The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 154

Chapter 154 Yellow Is Valuable

Chapter 154 Yellow is Valuable

Lin Momo also said, “Yes, have you checked to see if there is any problem in it?”

These days, Lin Zhigao had been playing tricks behind their backs. She was afraid that this was another trick by Lin Pingchao.

An Biru said, “I went to the purchasing department and made a detailed investigation. There are some raw gemstones in stock at present, but they are all middle and low-end jadeite, and high-end jade has been out of stock.

“According to the company’s original plan, after the Jade exhibition, we are going to buy a large amount of raw gemstones from Myanmar with recycled funds to supplement the supply. But now the Jade Gang of Myanmar suddenly stopped selling to us, which led to the failure of the original plan.

“Now the situation is very grim. If we do not supply inventory to the Linshi Group, their high-end jadeite products sales will be interrupted, affecting the overall image and reputation of our group.”

“It’s really annoying,” Lin Momo said, turning his head to Qin Haodong to continue, “Now we can only use the goods in your hands.”

Qin Haodong said, “No problem. Now you, find me a ten stone-cutter and send them to Daddy’s Security Company with enough cutting machines. Tomorrow I will provide you with enough supplies. Then you can let the purchasing department talk to Nalan Wushuang.”

“It’s easy. You go first. I’ll bring someone later.”

Lin Momo asked Qin Haodong to go to the Daddy Security company to prepare for it and began to mobilize the group’s resources.

As a large group with the jade industry as its main part, the Lin Group had all kinds of cutting machines. There were many stone-cutters, too. Lin Momo chose ten of the best technicians and brought them to the Daddy Security company.

Qin Haodong was ready. He let Zhang Tieniu take people to guard the whole company, forbidding all unrelated people to enter. Then he took Lin Momo and ten stone-cutters into the broad underground warehouse.

When they entered the warehouse, they were slightly surprised to see the original stones. They did not understand why the inventory of the Lin Group was put here.

Lin Momo said to them, “From now on, you all listen to Qin Haodong’s command. You do whatever he says.”

Qin Haodong pointed at the raw gemstones and said, “Gentlemen, your task now is to dissect all the jade in these stones. To tell you the truth, each of these original stones has valuable jade. When cutting the stone, you must be careful not to damage it.”

After listening to him, a 50-year-old master with a big beard, Jieshi, said, “Mr. Qin, you can rest assured with our craftsmanship. We are all masters of this field, and we will certainly not do anything that will ruin our reputation.

“But, it’s unrealistic to have jade in every stone. I’ve been dealing with jadeite for most of my life. I haven’t heard of anyone who can see through whether there is jade in the stone.”

Qin Haodong said, “You don’t have to question this, just do as I said. As long as you cut these stones, everyone will have a 10,000 yuan reward.”

Reward gives people motivation. Originally, Master Zhang wanted to say something more, but when he heard the reward from Qin Haodong, he waved his hand and said to the other workers, “Brothers, start to work. Now that Mr. Qin has offered such a high price, we should try our best to live up to the reward.”

Hearing that there was a reward of ten thousand yuan for doing this job, others were very excited. They picked up the cutting machine one after another and went into work. For a time, the friction between the machine and the stone in the warehouse was deafening, and smoke and dust were everywhere.

Lin Momo pulled Qin Haodong aside and said, “Haodong, you told them all the secrets of the original stones, won’t it cause trouble?”

Qin Haodong said, “Even if I don’t say that, they will discover the secret after cutting the original stone. I might as well tell them earlier, so that they can be more careful when they work. These jade stones are of great value, we will lose a lot if they are damaged.

Lin Momo said, “You really have a point, but what if they spread it? Although these people are employees of the group, I am not sure that 100% of them can keep secrets.”

Qin Haodong smiled confidently and said, “Don’t worry, I have my own way.”

Just then, a cry came from the side: “Oh my God, look at my first stone, it has jade of glutinous rice…”

“My first piece also has jade, which looks like ice jadeite…”

“Be careful, this stone has jade, the quality is very good, do not make mistakes when cutting…”

Although Qin Haodong had long said that these stones were selected from the raw stone exhibition of the Feng family, each of them had its own fine jade.

But when they saw it with their own eyes it was another matter. Seeing the jadeite coming out of one stone after another, Lin Momo looked at Qin Haodong and said, “I really don’t know how you choose them. If Feng Tianda could see it, he would spit blood.”

“I have a special function to see if there are any good things in the stone,” Qin Haodong said and took her hand, waiking towards the stone pile. “Let’s find a stone to play with.”

Although all the stones were selected by him, there was one of them which belonged to the best of the best. It was full of spiritual energy. So he want to cutting it personally and see what kind of treasure it was.

He let Lin Momo stand to the side and then control the cutting machine to cut the stone. Under the powerful perception of the Spiritual Qi, Qin Haodong was much faster than those mature stone cutters. Quickly, a bright yellow flashed out from the cutting surface.

