The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 120

Chapter 120 Who Is The Poor?

Chapter 120 Who Is the Poor?

Wu Wenqing took Zhu Linlin’s ring and held it in her hand. She looked at it carefully and said, “Linlin, this diamond ring is very good. Its color, cleanliness and cutting are all of the best quality, and its value is about 500,000.”

Hearing that the ring was worth 500,000 yuan, the girls all around cast envious eyes. Zhu Linlin said proudly, “It’s worth 500,000 yuan. I didn’t believe it when my husband sent it to me. It’s a waste of money to give me such an expensive gift on my birthday, even though his family is very rich.”

“Oh, my God, 500,000 worth of birthday gift. Linlin, you’re so happy…”

“It’s my birthday in a few days, and if my boyfriend gives me a diamond ring of 50,000, I’ll be satisfied…”

“Linlin, your husband is really rich…”

Zhu Linlin is even more proud. She said, “It’s not easy for a woman to find a husband who spoil her. It’s even harder to find a rich husband who can spoil her. Not anyone could afford a 500,000 worth of diamond ring, let alone a toy boy.”

Then she also took a provocative look at Qin Haodong, which is self-evident in its meaning.

Wu Wenqing was not as fussy as other girls. As a jewelry appraiser, her vision was naturally high, not to mention 500,000, even jewels of five million were quite common.

She reached out and handed the ring back to Zhu Linlin, but she stopped suddenly and became very excited, looking at somewhere with dull eyes.

This unusual action immediately attracted the attention of all the girls. They all looked in the direction of Wu Wenqing’s eyes. They saw nothing but Tang Tang playing with a green stone.

“What happened to Wenqing?” Asked Zhu Linlin.

Wu Wenqing did not speak. She put the ring in her hand directly. Then she quickly came to Tang Tang and said excitedly, “Kid, can you show me the stone in your hand?”

“I thought something unusual happened. What’s good about a small stone?

Zhu Linlin complained. She just used the ring to show off, but she was not satisfied enough. Wu Wenqing’s action diverted everyone’s attention, so she was unhappy.

Others didn’t understand what happened to Wu Wenqing. She was calm when she saw Zhu Linlin’s 500,000-yuan ring just now, but she became so excited when she saw a stone.

The little fellow looked at Wu Wenqing and said, “Auntie, this is a toy for me from Papa. Mama said that it can’t be shown to people casually.”

“How about you hold it in your hand, I just have a look of it?” Wu Wenqing did not pay any attention to the comments of her classmates and still looked at the green stone in the little fellow’s hands with excitement.

The little fellow hesitated for a moment and said, “All right, but just for a second.”

Then she presented Wu Wenqing the green stone.

Wu Wenqing dragged the little fellow’s hand excitedly. She murmured, “King Green!” As if she were demented. “Authentic King Green! How could it be possible, such big glass King Green?”

Zhang Xiaohui pushed Wu Wenqing and said, “Wenqing, are you silly? What did you say to a stone?”

Wu Wenqing took a deep breath to ease his excitement and said, “You don’t know jade tone. This is not ordinary stone, but the most precious jade stone ice King Green.”

“Jade, is it very valuable?”

Zhang Xiaohui’s family was not very rich. Don’t mention knowing King Green. She hadn’t even heard of it.

“Valuable! Of course it’s valuable!” Wu Wenqing muttered. She hadn’t completely recovered from the shock she just had.

Zhang Xiaohui said, “You’re really overdoing it. Can it worth more than the diamond ring in Linlin’s hand!”

“No way, no way!” Wu Wenqing stood up, but his eyes were still reluctant to leave the jade in the hands of the little fellow.

“I said they couldn’t be compared. The ring my husband gave me worth 500,000 yuan, which is not equaled by a stone.”

Zhu Linlin knew that the kid was Qin Haodong’s daughter, so she won’t miss any chance to belittle him.

However just after she finished, she heard Wu Wenqing saying, “I mean your ring can’t be compared with this stone. That is the best kind of ice king Green. It worth at least 100 million yuan. It can exchange two or three hundred of your rings!”

“No way, it’s absolutely impossible. How could such an inconspicuous stone be more expensive than my diamond ring?” Zhu Linlin was hysterical. She intuitively felt that she was richer than Qin Haodong. If she was trampled on by him again, her inner sense of superiority would disappear.

As she spoke, she reached for the raw jade gemstone in the little fellow’s hand and tried to grab it. “Show me what the stone is and how it could be so valuable.”

“No, this is my toy.”

The little fellow dodged Zhu Linlin nimbly. Recently, she had been practicing Xuantian Sutra and had achieved some success so she was more than ten times faster than the children of her age.

“Papa, that bad auntie wants to rob me of my toy.”

The little fellow ran to Qin Haodong and plunged into his arms.

Qin Haodong took the jade stone from the little fellow and said, “Tang Tang, Papa told you long ago that this toy should be played at home and not taken outside, otherwise it would be seen by the poor parents who have no money to buy toys for their kids, and they would rob it.”

He said it entirely in the tone of educating his child, but everyone could tell it was slapping Zhu Linlin in the face.

