The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 140

Chapter 140 Maldini

Chapter 140 Maldini

After seeing Gao Song, Hou Weiguo immediately asked him, “Where is Qin Haodong? He didn’t come with you?”

Being questioned by the head, Gao Song replied nervously, “No…no.”

Hou Weiguo continued, displeased, “As a Deputy Director, you actually failed to invite a normal person?”

“I… I…”

Under the pressure from Hou Weiguo, Gao Song, cold sweats on his forehead, began to hem and haw and could not utter a complete sentence. Without a good excuse, he would lose his job if he spoke out the truth.

At the moment, Old Maldini asked Kukok, “What’s going on? Why didn’t you bring Doctor Qin here?”

James was confused why Qin Haodong did not come to treat Old Maldini as Qin Haodong had agreed to do so. He asked, “Why? What did my teacher say?”

Kukok was more honest than Gao Song, so, he told the truth. “It’s all my fault. I disrespected Doctor Qin.”

In brief words, he told them how he went to the Daddy Security Company to invite Qin Haodong, and at last, he added, “Sorry, master. I being arrogant and rude enraged Doctor Qin.”

On hearing the words, James was angry. “How could you treat my teacher like that? I told you to invite him not to threaten him with Red Beret. You even tried to bind him. Were you crazy? Didn’t you know how to respect a famous doctor?”

Kukok looked embarrassed, head down with shame, wordless.

Old Maldini was shocked. He knew very well how strong his bodyguard team was, which could be a match of the Red Beret, the present special force, so, he had not expected that a security company in Huaxia would beat up his team.

Finally, he realized that Qin Haodong was not simply a skillful doctor as he had thought.

After a while in silence, he said, “Kukok, you made a big mistake. You should apologize to Doctor Qin.”

Kukok answered, “Yes, master. I knew it’s my fault, and I apologized to him, but he did not accept it and said I was unqualified to talk to him. He also said…”

Kukok hesitated to continue his words as he did not know if it was ok to report what Qin Haodong had said.

“What else did he say? Tell me and not miss any word.”

From the beginning to the end, Old Maldini remained a gentle manner and did not reveal any trace of anger and displeasure.

“Doctor Qin also said that master should go to his door instead of asking him to go to see you since you came here for medical treatment and that he thought you no nobler than the beggars in this country.”

Hou Weiguo frowned at the words. He did not know much about Qin Haodong, but he believed that Qin Haodong’s arrogant words and the manner in treating Old Maldini with no respect would enrage this financial magnate.

When he was thinking about how to cool Old Maldini’s anger, as if deep in thought, this old man said, “Doctor Qin was right. I didn’t act like a man seeking for treatment. Moreover, everyone is equal, and I’m not nobler than beggars at all.”

Hou Weiguo let out a sigh of relief after finding out the magnate not angry, and he continued, “Don’t worry, Mr. Maldini, the south of the Yangtze River is always a place with the doctors of the best medical skill and noble virtues. Although Qin Haodong didn’t come to help you, we’ll have other excellent doctors for you.”

Hou Weiguo did not know what kind of disease Old Maldini had got, but in his opinion, Qin Haodong was just a college student, without whom, there would be other doctors to help cure Old Maldini. However, he did not consider that so many famous experts of the world medical societies had failed to cure the old man.

He said to Wen Changjiang, “Have you delivered the documents of Mr. Old Maldini to our experts? Have they got any therapeutic plan?”

Wen Changjiang knew very well how amazing Qin Haodong’s medical skills were, but he kept silent and just listened to others all the time for he knew he had no say in front of these big wheels.

Upon hearing the question, he answered, “Sir, a meeting has been held among all the experts in our hospitals, and they concluded that Old Maldini was not seriously ill and could be easily cured after an operation. But they also said that they could do nothing more than giving him an operation.”

With so many years of medical working experience, Hou Weiguo indeed knew some knowledge about medicine that operations were the only way to cure tumors in Western medical science. Thus, he continued to ask, “What about traditional Chinese medicine? Can we remove the tumors through it?”

On hearing the words, the depressed Gao Song immediately became active. “Sir, I have talked with the top three Chinese medicine practitioners in our city, and they will be here soon.”

He had been in official circles long enough to know that if he failed to have Maldini cured this time, he would lose his position as a Deputy Director. Even though he had some backers, they could not help him in respect of this matter.

For this reason, he had tried hard to make amends for his fault on the way to the hospital by calling the top three Chinese medicine practitioners in Jiangnan City to hurry to the hospital. Now, it worked.

Just as he finished his words, the door of the Vip room was opened and from inside came out three old men in long robes. They were no other than the three senior practitioners in Chinese medicine in Jiangnan City, Gao Fengwen, Shen Xiangfu, and Zhong Sihai.

As the leader of the health and medicine industry, Hou Weiguo and Pan Gaofeng were familiar with these three practitioners. They greeted them, and Hou Weiguo said to Old Maldini, “Mr. Maldini, they are the Chinese medicine practitioners with great achievement in our city. How about having them diagnose first?”

