The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 127

Chapter 127 An Unique Verification Method

Chapter 127 An Unique Verification Method

Everyone in the conference room was shocked, including Lin Momo. Nobody expected that Qin Haodong would kick Zhao Zhongchen’s right leg at this time. Was this verification method too unique?

All the directors here were businessmen. It was okay for them to play some business tricks and use their minds. But they hadn’t seen such a violent way of doing things without saying anything before.

Lin Pingchao was slightly astonished, and then a glimmer of joy flashed in his eyes. He shouted, “Security, security. Throw this murderer out. No, send him to the police station.”

Hearing the shout, four security guards came in from the door. Then the leader asked, “What’ the matter, President?”

Lin Momo waved her hand and said, “It’s all right. You can go.”

Now the security captain was Saber, these people were all promoted by her. Naturally, they were 100% to obey Lin Momo’s orders. Hearing Lin Momo’s words, they immediately left and also closed the door of the conference room.

Lin Pingchao’s face became black with rage and asked coldly, “What are you doing, Lin Momo? Qin Haodong broke Director Zhao’s leg. Didn’t you see that?”

Qin Haodong smiled and said, “Don’t worry. Don’t you want me to prove my medical skills? Now I’ll prove it.”

Then, in front of Zhao Zhongchen’s fearful face, Qin Haodong grabbed his right leg and slightly twisted it. People could only hear a click sound. His leg, which had just broken into V-shaped shape, was reconnected, and Zhao Zhongchen’s sad scream ceased immediately.

After doing all this, Qin Haodong patted Zhao Zhongchen on his shoulder and said, “Little Zhao, your leg has returned to normal now. As long as you don’t carry cement or sand in a week, there will be no problem.”

He did so not only to prove his medical skills, but also to give a little punishment to this old guy. He was not polite to those who dared to trouble his women.

Zhao Zhongchen felt it for a while. He was surprised that his right leg, which had felt sharp pain just now, did not feel any pain at this time.

“How are you? Can it prove my skill now?” Qin Haodong said with a smile to Zhao Zhongchen.

Zhao Zhongchen cried, “Boy, you are in a crime. I will send you to the police station.”

Qin Haodong laughed and said, “With my medical skills, your leg has completely returned to normal, that is, even you go to the hospital and X-rayed your leg, it can’t prove your leg was broken before, how can you accuse me of a crime?”

“It’s impossible. My leg still hurts so much that I can’t walk at all. This can’t prove your skill.”

Zhao Zhongchen was now determined to drive Qin Haodong away. In his opinion, his leg belonged to him. As long as he did not admit it, no matter what Qin Haodong said, it would be useless.

Qin Haodong grinned coldly and took the fruit knife in the plate. He said with a murderous look, “Since this is not enough to prove, let me try my suture technique.”

Then, he walked to Zhao Zhongchen with a knife in his hand. Seeing the murderous look, Zhao Zhongchen was so frightened that his body became cold. He rushed to the door and cried, “Come on! Help me! He wants to kill me.”

But when he stumbled and ran to the door, there was no movement behind him. Looking back, he found that Qin Haodong was standing there happily.

“Ladies and gentlemen, as you can see, after my treatment, his broken leg has returned to normal and can walk as usual. Can this prove my medical skills?”

After Qin Haodong said that, the directors present recovered from the shock, and they were all amazed. They had never seen such a magical medical skill before. They just saw Zhao Zhongchen’s leg, which had become V-shaped and did not expect that the young man could cure it with ease. What was more, just now, Zhao Zhongchen’s speed was even not slower than a rabbit.

“Magic Doctor! What a Magic Doctor! I have lived for so many years that I have never seen such a magical medical skill…”

“It’s amazing. He has such a superb medical skill; it is unworthy of his talents to be a healthcare doctor in our group.”

“Doctor Magic, my arm was injured a few years ago. I dare not use my arm freely now. Can you look at it?” a middle-aged director who wore glasses came to Qin Haodong and said.

“It’s easy, give me one minute.” Then Qin Haodong grabbed the director’s injured arm, gently massaging it for several times. With a light clicking sound, he said, “Okay, your arm is healed.”

“Really?” The director was not convinced. He waved his arm forcefully. It was so energetic. He shouted, “It is really healed, my arm doesn’t hurt anymore, and it is full of strength. Doctor Qin is really a Magic Doctor!”

“Doctor Magic! Have a look for me. My stomach is a little uncomfortable…”

“Doctor Magic, my kidney is a little deficient, can you help me to recuperate it, and can I have a strong sexual performance at night…”

“Doctor Magic, my hair is going to drop out. Can it grow again…”

The directors present were all rich, but a good doctor is hard to find. Now after seeing Qin Haodong’s amazing medical skills, they immediately surround him in the middle and go to seek medical treatment one after another.

Zhao Zhongchen got up from the ground and looked awkward. Now he didn’t need to say anything that everyone had completely believed in Qin Haodong’s medical skills.

Lin Pingchao’s face became gloomy. Originally, he wanted to reduce Lin Momo’s prestige in the board of directors by expelling Qin Haodong, but now he had not succeeded but had an opposite effect.

He looked at Lin Zhigao, who was next to him. After Lin Zhigao understood his meaning, Lin Zhigao shouted to the hectic directors, “Dear directors, we are holding a board meeting. Please go back to your seats.”

