The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 112

Chapter 112 Under Arrest

Chapter 112 Under Arrest

Li Qingshan said, “I told you I don’t need any money. I need you to build me a new clinic.”

Hong Tianbao said, “Old timer, you’re such a muddled head. You want to refuse our offer and bear our anger? I’ll pull down your house today and let’s see what you can do.”

“How dare you!” Li Qingshan’s angry beard was shivering because of Hong Tianbao’s shamelessness. He angrily said, “You want to pull down my house? Over my dead body!”

The neighbors behind him also exclaimed, “Don’t you dare to touch our house and Mr. Li as long as we’re here!”

After they said that, the residents on the old street stepped forward, and encircled Mr. Li in the middle.

“Looks like you won’t believe it till you see it.” Hong Tianbao sneered and waved to those behind him, “Teach these unruly people a lesson for me.”

Those ruffians heard his order and took out the iron pipes and steel rods they had prepared. They waved them and rushed to the local residents.

Local residents might outnumber the ruffians. They had more than three hundred people, but most of them are women and children without any weapons in their hands. They were no match for these young and strong ruffians. As soon as they collided, the only seven young man they had were knocked down onto the ground.

Local residents were so furious with shameless behaviors of Hong Tianbao, but they were no more than ordinary people, and some of them had never fought for a lifetime time or even seen a fight like this. They scattered and fled back into their own home.

Hong Tianbao laughed when he saw the residents running away. He raised his hand and pointed to Li Qingshan. “Teach the stubborn old timer a lesson for me.”

After he said that, seven or eight ruffians picked up their iron rods and rushed to Li Qingshan. The leading one with yellow hair raised the iron rod in his hand and smashed hard on Li Qingshan’s head.

Li Shulan was standing behind Li Qingshan. They never expected that these ruffians would really hit the old man. However, it was already too late to stop them. The iron rod in the yellow-hair ruffian’s head was about to fall on Li Qingshan’s head.

In the crucial moment, a big hand reached out from nowhere and grabbed the ruffian’s hand. After a short cracking, the yellow-hair ruffian’s arm was snapped into two pieces.


The yellow-hair ruffian screamed like his heart and lungs had been torn. Before he could clearly see it, a sharp pain came from his lower abdomen. He flew backwards like he had been blown by a bomb, falling heavily on the ground.

The guy hit him was Qin Haodong who just arrived. He supported Li Qingshan with his arms and said:” “Grandpa, are you all right?”

“I’m fine, I am not afraid of these beasts. Kill me if they can!”

Li Qingshan had been keeping righteous for a lifetime, and he glared at Hong Tianbao.

“Take it easy, grandpa. If someone has to be dead today, it will be them. They can never touch the house as long as I am here.” Qin Haodong said as he gave the old man to Wang Rubing standing behind him. Then he turned to Hong Tianbao.

Hong Tianbao was smug inside because he thought his plan had worked out. He said those ruffians, “What are you doing standing there? Waiting for poops to be served? Now get your stuff and teach the lad a lesson.”

The ruffians had been stunned by Qin Haodong’s fighting skills and it took them quite a while to wake up. They thought they had more people, so they yelled and rushed to Qin Haodong.

Qin Haodong would never have any mercy on these ruffians who constantly bullied the local residents. He rushed into the crowd, punching and kicking.

Soon those ruffians screamed and scattered, with twisted arms and broken legs. They were all badly injured.

“Good job! Kill those beasts! To pay for the crime they did to us!” Seeing Qin Haodong giving these ruffians a lesson, Li Qingshan felt very happy.

Those residents nearby yelled and applauded for Qin Haodong, because they hated those ruffians so much.

“Clap…Clap…” Out of everyone’s surprise, Hong Tianbao was also applauding.

He took a few steps and came to Qin Haodong. Then he said with a sinister, “Nice move, lad. But it’s no use if you’re just strong, the most important skill to survive in this world is being smart.”

“It’s a legal society now, and you’ve hurt some many people. Just wait to end up in jail.”

After he said that, the sound of sirens came. Four patrol wagons drove here fast. A couple of policemen jumped off the car, and encircled Qin Haodong fast.

The leading one was the superintendent of the police station, Zhang Meng, as well as the most trusted confidant of Fu Haikun. He was naturally dispatched here for the incident.

Zhang Meng had known how the society worked and he knew there were some skin-jobs that had to be done. So he pretended liked he cared and asked, “What happened, why so many people injured?”

Hong Tianbao said, “Superintendent Zhang, I was here with my staff to persuade the residents to move. But the guy rushed over and hit my people for no reason. Just check out how badly they’ve been injured! Their arms and legs were all broken. They all have their own family to support and jobs to do, you have to served justice for my staff!”

Wang Rubing said with anger, “Nonsense! Your people started with us first and hurt more than ten villages. Now you’re one to talk!”

Li Shulan followed her and yelled, “That’s true! Hong Tianbao! How can you lie through your teeth! You’re so shameless!”

Qin Haodong did not say a word, because judging by his 500-year-old experience, he knew this was a set up for him as soon as Zhang Meng showed up. It was obvious that Zhang Meng and Hong Tianbao are sticking together.