“Qin Haodong, don’t beat around the bush. Who are the poor? Who can’t afford toys for their children? Tell you, my husband has a property of tens of millions. The diamond ring in my hand is worth 500,000 yuan. Don’t think you can deceive people with a small stone. You can’t deceive me. Don’t I know how poor your family is?

While she was talking endlessly, Wu Wenqing saw Lin Momo beside Qin Haodong, and her calm expression was stirred up again.

She came to Lin Momo in a hurry and said with a slight nervousness, “Hello, Are you Boss Lin?”

Although she was an employee of Lin’s Group, she had never seen Lin Momo herself. She had only seen Lin Momo’s photos in the company.

Lin Momo nodded and said, “It’s me!”

“Great. So nice to finally meet you face to face. You’re my idol.” Wu Wenqing said excitedly.

Qin Haodong said, “Momo, this is my junior high school classmate, Wu Wenqing, who works in your group. You can take more care of her in the future.”

Wu Wenqing saw Qin Haodong and said, “Haodong, I was too busy to talk to you. When did you come back? How do you know Ms. Lin?”

They had a good relationship at school, so there was no need for politeness.

Before Qin Haodong spoke, the little fellow shouted, “Auntie, this is my Papa, this is my Mama.”

Wu Wenqing’s eyes wide opened when she heard the kid’s words. She never thought that Qin Haodong would be with her idol.

Since Qin Haodong had spoken, Lin Momo must do him this favor. She said to Wu Wenqing, “It seems you are good at jade identification. Have you studied it professionally?”

Wu Wenqing said, “I have been interested in jade since I was a child. My grandfather is an expert in this field. I learned a lot from him, and the other day I have taken the first-class treasurer exam.”

“Yes, you have a keen eye. You can see that it is an ice-grade King Green, and the valuation is accurate. You are qualified to be a jade stone appraiser.” Lin Momo said, “Since you are a classmate of Haodong, you are not an outsider to me. Would you like to come to the headquarters of our group?”

“Yes! Of course! ”

Wu Wenqing replied immediately, it was the dream of every employee of Lin’s Group to enter the headquarters. Because the staff of the headquarters not only paid well, but also had more opportunities and more room for promotion. It was extremely difficult for ordinary people to enter the group headquarters.

Lin Momo said, “Well, you make some preparation tomorrow and report to the headquarters the day after tomorrow. Your monthly salary is initially 50,000 yuan, which could increase if you do well in the future.”

The people present were shocked. They never dreamed that Qin Haodong’s girlfriend was the president of Lin’s Group. No one in Jiangnan City did not know about Lin’s Group. It was one of the largest consortia. Working there meant entering a high-income group.

At the same time, Lin’s Group’s jade industry was well-known in Huaxia. At this time, no one doubted that the stone in the hands of the little fellow was jade.

Zhang Xiaohui was shocked. She never thought that Qin Haodong, who she despised most, had caught the president of Lin’s Group. No wonder his child could play with a jade stone of 100 million yuan. That was because they were rich.

The most irritated was Zhu Linlin. The industry of Lin’s Group was as high as tens of billions. It was ridiculous that she just showed off her husband’s industry of ten million yuan. It was not worth mentioning in front of Lin’s Group.

She had always liked to show off her diamond ring which couldn’t match the toy of his child. There was nothing to show off. She was really poor compared with Qin Haodong,

“What’s so great about money? Good health is the most important thing. Can you be stronger than my husband?”

Zhu Linlin reluctantly found a reason to comfort herself, and then sat back in her place. This time, she took off the diamond ring and put it in her bag directly. She would never show it off again.

But everyone knew that she was seeking psychological comfort, and the envious eyes that looked at her turned into mockery.

As both Zhu Linlin and Zhang Xiaohui had shut up, the matter just passed. Alumni began to chat with each other again, but the topic shifted to Lin Momo and Qin Haodong.

Ma Wenzhuo said in Qin Haodong’s ear, “Dong, you are really good. You have caught the president of Lin’s Group.”

“Don’t look at me like that, okay? Dude, I don’t live off woman.” Qin Haodong said with a laugh, “What have you been up to lately? Would you like to come to Jiangnan to help me?

He knew that his brother was still very talented, but lacked an opportunity. If he could come to Jiangnan City to assist him, it would definitely be a great help.

Ma Wenzhuo said with a playful face, “Well, I heard that Lin’s Group is filled with beautiful women, the salary is a small matter, and the key is to solve the issue of marriage.”

Qin Haodong said with a playful smile, “You don’t need to think of beautiful women. I run a security company. There are no beautiful women, only a lot of men which could satisfy all kinds of demand.”

Ma Wenzhuo instantly got goose bumps all over his body, he cried, “What? I don’t have your weird taste.”

Qin Haodong said, “Come to me and you won’t get a lower salary than Wu Wenqing.”

“We’re brothers. We don’t need to talk about money. I’m a bachelor anyway. Basic necessities will suffice.”

As they were talking, suddenly there was a cry in the room. The little black boy of Zhu Linlin stood crying loudly with blood in his mouth and hands.

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