Hearing the shout, the directors reluctantly returned to their seats, but they all asked Qin Haodong’s phone number, and said they would see him after the meeting.

At this time, Zhao Zhongchen also returned to his seat, but compared with his momentum just mow, he was in a difficult position now. Lin Pingchao looked at him and said, “Director Zhao. Have you forgotten what the topic is today?”

Zhao Zhongchen then remembered that the main purpose of today was not Qin Haodong, but to initiate the president’s replacement vote.

He tidied up his messy clothes and cleared his throat. “As a director of the group, I don’t think what the current president Lin Momo did is in our interest. She has brought great losses to the group. So I suggest that the directors initiate a replacement vote of the president.”

As soon as he spoke, one of the directors immediately retorted, “Director Zhao, I don’t understand what you mean. Since President Lin took charge of the group, the profits of the group have doubled in three years. How can it not be in our interest? Why did you say she has brought losses to the Lin’s Group?”

Lin Momo had been in charge of Lin’s Group for so many years. Naturally, She had his own loyal supporters. This director was one of them.

“Director Zhao, since I became president of Lin’s Group, I dare not say what achievements I have made, but I definitely helped the directors here to make a lot of money. I don’t know what you mean. Do you mean that it is not in the interest of the group just because I dismissed your son who was vice president?”

After Lin Momo and that director had finished their speeches, the others present nodded. They were businessmen, and the most important thing was interests. Lin Momo really helped them make a lot of money these years, which was approved by them all. At the same time, they also knew that Lin Momo dismissed Zhao Hongmao’s position as vice president. So in their views, Zhao Zhongchen was completely avenging his personal wrong in the name of public interests.

Zhao Zhongchen had calmed down from the panic just now and said with a sneer, “I am not a man who is indiscriminate between public and private. I have my reasons to say so.”

Lin Momo had a slight bad feeling, but she said, “I don’t understand. Let’s just talk about my recent performance. The stone exhibition which is being held by Lin’s Group has achieved unprecedented good results. The sales volume has refreshed the performance record of Lin’s Group since its foundation.

Yesterday, I went to Wufeng County to finalize a piece of land that our Lin’s Group need, and immediately prepared to build the group’s jade industry base. I think it’s all my achievements. If someone else acts as president, it’s impossible to run the company so perfectly.

After Lin Momo finished her speech, many of the directors present began to applaud. Obviously, they approved of Lin Momo’s achievements very much. In particular, the ongoing exhibition of raw gemstones completely frustrated their old rival Feng’s Group, which made these directors feel proud.

Zhao Zhongchen sneered, and after others quieted down, he said, “It is what you have done that makes Lin’s Group be plunged into a situation of endless disaster.”

Lin Momo frowned and asked, “What do you mean?”

“What do I mean? Myanmar’s Jade Gang is very dissatisfied with our Lin’s Group recently. It has just issued a notice to the Marketing Department that they will stop all jade sales to Lin’s Group.

Zhao Zhongchen seemed to have regained the initiative, he raised his voice and said, “80% of our Lin’s Group’s industry is on jade. If the Jade Gang stops supplying our raw stone, it will be a devastating blow. If you don’t hold this raw gemstone exhibition, our stock may be able to support for a longer time. But now the original accumulated raw gemstones have been sold out by you. What can we Lin’s Group to sell? Are you going to let us have no profit to make?”

After hearing his remarks, there was a riot in the conference room, and all the directors were not calm. The news was absolutely devastating for Lin’s Group. If the raw gemstones in Burma were stopped supplying Lin’s Group, Lin’s Group should really be closed down.

Only Lin Zhigao and Lin Pingchao sat with a very calm look. On the contrary, there was an imperceptible smile on their faces.

At this time, Lin Momo already knew why Zhao Zhongchen dared initiate the vote for the president’s replacement. The original problem appeared in the Jade Gang of Myanmar, but it seemed that the dilemma could not be solved indeed.

She asked calmly, “Is your information accurate?”

Zhao Zhongchen affirmed that and said, “Of course it is accurate; the Purchasing Department has received the official notification of the Burmese Jade Gang. I also asked our staff, our stock can support us for three months. After three months, we can only close down the business.”

Lin Momo asked, “Why did they do that? We have been cooperating with the Jade Gang for many years and have been in a good relationship. Why did they stop our supply of raw gemstones? Have they explained?”

“They have explained, the reason why the Jade Gang terminated its cooperation with Lin’s Group is entire because of you and Qin Haodong.” Zhao Zhongchen’s expression became more and more proud, and continued, “Qin Haodong blew a big deal of the Jade Gang a few days ago, causing them heavy losses.

The Jade Gang also knew that Qin Haodong was a staff member of Lin’s Group and had a deep relationship with the current president. So it ended the supply of our raw gemstones in a fit of anger.”

At this moment, he turned to the other directors and said, “The Jade Gang’s boss Zhou Tianhu said that it is very easy to restore the raw gemstones’ supply to Lin’s Group. There are only two conditions. First, Qin Haodong should be sent to the Jade Gang. Second, let Lin Momo give up the position of president. Otherwise, their cooperation with Lin’s Group will be terminated forever.”

After hearing the old guy’s speech, Qin Haodong realized that it was the Jade Gang’s revenge.

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