The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 155

Chapter 155 Parasites

Chapter 155 Parasites

Compared to this piece of raw gemstone, the rest of gemstones possessed less Spiritual Qi, thus, Qin Haodong lost his interest and left with Lin Momo.

He left Zhang Tieniu guarding the storehouse and told everyone not to leave or connect with the outsiders unless he gave an order.

After that, they got in their car and left Daddy Security Company. In the car, Lin Momo kept playing with the yellow jade. She loved it so much.

Qin Haodong asked her, “What do you want to carve it into for grandpa?”

“Hard to say now. We must find a master to design and carve it into a fine one, according to its color, material, and shape.”

“You must have some great carvers in your company, don’t you?” asked Qin Haodong.

“Yes, about a dozen of them. I’ll take the jade to them tomorrow.” Speaking of this, Lin Momo sighed softly. “To be honest, Master Su is the best among all the carvers in our city, but he rarely answers to others’ request. If he can lend us a hand, we can make the jade into a masterwork.”

Qin Haodong was surprised to hear that. “Couldn’t your group afford to pay for this master?”

Lin Momo answered, “It’s not about money but that Master Su has a bad temper. He never works for any company but all at home. He spends each month in carving only one item and charges for tens of thousands to millions of money. As he said, only the jades of high quality worth his work.”

“Is he so posh? How does he do it?” asked Qin Haodong.

“Very well. Only he could be regarded as a master among all the carvers in our city. And he could make it into top three among all the carvers in Huaxia.”

“Let’s go and ask this master for help. We can’t have this jade wasted in others’ hand,” said Qin Haodong.

“But he only takes orders in the first three days of each month. Now, it’s the middle of this month, and grandpa’s birthday is in three days. We can’t wait for him to the next month,” said Lin Momo.

After thinking for a while, Qin Haodong said, “There should always be exceptions. Tell me the master’s address, and I’ll visit him tomorrow. He may take the job after seeing my handsome face.”

“Come on!” Lin Momo rolled her eyes at Qin Haodong but still sent Master Su’s address to his phone.

“You must take your time tomorrow. We only have three days left, and if Master Su doesn’t take the job, I’ll ask others in our company to do it.”

Qin Haodong answered, “Don’t worry. Consider it done. We can surprise grandpa by then.”

Early in the next morning, Qin Haodong did not go to the company with Lin Momo but drove to Master Su’s house according to the address Lin Momo gave him.

It was a secluded courtyard, refined though not luxurious, which corresponded Master Su’s temperament.

A woman about fifty opened the door after Qin Haodong knocked it and looked disappointed when seeing Qin Haodong. “Who are you looking for?” she asked.

“Is this Master Su’s home? I’m here asking if he’d love to help me carve a jade.” Qin Haodong explained.

The woman did not answer the question but beat the door when Qin Haodong saw a note stuck on the door besides. It was so inconspicuous that he did not notice it before.

On the note, it wrote “Busy with the family business and no orders will be taken”.

“Ms, please tell Master Su I have a treasure worthy of his work.”

As Qin Haodong said that, he opened his bag and showed the yellow jade to the woman.

The woman was Master Su’s wife, Li Yue. She had been with Master Su for so many years that she got an insight to know the jade was unusual at a glance.

Nevertheless, she sighed and said helplessly, “Young man, to tell you the truth, my husband would love to help you if it were past since it’s such a fine jade, however, something bad happened to our family, so, you may have to turn to someone else for help.”

Seeing the gloomy expression on the woman’s face, Qin Haodong knew she didn’t lie. Since it was so, he decided to give up.

Thinking of this, he said goodbye to Li Yue and was about to leave. Right then, he saw a black Audi A6 drive near and stop at the gate. The door of the car was opened, and from inside came out an old man in a long robe with a medicine chest in his hand. The man was no other than Gao Fengwen, whom Qin Haodong had met several days ago.

“Mr. Gao, here you are. My husband and I are waiting for you.”

Li Yue stepped forward after seeing Gao Fengwen.

Gao Fengwen nodded at Li Yue, and when he saw Qin Haodong beside, he walked to him in a hurry and asked, “Medical Sage, how come you are also here? Master Su asked you to attend his son as well?”

“No, I came here because I got a good jade and wanted to ask Master Su for help. But he is busy now, so, I’m about to leave.”

Speaking of this, Qin Haodong suddenly realized the bad things Li Yue referred to was her son’s illness. “Seems things change for the better. I can cure most of the diseases in the world.”

Sure enough, hearing his words, Gao Fengwen immediately said, “Medical Sage, since you are here, why don’t you go to see Master Su with me? I may count on you if I can’t cure his son.”

