The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 148

Chapter 148 The Reason Of Asking For The Red Packet

Chapter 148 The Reason of Asking for the Red Packet

Qin Haodong looked at the Che Xiaoxiao in surprise. He smiled and said, “Beauty, what’s your reason for asking the red packet since this is our first meeting.”

Che Xiaoxiao laughed and said, “I have been sleeping with my Momo in the same bed for four years in college. It was me who made her chest so big. Now you just take her away. You should give me a big red packet.”

Lin Momo was unexpected that her best friend would make fun of her like this when she first met Qin Haodong. Lin Momo blushed on her cheeks and beat Che Xiaoxiao’s shoulder and said, “Bad girl, you are talking nonsense again.”

“Am I talking nonsense? That’s the truth. How could you have such a big chest without me?” Che Xiaoxiao impudently laughed and said to Qin Haodong with amusement, “When Momo was a freshman in college, she wore A cup, which was just a little better than the flat chest.

But with my hard work, when she was a sophomore, she wore B cup and C cup when she was a junior. When she was a senior, she wore D cup. Do you think it was my contribution? Should you give me a red packet?”

Qin Haodong laughed and said, “There is something in what you said, but I think that you are mutually beneficial. My Momo is also a little helpful to you.”

He said that with a glance at Che Xiaoxiao’s chest, “And I feel that you are more benefited. Since you have mentioned the red packet, you should also give one for Momo.”

“Well…” Che Xiaoxiao laughed and felt a bit dull. She didn’t expect that Qin Haodong’s words were so sharp. Then she smiled and said to Lin Momo, “Momo, your boyfriend has a good mouth, and I don’t know if you can stand it.”

Qin Haodong secretly thought that this woman’s words had a double meaning, and her taste was getting heavier and heavier.

She stood with Lin Momo. Although both of them were very beautiful, Lin Momo was cool and noble, and was like a pale white rose, while Che Xiaoxiao was hot and warm, like a fiery red rose.

Lin Momo said, “You hooligan start talking nonsense again. You should find someone who can control you, and then you dare not bully me in the future.”

“Lin Momo, how can you forget your friend and our four-year love of sleeping together when you have a boyfriend?”

As they were laughing and kidding, a waiter came up and said to Che Xiaoxiao with a smile, “Manager, the guest of No. 1 VIP room has arrived.”

“I see. I’ll be right there.” After talking to the waiter, Che Xiaoxiao turned to Lin Momo and said, “No. 1 VIP room has been reserved. I will arrange the No. 2 VIP Room for you. Go to your world, and I won’t disturb you.”

“Well, go ahead with what you are doing.” Lin Momo knew that as a general manager, how busy Che Xiaoxiao was. There were many guests need to entertain. So she said goodbye to her.

Che Xiaoxiao waved her hand and turned to Qin Haodong and said, “Handsome boy, you have to work hard and make Momo wear E cup next year.”

After that, she swung her sexy body and walked away.

Qin Haodong said, “I never thought you could have such a friend.”

“Why? Can’t I have friends?”

During the conversation, Lin Momo took Qin Haodong’s arm and familiarly walked to the hotel’s No. 2 VIP room.

“Of course you can. I just think there’s a big difference in personality between you two. You’re usually cold, but she’s like a flame.”

“Who says that people with different personalities can’t be friends? Maybe it’s because of complementary personalities that we can become the best friends.”

After a pause, Lin Momo said, “There are many things in common between us too.”

“Really? Why I don’t find that?” Qin Haodong said.

“Of course. In fact, although Xiaoxiao talked like a hooligan, her heart was still very pure.

“I know very much about the history of her love life. In high school, she had no boyfriend. When she went to college, she had a boyfriend. This was the only boyfriend she had made. Later, that man went to M Country. In the twinkling of an eye, it has been three years. But Xiaoxiao has been waiting silently for the man to come back.

“With her appearance and intelligence, many people have been chasing after her these years, including rich people, young people, and elites in all fields, but she has never been moved. She is just waiting for that person.”

“Oh! I’m surprised that she’s such a very dedicated person.”

The introduction of Lin Momo greatly changed Qin Haodong’s impression of Che Xiaoxiao.

As they walked slowly forward, Qin Haodong constantly praised the size of the hotel, which had private beaches and landscape mountains. It seemed both luxurious and tasteful.

No. 2 VIP room was one of the few rooms with seascape terraces in Dream Jiangnan Hotel. It was just a short distance from the seaside. The various sceneries on the sea gave people a feeling of dream and made them completely relaxed and happy.

The hotel was luxurious, with swish restaurants, lounges, small swimming pools, and all other kinds of facilities, and even a beach which was below a staircase.

The restaurant was located on the terrace. The waiter soon delivered the ordered dishes one by one. While tasting the delicious dishes, they enjoyed the sea view in front of them and felt very comfortable.

Beautiful scenery and beauty were in front of Qin Haodong. Looking at Lin Momo’s nearly perfect face, Qin Haodong sighed in his heart that he was lucky in his previous life. It was only at an accidental encounter that he met such a beautiful woman.

Feeling Qin Haodong’s burning eyes, Lin Momo said, “What do you see?”

