning Dawn’s base camp! Today is the day where his lordship truly takes over Burning Dawn, it is a special, important time for all of us and you two decided to fight at this day?”

“Maybe rage has crumbled your minds but I don’t want to see any regrets after this. Think about it, if either of you can really stand beside his lordship together in the future, you will regret what you did here today! Trust me, that regret will be for life!”

Walloon then headed towards the lift after saying.

He too didn’t want to miss this important day.

As for the infected soldiers?

They were still the soldiers of Burning Dawn! He must treat all of them equally!

Evie Dan and Sharly unconsciously exchanged gazes after Walloon explained the situation.

“Together? No way! You bitch!”

Both of them glared at each other before turning away with disgusted looks but the last part of Walloon’s words made them fantasize even more.

“Standing beside him!”

The beautiful imaginary scene made both of them jealous. They then quickly ran towards the lift as well.

It was natural that the run toward the lift wasn’t courteous and peaceful.

Sharly pushed Evie Dan, Evie Dan overtook Sharly; both of them even knocked Walloon’s out of the way somehow.

“Little lasses, how naive! Back in the day, I could at least get eight times the lasses in a single night Ouch!”

Just when he was exclaiming about his past, he never thought he would be pushed away, plunging into the ground.

As he lifted his head up from the ground, he saw the two lasses already in the lift and the lift was slowly climbing up the mountain.

“Wait for me!” Walloon yelled.

However, what he got in reply was the lift climbing higher, faster.

Gregori came over and looked at Walloon with an odd gaze.

“What’s wrong?” Walloon asked in confusion with his dirty face.

“Next time, when you exclaim about the past, remember to keep it in your heart, no need to voice it out and, those two aren’t just some lasses.”

Gregori showed a pitiful gaze at Walloon before he climbed up the walls himself.

“I said it out loud? My old habits betrayed me again!?”

Walloon was dumbstruck, he was at a loss of what to do next.

Meanwhile, on top of the battlements, General Orderfell was also at a loss of what to do when he saw Kieran coming closer to him.

“I am the imperial general! Sir 2567, you are also the imperial envoy so we are from the same side!”

Orderfell who claimed to be a valiant leader could only beg at this time but it was useless.

Kieran didn’t pause his steps at all and what terrified Orderfell more was the gaze from the infected soldiers surrounding him.

Vicious and scary.

The soldiers of Burning Dawn were not too fond of Orderfell either, similar to Dilder, they hated him as well.

They hated the extravagant measures of the nobles and hated the filthy, disgusting treacherous fight over power and wealth.

If they could take out Orderfell, as long as Kieran gave the order, they would tear him apart without a second thought.

Thousands of killer gazes were fired at Orderfell. He wasn’t Kieran, he didn’t have a powerful Spirit attribute to sustain himself under such pressure. Despite his “tenacious” will, the general cried out loud.

“I’ll give you my position as general! I’ll personally resign my post given to me by the king, his Majesty! Please, let me go! Spare me!”

As he cried, he peed his pants.

Kieran suddenly paused his steps. Things were not as expected though.

“He is just a common noble?”

Kieran raised his hand as doubts lingered in his heart.


[Dandelion Pierce] that flew out from the shadow grazed Orderfell’s neck. It only slightly cut his skin without inflicting any real wounds but he passed out right away, the genuine kind.

Kieran checked Orderfell’s condition before he frowned hard.

“Broker’s men easily infected Dilder and the two other South camp generals but they spared Orderfell alone? He should be someone special but now from the looks of it, he is really nothing.”

“Or is there something special about him that he doesn’t even know himself?”

He needed more information to further speculate.

While pondering upon the question, Kieran turned around and stared at the shadow close by.

Under his gaze, Aisphany walked out.

Ms. Swindler seemed to have delicately prepared her entrance, the slight “breeze” was blowing her dress and hair; her already beautiful features had an added layer of purity under the sun.

“It’s been a while 2567.”

Aisphany walked up to Kieran, pretending to be close with him.

It was really nothing to put up such an act for Ms. Swindler. Aside from any real contact with Kieran, even if she had to, with enough benefits from him, she would accept it as well.

Kieran in front her has fit all the criteria.

He took out the imperial general, gathered the hearts of the Burning Dawn soldiers and he himself was extremely powerful as well.

When all the criteria were put into an equation, Ms. Swindler was drooling over him as her eyes were glimmering, as if she was looking at a shining gold mine.

However, she felt two other killing intents behind Kieran.

Evie Dan and Sharly who jumped out the lift were staring at Aisphany who was standing in front of Kieran.

Evie Dan’s dagger was getting closer; Sharly’s claws were all extended.

Aisphany was slightly stunned before she smiled.

Ms. Swindler was never worried about getting more parties involved.

The messier the situation, the more she would get out of it.

Therefore, Ms. Swindler didn’t step back, instead, she walked up front, trying to stick herself beside Kieran without him noticing but after the first step, Kieran dodged aside.

Aisphany staggered right away with Kieran’s absence, she had to rely on her own strength to prevent herself from falling down on the ground. Still, it was enough to piss off Ms. Swindler who thought herself as the combination of beauty and brains.

Rage would make one forgetful of some facts, as it did to Aisphany.

She threw her scare and scruples towards Kieran away and glared at him angrily.

However, up until that moment, she only noticed Kieran didn’t even pay attention to her, not even a glimpse.

His was so concentrated at Orderfell who was unconscious on the floor with wet pants.