The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 137

Chapter 137 Niu God

Chapter 137 Niu God

Gao Song got off the car with Kukok, and swaggered to Qin Haodong, wearing his swollen funny face.

Before he arrived in front of Qin Haodong, he yelled to Qin Haodong arrogantly, “Young man, Mr. Kukok is here to invite you by himself. Refuse him if you dare.”

He was saying that to start the contradiction between Qin Haodong and Kukok, so that Kukok would let his Red Beret teach Qin Haodong a lesson and take him to Jiangnan Hospital. That was his revenge for the slap on his face.

Kukok frowned slightly, silent. He could tell Gao Song’s intention as a smart butler, but he didn’t care. In his opinion, he had come here by himself, and the young man would anyhow leave with him.

“Who are you, pig head? How dare you talk to my big brother like this?”

Ma Wenzhuo usually laughed and joked with Qin Haodong, but inside, he looked up to Qin Haodong much. He would never allow others to be disrespectful to his buddy.

Gao Song had been despised in succession today. Now he was furious for being called “pig head”. He pointed to Ma Wenzhuo and said, “Young man, who are you calling ‘pig head’? I’m the Deputy Director of the Sanity Bureau. I dare you to call me that once more!”

“Okay, stop arguing with that pig.” Qin Haodong raised his hand and stopped Ma Wenzhuo, who was about to lose his temper.

Gao Song was so angry, but Kukok was speaking at the same time, “Hello, are you Mr. Qin Haodong?”

“Yes, I am. Why are you here in my company? Can I help you?” Qin Haodong asked.

“Hello, Mr. Qin, I am Kukok, the butler of Mr. Old Maldini.” Kukok introduced his background and said proudly, “I am here to invite Mr. Qin to Jiangnan Hospital on behalf of my master. Please hurry up and leave with me. My master’s time is precious, you ordinary people could never imagine the loss in every minute.”

Qin Haodong frowned because he didn’t know it would be another arrogant man. Unlike Gao Song, Kukok might seem polite, but he had the arrogance in his bones. He looked down upon Qin Haodong, and even this country.

He asked coldly, “Mr. Kukok, do your master know you’re doing this?”

He asked him because he wanted to make sure this was all Kukok’s own idea. He would never treat Old Maldini if he was as arrogant as this, though he was a world-renowned financial giant.

Kukok smiled arrogantly and said, “I said my master’s time is too precious to get caught in this tiny work. He didn’t ask me to invite you, but I have to set things in advance for him as his butler.”

Actually, he didn’t know why Old Maldini wanted to meet Qin Haodong, and he had never heard about Qin Haodong’s magical medical skills from James, or he would not dare to be so arrogant.

Hearing what Kukok had said, Qin Haodong understood immediately that the guy was totally acting on his own will today. He said coldly, “Go back and tell your master. If he was here to see the doctor, he needed to come here and visit me on his own, instead of me going flattering him.”

Kukok’s face turned sullen. He said with a cool expression, “Mr. Qin, watch your tongue. My master is the world-renown Old Maldini.”

“Old Maldini?” Qin Haodong smiled coldly and said, “Your master is no nobler than even a beggar in Huaxia. He’s just an ordinary patient seeking the doctor’s help.”

Seeing Qin Haodong comparing his master with beggars, Kukok said with a gloomy face, “Mr. Qin, you are being very disrespectful to my master.”

Qin Haodong said indifferently, “Huaxia has always being a state of etiquette. But if you want us to respect you, you must learn to respect us at first.”

Kukok said ironically, “Mr. Qin, I hope that you can understand that your position is no match for Old Maldini’s. So you have to accept the invitation and go to Jiangnan Hospital with us, now.”

Gao Song cried out, “That’s right. You’re no more than a poor student. You’re so overwhelmingly honored for being wanted by Mr. Maldini.”

“Hurry up and go with Mr. Kukok, and don’t waste Mr. Kukok’s precious time.”

Qin Haodong glanced at Gao Song. The glance, with the cold aura, made Gao Song shivered and close up his mouth.

“I always think that men are born equal. If you insist on classifying us, I’m surely nobler than your master.”

The words are simple, but Qin Haodong said it in such a domineering and vigorous way, implying his pride as the Emperor Green Wood.

“That’s funny, you arrogant Huaxia person. How could you be a match of Mr. Old Maldini? You’re so madcap.” Kukok yelled at Qin Haodong, “Since you won’t cooperate, I have no choice but have you taken away by my bodyguards.”

“Bodyguard?” Qin Haodong laughed upon hearing Kukok’s words. He said, “Mr. Kukok, can’t you see that I’m running a security company? There’s no way for your bodyguards to take me away.”

“No… no…” Kukok waved his hand and said, “Mr. Qin, you are way too ignorant. Old Maldini’s bodyguards are all retired soldiers from the Red Beret. Those ordinary Huaxia bodyguards of yours would never be their match. There is nothing similar between them.”

The staff of Daddy Security Company was all standing behind Qin Haodong. They turned furious after hearing Kukok’s words, but none of them spoke because Qin Haodong was standing there, and they had to follow the discipline.