“I am enjoying the beautiful scenery.” Qin Haodong laughed.

“Why do you look at me if you are enjoying the beautiful scenery?”

“The scenery outside is less beautiful than you. You are the most beautiful scenery in my eyes.”

“You are oily-tongued.” Although Lin Momo said so in her mouth, she apparently appreciated Qin Haodong’s praise very much. She picked up the glass and said, “Thank you for helping me today. Let’s have a drink together for today’s victory.”

“I have said that you don’t need to be so polite. You’re my woman, and of course, I will help you.”

Then, Qin Haodong raised his glass and touched with Lin Momo’s. They took a drink, respectively.

It was not sure whether it was because of the effect of alcohol, or because of Qin Haodong’s words, Lin Momo’s cheeks flushed and looked particularly attractive.

She said, “My second uncle is so annoying that they are ceaselessly targeting you.”

Qin Haodong said, “Because they know that only by breaking me down can they take the position of president.”

“Alas!” Lin Momo sighed and said, “Is this position really so important? If it weren’t for the Lin family, I am not willing to be the president. Sometimes I really wanted to give it up directly. Why do they grab it like this?”

“Everyone’s pursuit of life is different, the people with less capable prefer to try things beyond their abilities.”

Lin Momo said with a worried face, “I’m afraid they’ll come up with other ways to deal with you after the failure of today’s conspiracy.”

“It doesn’t matter. They are just a couple of jumping clowns. They can’t make big troubles for me.”

Qin Haodong said indifferently, and he did not really care about Lin Pingchao.

He said to Lin Momo, “Well, forget about it. What we have to do now is to happily enjoy life in our world.”

After dinner, Qin Haodong glanced at the swimming pool next to him and said, “Momo, let’s go swimming?”

During the conversation, his eyes constantly looked Lin Momo’s sexy body up and down, imagining about what she would look like in a swimsuit. It must be very beautiful.

Seemed to see Qin Haodong’s mind, Lin Momo said shyly, “Forget about it, let’s go back.”

“In such a good place, how can you go back when you have a meal?” Qin Haodong took Lin Momo’s hand and walked directly to the swimming pool beside.

The service of VIP room was really in place. There was a fitting room beside the swimming pool. There were various types and styles of swimming suits in it.

Qin Haodong changed a pair of swimming trunks and came out. He said to Lin Momo, “It’s your turn. It’s good for people’s health to swim and bask in the sun.”

Looking at Qin Haodong’s body, which had stomach muscles without excess flesh, Lin Momo felt her face become feverish. She gently answered and then went into the fitting room.

Originally, she wanted to find a conservative swimsuit. While she just looked around and found that there were all kinds of bikinis. She could not help but choose a black bikini.

After taking off her clothes and look at her perfect figure in the mirror, thinking that Qin Haodong was only separated from her by only a layer of glass, Lin Momo blushed and turned her head to look out.

The frosted glass in the bathroom was fuzzy. Only the outline of Lin Momo could be seen through it. At this time, Qin Haodong was comfortably lying on the reclining chair beside the swimming pool.

He didn’t peek at Lin Momo when she was changing clothes, because nothing could be seen through a layer of frosted glass. It was boring, so he lay down and just imagined. Thinking that the little fellow would make no trouble today, and thinking that he could kiss Lin Momo later, his heartbeat could not help but accelerate.

When Lin Momo came out wearing a sexy bikini, Qin Haodong could not help being mouth watered. With the white skin, exquisite figure and two perfect thighs, Lin Momo’s beauty was such as to overthrow cities and ruin states.

“What are you seeing? Haven’t you ever see me?”

After Lin Momo said that, she suddenly realized that she had made a mistake. Her body had been seen by Qin Haodong in the bathroom. When she thought of the shameful scene, her cheeks were getting hotter and hotter. She rushed to the swimming pool and jumped in.

Qin Haodong also jumped into the swimming pool, but after a few laps, both of them felt that the pool was too small to make fun.

“Let’s go outside, the sea will be more fun.”

Lin Momo nodded, and by this time, she had adapted. She left Qin Haodong to take her hand. They walked down the stairs to the beach together.

As a private beach of the hotel, there were not many tourists. First, they walked on the beach for a while, and then they fall into the embrace of the sea together.

Swimming in the sea was really much fun than in the swimming pool. Both of them were good swimmers. They swam in the sea for more than an hour before finally they reluctantly returned to the beach.

“I haven’t had such a swim for a long time.”

Walking on the beach again, Lin Momo took Qin Haodong’s hand and looked very excited. She had been devoted herself to the work of Lin’s Group for a long time. It was rare for her to have such a chance to relax.

“Well, are you tired?” Qin Haodong asked.

“A little.”

“Let’s go back. I’ll have a massage for you. You will feel more comfortable.”

Qin Haodong said with an unkind expression.

“Disgusting.” Seemingly being aware of the intentions of Qin Haodong, Lin Momo cast a seductive glance at him, but still kept holding Qin Haodong’s hand, walking towards the terrace direction.

At that moment, in another VIP room next to them, a man was standing on the terrace with a telescope, looking at Qin Haodong and Lin Momo’s every move.