He let Lin Mo stand to the side and then control the calcite machine to cut the stone. Under the powerful perception of Spiritual Qi, Qin Haodong was much faster than those mature calcite masters. Quickly, a bright yellow flashed out from the cutting surface.

Qin Haodong picked up the basin next to him and poured clean water on the stones to wash away the chips. A bright color came into his eyes. It was bright yellow like grease which gave people a delicate, fragrant and attractive feeling.

“Yellow jade, God, it’s yellow jade!”

Lin Momo cried out in surprise.

“What? Is yellow jade very precious? Isn’t green jade the best?

Qin Haodong distinguished the stone entirely by Spiritual Qi. He did not know much about the basic knowledge of jade. In his original impression, the greener the jade was, the better.

“That’s not the case.” Lin Momo shook her head. She calmed down and then said, “The reason why people like green jade is entirely influenced by Empress Dowager Cixi of the Qing Dynasty.”

Later, there was the First Lady of the Republic of China, who also had a great preference for green jadeite, which led to the formation of people’s ideological awareness of the idea that green was the best, resulting in the worship of green jade. Many people believed that the greener the jadeite, the better the jade.

This led to the neglect that green jade can be divided into pure color and impure color, and its value could be high or low. Some people didn’t even know that there are red and yellow jadeites. Green had almost became a synonym for jade. In fact, red and yellow Jadeites were much rarer than green ones.

The formation of yellow jade must be accompanied by the existence of secondary mineral limonite in the process of its formation, which could be eroded and fused for countless years to form this unique color. Unlike red, blue, purple and green, the quantity of excellent yellow jade should be more scarce.

Lin Momo continued, “But in recent years, with the improvement of people’s appreciation ability and the change of their taste, the prominent decorative and personalized features of red and yellow jade are more and more popular in all aspects. Their warm tone characteristics are easy to reconcile with our Chinese skin color, which makes them more and more recognized by jadeite fans.

“Although in the jewelry market of jade, the natural value of yellow jade was lower than that of green jade, but it was only based on the equal quality. High quality yellow jade was much more valuable than green jade with inferior quality.

In fact, as early as the ancient China, bright yellow was the special color of the emperor, and yellow was the most precious color. Over the years, the fashion of vintage prevails in China. Once the best yellow jadeite comes out, it will be speculated to a high price. Therefore, there is no circulation of yellow jade in the market at all.”

Qin Haodong asked, “Which is more expensive, the yellow jade or the Imperial Green in the hands of the little fellow?”

“As far as the natural value of jade is concerned, the pure color of jade is of higher value. The golden and bright yellow jade is a very precious and superior jade, just as the value of yellow jade exceeds that of cultured white jade. The top quality yellow jade is very rare in the market and even rarer than imperial green.”

Qin Haodong said in surprise, “So, this jade is more precious than the Emperor Green?”

Lin Momo said, “You only cut a little now, and you can’t be sure. The specific value will not be known until you completely unravel it.”

“It’s simple. I’ll unravel it now.”

Then, Qin Haodong picked up the cutting machine and began to work on the stone. Ten minutes later, a basketball-sized yellow jade weighing about ten kilograms was exposed to the air.

He cleaned the Yellow jade with clear water, then carried the jadeite in his hands and asked, “What do you think of it?”

Lin Momo, with a frightened look on her face, reached out and touched the Yellow jade as if touching a rare treasure. She murmured, “Pure bright yellow, this is the best yellow jade.”

Qin Haodong had seen many rare treasures. Although this piece of yellow jade was precious, it was only a valuable stone in his eyes. He asked, “How much is this thing worth?”

“As far as I know, there hasn’t been such a big yellow jade on the market, so the price is not easy to determine, but I guess it should be more than 2.3 billion yuan at least,” Lin Momo said.

Qin Haodong smacked his lips and said, “Your words make me reluctant to sell it to the Lin Group. How about I leave this jade to my daughter as a dowry?”

“You’re even beginning to prepare our little daughter’s dowry?” Lin Momo said, “How about you selling it to me?”

Qin Haodong laughed and said, “What do you want it for? Do you want to make it your dowry when we get married?”

“Who said I was going to marry you?” Lin Momo stared at him and said, “Three days later, it will be Grandpa’s 80th birthday. I was worried that I could not find a suitable gift. Huang Jade implies a happy and prosperous year. So I want to make it into a decoration for Grandpa’s birthday.”

Qin Haodong said, “Well, then you can use it. I’ll give you this stone.”

“Haodong, thank you so much,” Lin Momo said gratefully.

Qin Haodong said, “You don’t need to thank me. Your grandfather is my grandfather. The most important thing is that the old man is kind to you. If it is your fucking uncle, I won’t sell it for any money.”