The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 150

Chapter 150 Propose Marriage

Chapter 150 Propose Marriage

Che Xiaoxiao laughed and said, “It’s easy you want to drink. I wish I could accompany you to drink. Momo is not good at drinking. I will accompany you to have a good time.”

After that, she turned to Lin Momo and Qin Haodong and said, “All of You are the VIP of our hotel. This is just a misunderstanding, and get on with what you are doing.”

Qin Haodong no longer paid attention to Xue Anbang and left the Dream Jiangnan Hotel with Lin Momo.

Instead of inviting Che Xiaoxiao to drink, Xue Anbang turned back to his room.

Although he had many girlfriends and knew numerous women in recent years, he had never been so moved by a woman like Lin Momo. Although Lin Momo left today, he did not intend to give up.

“Is it clear? What are the origins of them?” he said to his butler.

“I have made it clear, Master,” the butler said, “The woman’s name is Lin Momo, the president of Jiangnan Lin’s Group, and the man’s name is Qin Haodong, a senior student of Jiangnan Medical College.”

“Student?” Hearing the identity of Qin Haodong, Xue Anbang could not help laughing secretly. Just now, he felt a kind of horror from Qin Haodong. Unexpectedly, as the young master of Xue family, he was frightened by a student.

The butler continued, “This Lin Momo is in love with Qin Haodong and has a child. I don’t think such a woman is a match for you, Master.”

“A child? You forgot my hobby, my favorite is mature women. Young girl is boring and does not understand the amorous feelings at all,” Xue Anbang said, “Anyway, I will get this Lin Momo.”

“Master, what do you want to do?” the butler asked.

“Don’t worry, I have my way,” Xue Anbang thought for a moment and said, “Lin’s Group in Jiangnan City? You have reminded me that one of my relatives is in Lin’s Group. In the past, he wanted to butter up with we Xue family, but we didn’t care about him. Now that we’re in Jiangnan City, let’s go and see him first.”

In Lin family, Lin Zhigao was holding the telephone with a gloomy expression, just like holding the charcoal. On the other side of the phone, Lin Xiaotian, the master of Lin family, was roaring at him.”

“Lin Zhigao, who gave you the courage to initiate two successive presidential replacement votes? Are you crazy? Don’t you forget that Momo is your niece, the president of the Lin family appointed by me?”

Today, what happened at the meeting of the board of directors made too much noise. Eventually, the news was heard by the old man. Lin Xiaotian was furious. He immediately called Lin Zhigao and scolded him.

No matter how stupid Lin Zhigao might be, he would not betray his son. He said, “Dad, it’s not my fault, it’s all made by Zhao Zhongchen.”

“Nonsense, do you think I am really old? Don’t think I don’t know your plan. I tell you, if you let me know that you’re doing things to Momo in private again, both you and your son will be driven out of Lin’s family.”

After that, Lin Xiaotian hung up the phone.

Lin Zhigao put down his cell phone gloomily and took up the red wine on the table and drank it.”

What’s the matter, Dad? Did he scold you?”

Compared with Lin Zhigao, Lin Pingchao was calm.

“It’s you who came up with the idea. The old man only scolds me when he knew it.” Lin Zhigao was quite dissatisfied.

Lin Pingchao laughed and said, “Winning or losing is a routine matter in the military. We just failed twice. Anyway, we haven’t lost anything. We think about it in the future.”

Lin Zhigao said frustratedly, “Play with yourself. I won’t do that with you anymore. If we do it again, the old man will drive me out of the house.”

“Look at you. Your son is braver than you.”

At this moment, a middle-aged woman dressed up in fancy clothes came in. She was Lin Zhigao’s wife, also Lin Pingchao’s mother, Zhang Xiuying.

“You blame me again, but your son came up with this idea. What’s the matter with me?” Lin Zhigao complained.

“This time there are some surprises, but, unexpectedly, Qin Haodong’s medical skills are so good that he not only cured Maldini, but also got a Certificate of Medical Practice.”

Lin Pingchao paused for a moment, and then his eyes became fiercely, “But so what? The president of the Lin family must be me, and I will get it anyway.”

Lin Zhigao said, “Son, don’t be impulsive. Just now, the old man said if he finds we do that again, he will punish us strictly.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t be impulsive. A watched pot never boils. Let’s slowly patiently play with Lin Momo.”

“Son, what do you want to do?” Zhang Xiuying asked.

“I haven’t thought about it yet, but there must be a way.”

Just after Lin Pingchao finished, their nanny ran in from outside and said to Zhang Xiuying, “There is a young man outside the door who said that he came from capital and is a relative of you.”

“A relative from the capital?” Zhang Xiuying paused for a moment, and then suddenly stood up from the sofa. “It’s must be my relative from the Xue family. Let’s go and have a look.”

Then, she ran to the door in a hurry. Lin Pingchao and Lin Zhigao looked at each other and followed her.

When Zhang Xiuying came to the door and saw Xue Anbang standing at the door, she cried excitedly, “Oh, it’s Anbang. Why don’t you call me first, so I can pick you up?”

“Second aunt, uncle, cousin, hello. Long time no see. This time I bring you some small gifts.” Xue Anbang, who acted as a gentleman, waved his hand and the butler behind him immediately took out a big red silk box.

