The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 136

Chapter 136 A Red Beret

Chapter 136 A Red Beret

Qin Haodong glanced at the middle-aged fat man standing before him. He knew he it was the guy on the phone, so he said coldly, “Watch your manners when talking to me, please.”

“Manners to you? Young man, do you know who I am? I’m the Deputy Director of the Sanity Bureau. How can a student like you talk to me like this? Watch out, or I can let you drop out of school.”

Gao Song was so angry. It had taken him a lot to see Qin Haodong, and he was going to take it all out on him; however, before he could finish, Qin Haodong turned back and left with the little fellow. They went straight to the car.

He was driving the Honda today into order to carry Damao and Ermao, and Gao Song would immediately shut up if it was the Lamborghini Centenario.

“Hey, don’t leave! That’s so rude. I haven’t finished saying it yet!”

Gao Song was angrier because Qin Haodong still shamed him even he had shown who he really was. He went a few steps to Qin Haodong. Then he stretched his arms and stopped him.

“Qin Haodong, do you hear me? I am the Deputy Director of the Sanity Bureau.”

“I don’t care who you are. Talk to me if you can speak human language, or just get out of my way.”

Qin Haodong totally lost his patience on this arrogant guy.


Gao Song was about to get irritated, but he eventually pushed it over when thinking about his mission today. He breathed deeply and suppressed his anger. Then he said, “I’m looking for you for something.”

“Then say it!”

Qin Haodong had already known that the thing Gao Song was going to say has something to do with Old Maldini. He and promised James, so he decided to give him another chance.

Gao Song said, “A super guest is coming to Jiangnan City, and wants to see you in specific. Now go to Jiangnan Hospital with me. But you can’t take the kid with you because you need to deal with the little fellow and go with me.”

He was going to tell Qin Haodong to have someone else to babysit the little fellow, but he was so furious that he said “to deal with the little fellow”, which was the worst way to offend Qin Haodong.

He took his daughter as his life, but now the guy before him was talking so abusive. “What’s to ‘deal with’?”

Qin Haodong screamed, “Get lost!”

“You…” Gao Song got yelled on, and his face turned red, but he still couldn’t understand where he was wrong. Seeing that Qin Haodong wouldn’t cooperate, he had no choice but to tell the whole story, “I’ll tell you young man, the one coming to Jiangnan City this time is Old Maldini.”

“Do you have any idea who Old Maldini is? Ordinary people would pay millions to see him just once. It’s an honor of your clan that he initiated the meeting with you…”

He was speaking nonstop, and Qin Haodong had completely lost his patience. He raised his hand and slapped the guy away. Then he brought the little fellow into the car.

Gao Song was completely stunned by the hit. He never thought Qin Haodong dared to slap him. He picked himself up from the ground in anger and rushed over to argue, only to see two big white dogs barking and blocking his way.

Damao and Ermao were yet to be mature, but they already had the aura of dog kings. Gao Song almost wet his pants. He rolled and crawled to his car.

“Damao, Ermao, get in the car!”

Qin Haodong called back the two dogs and drove away without turning back.

Gao Song returned to his car. He gnashed his teeth because of anger while seeing his swollen half of face. He wondered why an undergraduate from a Medical College dared to ignore the Deputy Director, and even beat him.

However, what was done was done. He totally screwed this up, and there was no chance for him to invite Qin Haodong. He could only go back to Jiangnan Hospital in a hurry and explained the situation to Pan Gaofeng.

Qin Haodong was just a student who had not graduated yet in his mind. It wouldn’t make any difference whether he was there or not even if Old Maldini came. Jiangnan City was known for its rich medical resources and famous doctors, and it wouldn’t be difficult to find several famous doctors to treat Old Maldini.

As long as he sent Old Maldini away, he would definitely teach the young man a lesson and have him suffer the consequence of offending a Deputy Director.

Thinking of that, he started the car and drove to Jiangnan Hospital.

When he arrived, a very luxury motorcade was parking in front of the hospital. Anyone of those cars was worth millions.

At the same time, the Director of the Sanity Bureau, Pan Gaofeng and the director of Jiangnan Hospital, Wen Changjiang, were meeting a middle-aged Caucasian.

The middle-aged man was in his 40s with a full beard on his face. He was in a nice dress, with a handmade Italian tuxedo on the top, and looked very proud. He was the butler sent by Old Maldini to Huaxia to make advance arrangements, named Kukok.

The most noticeable ones are the 20 bodyguards in black standing behind Kukok in a row. Their skin color varied from white, black, to yellow, but one thing they shared in common was that they were all very tall. Their bulging muscles made them look extremely strong.

Another character they shared in common was the red beret on their head, which looked a little weird.

Gao Song had seen plenty of bodyguards of the rich, but those were no match for the team in front of him now. He wasn’t a warrior, but he could still feel the murderous look giving out by those people. Obviously, all of them had experienced guns and bullets.

According to the arrangement of the Provincial Department of Sanity, Pan Gaofeng was here to receive Kukok who would arrive earlier. He was going to introduce those from abroad into the hospital when he saw Gao Song running alone to him. He frowned and said, “Director Gao, where’s Mr. Qin? I asked you to fetch him.”

