The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 123

Chapter 123 Amazing Reversal

Chapter 123 Amazing Reversal

Of course, Qin Haodong would not let Geng Minghui go like that. He said, “No. 2, chief, is this a joke? Didn’t you just say that Magistrate Zhao has decided to hand over the land to the Pon’s Group?

Geng Minghui’s feet went limp, and he almost fell to the ground. His forehead was sweaty. Although everyone liked to call the secretary of county magistrate Chief No. 2 in private, nobody dared to say so in front of the magistrate.

Moreover, Zhao Yang didn’t decide to hand over the land to the Pon’s Group at all, but only possibly. As a secretary, he already violated the taboo by leaking out the county magistrate’s resolution without authorization. Moreover, this was not Zhao Yang’s final decision, but he falsified it privately.

Zhao Yang’s face was gloomy as if about to drip water. Looking at Geng Minghui, he said sharply, “You said that?”

“I, I…” Zhao Yang wanted to deny it, but he couldn’t. After some murmuring, he did not utter a word.

Qin Haodong said, “Magistrate Zhao, it’s not only the Chief No. 2 who talks big. The heir of Pon’s Group just said that if you would invite me to dinner, then he would be the richest man in the world.”

Pang Cheng almost cried out. He just wanted to embarrass his old classmate without background, to butter up with the secretary of the county magistrate. He didn’t expect to lift the stone and hit his own foot, and finally offended the county magistrate. If the county magistrate had a bad impression on him, then their group would have a hard time in Wufeng County.

Seeing that Geng Minghui and Pang Cheng’s old stories had been revealed, Zhang Xiaohui felt nervous. However, Qin Haodong stopped talking and did not mention her being Queen of England.

In fact, she worried too much. As an unknown woman, Zhao Yang did not know who she was. It was meaningless for Qin Haodong to mention her. That was to say, she was not even qualified to be retaliated by Qin Haodong.

Zhao Yang said coldly, “Geng Minghui, as a secretary, you should have made such a serious mistake. You should report to the personnel office tomorrow and let them rearrange a position for you.”

“Magistrate Zhao, my fault, I’m genuinely remorseful. Please give me another chance…”

Geng Minghui was completely stuck. He didn’t expect Zhao Yang to punish him so heavily. It took him a lot of effort to get the position of secretary which was lost in the twinkling of an eye.

And things were not so simple, a secretary who was dismissed by the county magistrate could hardly get good arrangement from the personnel office. Those tried to butter up the county magistrate would inevitably neglect him for at least several years.

And it was Qin Haodong, who was mocked as a toy boy by him, brought all this to him.

He did not know that Zhao Yang was scolding him at the moment for not having brains, not knowing to rope in his classmate, and provoking him instead. Qin Haodong, who could send Fu Haikun to prison easily, was valued by the mayor and the head of the public security department. He himself had to be careful to wait on him. How could his small secretary afford to provoke him?!

Think of this, Zhao Yang turned to apologize to Qin Haodong. “I’m sorry, Mr. Qin, It is my lax management incurred this ridicule.”

“Never mind.” Qin Haodong took Lin Momo’s hand and said, “Magistrate Zhao, let me introduce. This is my girlfriend, Lin Momo, president of Lin’s Group.”

Zhao Yang quickly reached out to Lin Momo and said, “Hello, President Lin, so soon we meet again. I didn’t expect you to be Mr. Qin’s girlfriend. Now I can tell you are really matched. You are like a couple created by heaven.”

“Hello, Magistrate Zhao.” Lin Momo blushed slightly. She reached out and gave Zhao Yang a gentle shake.

“President Lin is really young and promising. Your Lin’s Group is really powerful. I read your tender just now. Although the result has not been publicized, other bidders do not have your competitiveness. After all, your strength is there. Basically, the land belongs to your Lin’s Group.”

After Zhao Yang finished, Pang Cheng became ghastly pale. Their Pon’s Group had paid a great price for bidding for the land. It was unexpected that they had failed in this way because of a class reunion. If Pang Wenkai, his father, knew the truth of the matter, he would break his leg.

Lin Momo was delighted in her heart. Originally, she had no hope for the bidding, but unexpectedly, they took the bid easily. She said, “Thank you, Magistrate Zhao.”

At the same time, she secretly wondered why Qin Haodong had such a great influence. Her identity of Qin Haodong’s girlfriend could directly affect Zhao Yang’s decision.

Not only she, but everyone in the room was surprised. Just now they thought Qin Haodong was just a toy boy who lived off women, but he directly influenced the magistrate’s decision. First, the rampant Geng Minghui was dismissed and now he took away the land bidding of Pon’s Group. This was an astonishing reversal. It was really amazing.

Next Geng Minghui and Pang Cheng went away in disgrace. Zhang Xiaohui followed them closely. Before the beginning of the alumni association, four people left early. The rest naturally felt bored and left one after another.

Qin Haodong took Lin Momo and his little fellow to the next compartment and had a very pleasant meal with Zhao Yang.

After dinner, Zhao Yang left. Qin Haodong said to Lin Momo, “Come with me and see my grandparents.”

Lin Momo said, “Are we really going?”