Old Maldini answered, “Great. I’ve heard the amazing effect of Chinese medicine for a long time. Today, I’d love to experience it myself.”

However, James showed an expression of disapproval for he thought no one could be his teacher, Qin Haodong’s match in terms of Chinese medicine.

Fully prepared, Gao Fengwen and the other two practitioners felt Old Maldini’s pulse one after another. Ten minutes later, they finished their diagnosis and received Hou Weiguo’s question. “Seniors, how is Mr. Maldini?”

Gao Fengwen took the lead to reply, “If I didn’t feel it wrong, this gentleman got a tumor in his head and suffered a lot from headache.”

Shen Xiangfu and Zhong Sihai nodded their approval.

Hou Weiguo looked excited at the words and pursued, “Then, seniors, you must know how to cure it since you’ve diagnosed it, right?”

However, Gao Fengwen shook his head at the words and said, “The best way to remove a tumor is an operation. Chinese medicine could not do much about it.”

Hou Weiguo asked with disappointment, “For some reasons, this gentleman could not have an operation. Couldn’t we use some other methods of Chinese medicine? Such as using herbs to eliminate the tumor.”

Shen Xiangfu answered, “No, that’s too hard to achieve. Back when Cao Cao suffered a headache from the tumor in his head, the divine doctor, Hua Tuo finally cured him through an operation. We three could do nothing more than that.”

James chimed in at the moment, “I told you, except for my teacher, no one else can cure him not through an operation.”

Everyone remained silent at the words. A moment later, Hou Weiguo said, “Well, I’ll go to ask Qin Haodong for help in person. For my sake, he may agree to come here with me.”

Old Maldini said, “No, Mr. Hou, I’ll go myself. Doctor Qin was right, a patient should go to see a doctor himself.”

. After saying this, he stood up and turned to Kukok, “Take me to Doctor Qin, please. I want to go with you. Remember to sincerely apologize to him later.”

As Old Maldini and his men started off to see Qin Haodong, Hou Weiguo, Pan Gaofeng and others followed them to the Daddy Security Company as they were not willing to wait at the hospital. Even the three practitioners were curious about the man who could cure Maldini, so, they also followed them in a car.

When these people parked their cars and were about to enter the Daddy Security Company, two guards stopped them at the gate.

Qin Haodong had guesses that Old Maldini would go to find him in his company, so, he had Zhang Tieniu waiting for them at the gate.

Seeing so many people arrived, Zhang Tieniu went over and asked, “Who are you? What are you doing here?”

Hou Weiguo answered, “I’m Hou Weiguo, the head of the Department of Sanity. I brought some distinguished guests to see Qin Haodong.”

“My boss is having a meal. Please follow me.”

After saying that, Zhang Tieniu led Old Maldini and others to the door of the dining hall.

“Please wait for a minute. I have to report this to my boss first.”

Zhang Tieniu walked into the hall and went back soon. “My boss is having a meal with his daughter. He told you guys to wait for him for several minutes.”

Hou Weiguo frowned and said, “Go back to tell Qin Haodong that Mr. Maldini is here. Ask him out to treat this gentleman quickly, and don’t waste his time.”

However, Zhang Tieniu said, “Our boss knew it was Mr. Maldini, but he said it was more important to accompany his daughter than treating Mr. Maldini. If you don’t want to wait, you can just leave now, otherwise, please wait here.”

Qin Haodong was right that Maldini would come in person, but just as he had said, a patient should be patient. Nothing was more important than accompany his daughter for a meal.

To others, Old Maldini might be a financial magnate with high status in the world, but, to Qin Haodong, the Emperor Green Wood, Old Maldini could not be a match of his daughter’s litter finger.

Hou Weiguo’s face darkened even more, and when he was about to say something, Old Maldini stopped him with saying, “Never mind, Mr. Hou. We’re here seeking for Doctor Qin’s treatment, so, we should wait. Isn’t there a Chinese story ‘Three Visits to the Hut’? Compared with the character in the story, we are lucky that Mr. Qin keeps us waiting just for a while.”

The old man was indeed broad-minded; he even laughed happily after saying the words. Since the old man did not complain about it, Hou Weiguo, Pan Gaofeng, and others could only wait there with him.

It was noon, and the sun was scorching, so it was very hot outside the dining hall as there was no air conditioner. Hou Weiguo and others sweated a lot standing in the sun.

Beads of sweat kept dropping down from Old Maldini’s bald head, but he looked cool, waiting quietly for Qin Haodong while wiping his sweats.

Hou Weiguo admired the old man’s patience in secret. “No wonder he could achieve a lot what others couldn’t. He is more patient than many others.”

About half an hour later, the door of the dining hall opened, and Qin Haodong came out holding Tang Tang in his arms, followed by Ma Wenzhuo and some other people.

“Hello, Mr. Qin.”

James immediately greeted Qin Haodong like a schoolboy after seeing him.

Qin Haodong nodded at him, satisfied with his student’s attitude toward him. He let Nalan Wushuang took Tang Tang for a nap and said to the waiting people, “Come with me.”

He led Old Maldini and others into a meeting room in his company. Sitting down, he asked, “Why did you come to find me?”

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