“Director Pan. I went to fetch him as you ordered, but he was so unreasonable. He refused to come and beat me.”

Gao Song said as he raised his finger and pointed to his swollen half of face, “Director Pan, my face is still swollen. I don’t think it’s necessary for us to invite such an ignorant, arrogant, and violent undergraduate. I’ll tell his college to punish him, better to expel him from Jiangnan Medical College.”

“Nonsense. Qin Haodong is the one Mr. Maldini is looking for. The Ministry of Sanity ordered in specific to invite him here.” Pan Gaofeng glanced at him and said with dissatisfaction, “Did you irritate Mr. Qin?”

“No… I didn’t!” Gao Song mumbled.

Seeing him acting like this, Pan Gaofeng already understood what had happened. He knew clearly about what kind of guy his Deputy Director was. The man was too often too arrogant. He was a pick-thank before the leaders and a pretentious bastard in front of ordinary people.

He must’ve played the Deputy Director card, and pissed Qin Haodong off.

“Then I should go and invite him by myself.” After he said that, Pan Gaofeng turned back to Kukok and said, “Mr. Kukok, could please take a break in the meeting room? I’ll ask Mr. Qin to come over.”

“It’s fine, Director Pan. I’ll go visit him.” Kukok was no ordinary people, or he wouldn’t be Old Maldini’s butler. He knew six languages, including the Huaxia Language.

He just heard clearly what Pan Gaofeng and Gao Song was talking about, and he was very dissatisfied. Old Maldini was such an important figure that the leaders of all nations used to rush to receive when he visited them; however, the young man named Qin Haodong was turning him down today.

“Director Pan. Mr. Maldini sent me here in advance to solve various problems. You can leave it to me, and I’m sure I can take the guy, Qin Haodong, to the hospital in time.”

Pan Gaofeng said, “I’m afraid that’s not appropriate, Mr. Kukok. You’re the guest and the last one we should bother. I’ll go by myself.”

“No… no…” Kukok waved his hand and said, “Mr. Maldini is arriving Jiangnan City soon. His time was too precious to be wasted. I have to go by myself to ensure that Mr. Qin will come over. All you have to do is to arrange a guide for me.”

“All right then.” Seeing Kukok insisting to go, Pan Gaofeng gave up stopping him. He turned back and said to Gao Song, “You’ll be the guide of Mr. Kukok.”

“Yes, director. I’ll definitely lead Mr. Kukok to that young guy.”

After that Gao Song joined Kukok in the Rolls-Royce limousine. The 20 bodyguards behind got in the car, too.

They drove out of Jiangnan Hospital in the formidable array.

Gao Song called his classmate in the Public Security Bureau again and introduced the motorcade to the newly locked location of Daddy Security Company.

In the car, when seeing the two strong bodyguards next to Kukok, Gao Song thought it for a moment and said, “Mr. Kukok. The young guy, Qin Haodong was very arrogant and stubborn. He may turn us down even if you are there.”

Kukok was also a very proud man as the butler of Old Maldini. He said with great confidence, “It’s fine. I’m sure I can invite him, and won’t let him waste Mr. Maldini’s precious time.”

Gao Song asked, “What if he turned you down and won’t come at any price?”

Kukok smiled proudly, “It’s fine. My fellows are from the most famous Special Troop Red Beret in M Country. They’re strong enough to invite Mr. Qin to Jiangnan Hospital so that Mr. Maldini’s precious time won’t be wasted.”

Gao Song was happy inside. He had been slapped on his face by Qin Haodong just now, and he would definitely let those fellows of Kukok teach that arrogant guy a lesson later.

Qin Haodong had no idea about what was happening. He took the little fellow back to Daddy Security Company and let Nalan Wushuang took her to the bath. Then he gathered all the members of the company and check their cultivation progress.

Zhang Tieniu whistled as soon as he took Qin Haodong’s command. Those well-trained soldiers finished gathering in the training court of the company within 20 seconds.

The experienced elite troop gathered and gave out a strong murderous aura.

Qin Haodong walked around these people with his hands on his back. He checked them one by one, and nodded with satisfaction.

Those people had stepped into the world of warriors after they took the Marrow-Cleansing Pill. With their rich fighting experience and their own unique Tangmen skills, they could be well matched with the warrior in the Third Level of the Overt Power. Some of the excellent ones could even be equal to the Fourth or the Fifth level.

Hearing the noise coming from outside, Ma Wenzhuo, who was cultivating in his room, stopped to run outside. He yelled in surprise after seeing Qin Haodong, “Dong, I can control my strength now. How about we have a try?”

The Dragon Spell he practiced was a cultivation script, and he had reached the Foundation Realm. He had beaten up all the fellows in Daddy Security Company, which made him so confident that he wanted to have a try on Qin Haodong.

At the same time, the motor sound came along. 10 more luxury cars drove into Daddy Security Company. Soon after the cars were parked, Kukok got off the car and walked to Qin Haodong under the guidance of Gao Song, with those imposing bodyguards behind.

Qin Haodong looked at Ma Wenzhuo. He smiled and said, “Now, you’ve got enough people to play with.”