Qin Haodong stared at her and said, “What do you mean? Didn’t we make an appointment? If you don’t go back with me to see Grandma, she’ll have to force me to go on a blind date tomorrow. And Grandma is waiting for you at home. In order to meet her granddaughter-in-law, she purchased several new clothes in the afternoon.

“But I’m a little scared.” At this time, the air of a president disappeared, and she was a shy little wife now.

“What are you afraid of? It’s ugly daughters-in-law who are afraid to see their mothers-in-law. You are so beautiful. Grandma will like you when she sees you.”

“That’s not OK, either. How about I prepare more and go to your house tomorrow, OK?”

Seeing Lin Momo was so nervous, Qin Haodong laughed and said, “Well, then tomorrow morning, but you can’t regret it. Otherwise, Grandma thought I was cheating on her and had to drag me to a blind date.”

“Well, tomorrow morning, no regret.”

Since they don’t have to go tonight, Lin Momo was relieved and took a long breath.

Qin Haodong called home and then said to Lin Momo, “It’s too early now, how about I take you to see the night scenery of Wufeng County.”

“Good!” The little fellow and Lin Momo both raised their hands in favor of his proposal.

Wufeng County was built by mountains. There are five tall peaks around the county town. In the middle of the county town, there was a small lake called Moon Lake.

In recent years, the economy of the county had developed rapidly, and the urban construction has undergone tremendous changes. A landscape belt had been built with the Moon Lake as the center. At night, many people come here for shopping, entertainment.

Qin Haodong came here with Lin Momo and his little fellows. Their beautiful appearance attracted countless envious eyes. They enjoyed the scenery around the Moon Lake while tasting local snacks. The atmosphere was happy and warm.

Before they knew it, they came to the depths of the scenic spot. It was much quieter here than outside, and there were fewer people. There was a wooden landscape bridge not far away. The little fellow cried, “Paba, let’s go and play on the bridge.”

Then she took Qin Haodong in one hand and Lin Momo in the other. The three of them went on the wooden bridge together.

“The night scenery here is really beautiful.” Lin Momo leaned against the railings on the wooden bridge and looked at the landscape in the distance.

Qin Haodong said, “Let’s take a family picture of three of us.”

Hearing him say family picture, Lin Momo blushed, but she did not say anything against it.

“Good! Take pictures with Papa and Mama!” The little fellow cried happily and then fell into her father’s arms.

Seeing Qin Haodong taking out his outdated mobile phone, Lin Momo opened his bag, took out a latest Huaxia Dami phone and sent it to him, saying, “Use this, your cell phone has a too low pixel, the picture it takes won’t be good.”

“You bought it specially for me?” Qin Haodong asked.

“Yes.” Lin Momo nodded.

“Thank you!” Qin Haodong suddenly kissed Lin Momo on the cheek.

“You! Tangtang is still there.” Lin Momo glared at Qin Haodong charmingly, and her cheeks turned red again.

Since Qin Haodong came into her life, she has been changing more and more, and her original inaccessible cold face was blushing more and more easily.

“Yes, I’m still here. I want Papa to kiss me, too!” The little fellow cried, holding Qin Haodong’s neck.

“Okay, Papa will kiss Tang Tang too,” Qin Haodong said and kissed the kid on the cheek and made her giggle.

Looking at the smiling father and daughter in front of her eyes, a feeling that never existed rose from Lin Momo’s heart. It is the unique warmth of the family, which she enjoyed very much.

Qin Haodong picked up his mobile phone, and the cheeks of three of them were tightly pressed together. Soon, an incomparably warm picture was displayed on the screen of the new mobile phone.

After looking at the picture, the little fellow felt that it was not enough. She cried again, “Another one, another one, Papa, Mama, you two kiss me together.”

According to their daughter’s request, Lin Momo and Qin Haodong kissed either side of her cheek, then raised their mobile phone and took another picture.

Suddenly, a cold voice said, “You three are very happy, I believe you will not be lonely in hell.”

Lin Momo was shocked. Looking back, he saw seven or eight tall black people on both sides of the wooden bridge, led by Zhu Linlin’s husband, Cafu. Their dark skin merged well with the darkness, which made the teeth and the steel blade in their hands particularly dazzling.

Qin Haodong frowned. He was very dissatisfied with the interruption of the warm atmosphere. He said to Cafu coldly, “Do you know you are annoying?”

“Boy, you’re dying, and you still talk to me like that.” Cafu waved his steel blade and cried with a grim face, “Your daughter has hurt my son, and you have hurt me. Hand over your stone as soon as possible, or I will send you to God together.”

Qin Haodong scornfully laughed. “Whatever the reason, you just want my Ice King Green.”

“Stop talking nonsense and give me that stone, or I will cut you down immediately.”

Cafu really took a fancy to the emerald in Qin Haodong’s hands. His business assets in Huaxia were only more than 10 million yuan, and he had been doing very poorly recently, losing money continuously and becoming insolvent.

Because of this, he began to calculate to get the jade of 100 million yuan just after he left the hotel, so that he could quit working and live a comfortable life.

So he called seven or eight brothers to stay in front of the hotel in stealth. After Qin Haodong came out, they followed him all the time. Now they finally found the right opportunity and were ready to start.

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