“Anbang, we are a family. Why do you bring gifts?” Zhang Xiuying politely said, while she also asked the nanny to take the box. Then she enthusiastically asked Xue Anbang come in.

After Xue Anbang entered the house, he sat down on the sofa freely. Zhang Xiuying and her families sat with him and were all very polite.

The Xue family had some relations with Zhang Xiuying’s mother’s family, but the relationship was not close at all. When Lin Momo took over as president position, Zhang Xiuying wanted to seek help from Xue’s family and wanted to use the influence of Xue’s family to make his son take over as president.

Although Xue’s family was only a third-rate business family in the capital, it was absolutely a huge thing compared with Lin’s Group. As long as Xue’s family would help them, Lin Xiaotian would probably hand over the president to Lin Pingchao.

But when Zhang Xiuying arrived at Xue’s house, she was refused. Xue’s family was simply too lazy to take care of a distant relative like her. It had been several years since then. It never occurred to her that Xue Anbang came to her house on his own initiative today, which made her feel a little overjoyed and flattered.

After exchanging conventional greetings for a while, Zhang Xiuying asked, “Anbang, is there anything wrong with you since you come here this time?”

Xue Anbang said, “Long time no see, I miss aunt. So I come and have a look. By the way, there’s something small.”

“If you need any help, as long as we can do it, we will do our best,” Lin Zhigao said flatteringly.

Although they were very dissatisfied when the Xue family refused to help them last time, they did not dare to show it. After all, in their eyes, the Xue family was too strong.

“It’s not really a big deal,” Xue Anbang said, “This time I came to Jiangnan City to have fun. I met a very good girl in the hotel. I want to ask aunt to help me propose marriage to her.”

“Propose marriage? Do I know this girl? Besides, as your position, what kind of girl can make you find me to help?” Zhang Xiuying asked doubtfully. She did not expect that the reason of Xue Anbang’s visit to her house this time was to ask her help of proposing marriage. She felt confused.

Xue Anbang said, “This woman’s identity is somewhat special. It’s Lin Momo, president of your Lin family.”

“Lin Momo?”

Lin Zhigao’s families were so surprised that they opened their mouths wide. No one expected that Xue Anbang had taken a fancy to Lin Momo.

“Is there a problem?” Xue Anbang asked.

“Well…” Lin Zhigao and his wife looked at Lin Pingchao together. Although they were parents, this important matter still needed to be decided by their son.

Lin Pingchao said, “Cousin, no problem. We will take care of this. I will give you a reply tomorrow.”

“Thank you!” Now that the matter had been told, Xue Anbang did not stay any longer and turned away from the Lin’s house.

After seeing off Xue Anbang, Lin Zhigao came back and said sadly, “Son, why do you promise that? Now Lin Momo is not easy to deal with. If she and Xue Anbang were together, our family would be completely hopeless.”

Lin Pingchao laughed and said, “Dad, your perspective of thinking the problem is too single. Think about it. If Lin Momo really married Xue Anbang, will she still stay in Jiangnan City? Will she stay in Lin family?”

Lin Zhigao thought about it, and clapped his thighs and cried, “Yes, I didn’t think that if Lin Momo is married to Xue Anbang, she will go to the capital. It’s impossible for her to stay in the Lin family as president. The president’s throne will be yours without any competition.

Zhang Xiuying also understood the connection and said excitedly, “Great, it’s a chance that God gives us. Just now, we were worried about how to deal with Lin Momo. Now Xue Anbang has come to our door to ask for proposing marriage. God is helping Pingchao.”

But after a short excitement, Lin Zhigao said, “No, son. Now Lin Momo is in love with Qin Haodong. I’m afraid Xue Anbang will not have a chance to propose marriage.”

Zhang Xiuying said, “How can it be impossible? Xue Anbang is a member of the Xue family of capital. How can a doctor be compared with him?”

Lin Pingchao said, “Nothing is impossible. If I guessed right, Xue Anbang must have been refused by Lin Momo. So he came to our house to ask for help. He wanted to use the influence of elders in our family to get Lin Momo’s consent.”

Lin Zhigao said, “What can we do then? Your grandpa and your uncle spoil that girl very much. If Lin Momo disagrees, they will not force her.”

Lin Pingchao held his chin in his hand and thought for a moment. “It’s an absolute opportunity for us, but it really needs some time to get Lin Momo’s consent.”

Zhang Xiuying said, “Son, you have many ideas. We will listen to you, whatever you said.”

Lin Pingchao said, “Tomorrow, you ask Lin Momo to come out and have a meal with her. A friend of mine has a western restaurant. You go there. When you come to see her, you can go with Xue Anbang and let them meet there.”

Lin Zhigao said, “What’s the use of this? At that time, Lin Momo would not change her mind.”

Zhang Xiuying cast him a stern glance and said, “Why to be so hurry. He must have his idea.”

As expected, Lin Pingchao fraudulently said, “If Lin Momo agrees directly, it will be OK. If she doesn’t, let’s put some medicine in her wine and let Xue Anbang sleep with her directly. At that time, Lin Momo will have no choice but to agree with it.”

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