Qin Haodong looked at Kukok. He laughed out and said, “How about this, Mr. Kukok, of any one of your bodyguards could beat one of mine. I’ll go with you without any hesitation.”

“Mr. Qin, you just said that. I hope you can keep your words.”

Kukok said that he did not want to bind Qin Haodong to Jiangnan Hospital, because that would make Old Maldini unhappy, which would bring him in serious trouble.

“There’s an old saying in Huaxia, ‘what has been cannot be withdrawn’. I would surely keep my words. You can choose whoever in my yard and if you beat him, I’ll leave with you immediately. I’ll do whatever you want me to do.”

“Great, buddy. You’ll regret how arrogant you are.”

Kukok was so happy because, in his opinion, Qin Haodong’s fellows were no match for those tall and strong Red Beret special troops of his. He could choose one randomly and knock Qin Haodong’s fellow’s teeth off all onto the ground.

He turned back and talked to Captain Cassano, “Captain Cassano, you heard him. Time to show these Huaxia people how powerful the warriors from M Country are.”

Cassano was a Caucasian who was over two meters tall. His muscles are like iron-forged and he looked tall, strong, and imposing.

He was indeed capable because he used to be the captain of the Red Beret. He was tempted by Old Maldini with high salary; thus, he retired from the troops and became the captain of the bodyguards.

“No worries, Mr. Kukok. I can take care of all these Huaxia people. If I can’t teach him a lesson today, I’ll do the dog bark in front of everyone.”

He said and strode to Qin Haodong. Then he said arrogantly, “Young man, send me your most powerful bodyguard. I’m afraid I’ll kill him within one slap if he’s too weak.”

After that, Cassano laughed arrogantly, and those members of Red Beret behind him burst into laughter, too.

When he was done laughing, he said to Qin Haodong, “I’ve already told Mr. Kukok that you could choose anyone in this yard, and I’ll go with you if you beat anyone of them.”

Kukok glared and said, “Young man, you’re too arrogant, and you won’t be any more soon.”

He turned to look at the team of Daddy Security Company and saw Zhang Tieniu, who was standing at the back of the team. As a Huaxia man, Zhang Tieniu was distinguished because he was 1.90 meters tall, and that attracted Cassano’s attention immediately.

“I’ll choose the big guy. If I choose the short one, that may look like a bully, and you’ll think it’s unfair.”

Then he roared with arrogant laughter again.

“Zhang Tieniu, out!” Qin Haodong spoke loudly to the team.


Zhang Tieniu strode to Qin Haodong.

Qin Haodong said to him, “The M Country guy chose you. If you can’t knock him down within three moves, then all the bathrooms in the company will be in your charge later. Go wash the bathroom every day.”

As he said that, the staff of Daddy Security Company laughed out. All of them was holding the grudge and wanted to teach a lesson to this arrogant M Country guy. Now that he had chosen Zhang Tieniu, they had no way but to watch.

“Yes, boss. It won’t take me three moves; one will be enough!”

Zhang Tieniu’s voice was like thunder, loud, and confident.

He had been studying martial arts since he was a kid. When he grew up, he joined the army and became the Soldier King of the armies of Huaxia. He was well-known at once but later retired because of injuries. The injuries had been cured by Qin Haodong now, and he had taken Marrow-Cleansing Pill and practiced Tangmen skills. He had reached the peak of the eighth level of the Overt Power, and was one step close to the ninth level.

He would drown himself in the toilet if he failed to deal with a Red Beret with his cultivation level.

After he said that, Zhang Tieniu turned back and walk to Cassano.

Having seen the exact look of Zhang Tieniu, the arrogant Cassano was at first stunned. Then his face was full of fear, he asked with a shaking voice, “Are… are you Niu God?”

“I am Zhang Tieniu, who are you?”

Zhang Tieniu stopped and looked at the tall white man who seemed familiar, but he couldn’t recall.

“Niu… Niu God, aren’t you dead? Why are you still here, being a bodyguard?”

Now Cassano was sure the Huaxia man was Niu God who had been his inside ghost for a whole life.

When he joined the Red Beret Special Troops, he was soon promoted to the captain because of his excellent performance. His power could rank into the top ten in the whole Red Beret, which made him arrogant and confident more than ever.

Soon after, the Red Beret and the Sharp Sword Special Troops from Huaxia had a private communication. The Soldier King, Zhang Tieniu was the one sent by Huaxia.

Zhang Tieniu eventually knocked down five elite warriors from Red Beret in succession, one of whom was Cassano. He was punched on the chest by Zhang Tieniu. Three of his chest bones were broken, and he puked blood. It had taken him two months to get back in training.

The crushing defeat had been haunting him ever since. He was not the only one that had been shocked by Zhang Tieniu’s astonishing skills. All the Red Beret had been astonished. They admired Zhang Tieniu and feared him, so they called him Niu God.

Fortunately, Zhang Tieniu later retired due to injury, so Cassano never had met the fearful man again. Words on the streets that Niu God was dead, and since then, the haunting shadow gradually dispersed.

Even in his most scaring dreams, he had never dreamed of meeting Zhang Tieniu in a security company in Huaxia.

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