As expected, Zhang Meng turned sullen and said, “They are your family and of course they’ll speak for you. It’s obvious that so many staff of Boss Hong have been injured, but I don’t see any injured villagers you just mentioned. It’s clear that Qin Haodong hurt them intentionally.”

After he said that, he waved to the police behind his back and said, “Bring him to the police station.”

“No, you can’t be unreasonable.” Wang Rubing said, stretching her hands and trying to protect Qin Haodong.

“That’s it. Take me first if you want my grandson!” Zuo Lanzhi wobbled and walked to the police.

Zhang Meng said, “Old lady, little girl, it’s clear that Qin Haodong had injured more than a dozen people. Don’t try to interfere the law enforcement, or I’ll take away together with him.”

“Do it, do it now! I’m not afraid of being arrested!” After Wang Rubing said that, Qin Haodong pulled her back and said, “Sister, you stay out of this. I can handle it by myself.”

He turned back to Zuo Langzhi and said, “Don’t worry, grandma. I’ll make things clear in the police station. I ‘ll be back soon, and bring you to the blind date tomorrow.”

“Are you sure you’re not lying to me?” The old lady sounded confused.

“Of course I am not lying to you. When have I lied to you?”

Zuo Lanzhi thought for a moment, and founded that Qin Haodong indeed had never lied to her, so she quitted stopping him.

Zhang Meng and Hong Tianbao were smug inside. “Blind date? Don’t expect to get out of the jail once you get in this time, not in eight or ten years.”

Qin Haodong comforted the old lady and Wang Rubing, then looked at Zhang Meng and said, “Superintendent Zhang. This is my advice, think twice before every move. Or you won’t be able to take the consequences if you do it wrong.”

Zhang Meng sneered and said, “Fine, I’ll see the consequences that I couldn’t take.”

The two policemen by his side yelled, “Cuff him and take him away.”

Qin Haodong did react at all. Since Zhang Meng asked for it, then he would do as the man wished. He looked back and said to Wang Rubing,”I have two friends dropping by later. You tell them the truth when they get here.”

Wang Rubing nodded. She had no idea who Qin Haodong’s friends were but her brother had given her so much surprise when he was back, and their family bond remained still. She would do what Qin Haodong said without hesitation.

The two young policemen had already cuffed Qin Haodong. As Zhang Meng waved his hand, they took Qin Haodong in the patrol wagon. They didn’t bring him to the police station, instead, they took him to the interrogation room of the Public Security Bureau of the county because that was here Fu Haikun was waiting.

After Qin Haodong left, Hong Tianbao strode to Li Qingshan and sneered. He said, “Old man. Your grandson is now under arrest, what else do you have now to play against me?”

Zuo Langzhi said, “You little bastard, don’t be too proud of yourself. Dong was just there to make things clear. He’ll be back soon.”

“Be back?” Hong Tianbao burst into laughter. After he was done laughing, he said, “I’ll tell you the truth. Your grandson will not come back in eight or even ten years. He had hurt so many people of mine. One for a year in jail and that was ten years for ten people. I had enough friends in the prison. They’ll take care of him and I wouldn’t say that he could make it out of jail.”

Zuo Lanzhi was stunned for a moment and said, “You liar! My grandson told me he’ll go to the blind date tomorrow.”

Hong Tianbao laughed and said, “What an old muddled head! Can’t you see that he was lying to you? He might be strong, but could he be any stronger than those policemen with guns in their hands? He had choice but to be executed.”

According to my original plan, I’ll put all of you in if you dared to block me. I didn’t expect that the lad was actually quite smart, he lied and convinced you. It’s your lucky day.”

“Well…” Zuo Lanzhi wanted to argue but she failed to find the proper reason. Now she suddenly realized that maybe Hong Tianbao was telling the truth, and it was highly possible that Qin Haodong would not make it out of the jail.

Li Shulan spent most of her lifetime as a teacher, and she did know something about the law. She had also believed what Hong Tianbao had said, and she asked, “What do you want?”

“I think you know clearly about what I want. I am a businessman, and all businessmen want to make money. Now you’ve been staying in my way to earn more because I have taken the project of the renovation of the old street, and I’ll lose money as long as you insist staying on the old street. Other people would just stay here with the old man. And I will earn no money because of that.”

“It’s OK if you want to save that lad. I’ll show you the right way. Now sign the relocation agreement. Director Fu of the Public Security Bureau is my buddy, and they’ll release Qin Haodong if I ask, or you’ll have to visit him in jail.”

Wang Rubing said with anger, “Is all of this part of your plan?”

Hong Tianbao smiled and said, “Mostly. But that’s mainly because you’ve blocked my way to make money. How could I live with the shame if I’m unable to deal with you?”

Li Shulan didn’t say a word, she looked back at Li Qingshan, because she wanted the old man to make the decision.

Li Qingshan was silent for a moment and finally he said, “Bring it to me and I’ll sign it, but you have to promise that my grandson will come back tonight.”

Hong Tianbao was overjoyed to see his plan working out. The project would proceed smoothly if Li Qingshan and his family moved out of the street

He waved his hand and his skinny assistant next to him took a relocation agreement. He gave it to Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan checked the agreement and asked in fury, “You’re paying me 50,000 for a yard this big?”

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