Gao Fengwen respected and admired Qin Haodong’s medical skill from the bottom of his heart. He talked to him in a respectful manner even though Qin Haodong had refused to accept him as his student.

Li Yue was stunned standing beside. She knew Gao Fengwen very well as he was a friend of her family. In her opinion, Gao Fengwen was a top figure among Chinese medicine practitioners in the south of the Yangtze River, just as his husband among all the engravers.

However, such a powerful man addressed a young man so respectfully and even called him Medical Sage. Who was this young man exactly?

As if he could read Li Yue’s mind, Gao Fengwen explained to her. “This is Doctor Qin, Qin Haodong, absolutely a Medical Sage in our city. He is much better than me at medical skill. With him here, your son will be fine soon.”

If someone else told her the young man was a medical sage, she would definitely not believe in the words. However, she deeply trusted Gao Fengwen. Thus, she stepped forward and said to Qin Haodong, “Doctor Qin, would you go to see my son? Please save him.”

“Sure.” Qin Haodong had a passion for helping the weak, so, he promised her immediately. “What’s wrong with your son?”

Li Yue sighed and answered, “My son had been healthy and strong since he was a child. However, not long ago, he fell ill after a vacation in Africa with his friends. He has got a high fever.

“We’ve taken him to the hospitals to see doctors, but no one knew the cause of the disease. We were desperate. My husband thought Chinese medicine might work, so, we took our son home and asked Mr. Gao for help.”

“Show me the way, Mrs. Su. We’ll check his situation.”

Following Li Yue, Qin Haodong passed a yard and entered a bedroom.

The room was spacious, and a young man about twenty lay unconscious on the bed, pale and weak.

A middle-aged man about fifty sat the head of the bed, stooping with his face full of worries. He was no other the great engraver in the south of the Yangtze River, Su Haichuan, and the young man lying on the bed was his son, Su Xiaolong.

Seeing Gao Fengwen walking in, Su Haichuan immediately stood up to welcome him, but when he saw Qin Haodong walk ahead of Gao Fengwen, he frowned.

As he thought, Qin Haodong should be Gao Fengwen’s apprentice who came with him. It was too impolite to stride ahead of his master.

However, at this moment, he could not bother to think that but grasped Gao Fengwen’s hand and said, “Brother Gao, please take a look at Xiaolong. We only have this son, please save him.”

Gao Fengwen looked back at Qin Haodong awkwardly, but Qin Haodong waved him to go on.

Seeing that, Gao Fengwen went forward to Su Xiaolong’s bed and began to take his pulse. He wanted to find out what disease Su Xiaolong had so that if he failed to cure it, he could learn how to treat it from Qin Haodong.

As time went by, Gao Fengwen frowned harder, and this time, he didn’t withdraw his hands until five minutes later.

“Brother Gao, how is Xiaolong now? Could you save him?” Su Haichuan asked nervously.

“Some of his organs have been damaged, and his pulse beat strangely. I can’t tell what disease he has.”

He paused for a second and continued, “I’ve read from an ancient book that bugs can cause one’s pulse beat like this, but it didn’t say how to treat it. I’m afraid there is nothing more I can do.”

On hearing the words, Su Haichuan collapsed on the chair with his eyes full of desperation and sorrow. Though he was a well-known and rich master, he could not afford to lose his son.

“Don’t worry, Brother Su. Though I don’t know how to cure Xiaolong’s disease, Medical Sage can. He is right here.”

“Medical Sage?” Su Haichuan’s eyes lit up a bit, but he did not understand Gao Fengwen’s words and looked at him with confusion.

Gao Fengwen looked back and said to Qin Haodong, “Medical Sage, I can do nothing about this. Could you please help this son?”

The words shocked Su Haichuan, who did not expect that Qin Haodong was not an apprentice but the Medical Sage Gao Fengwen mentioned.

Qin Haodong walked to Su Xiaolong’s bed, stretched out to take his pulse, and infused a wisp of Green Wood Genuine Qi into him.

With the Qi working as his eyes, he checked the entire body of Su Xiaolong within more than ten seconds.

Gao Fengwen was right. Su Xiaolong was suffering from a bug disease. At the point, all of Su Xiaolong’s internal organs were invaded by tiny white bugs. They laid eggs inside him and reproduced, causing the damage of his organs and putting him in a coma.

The bugs were very strange. They parasitized in his body but did not get into his blood. Besides, they were so tiny as to transillumination check, and blood tests could not find their trace.

Although Su Haichuan was unfamiliar with Qin Haodong, he still asked with great hope, “Doctor, how is my son now? Can he be cured?”

Qin Haodong replied, “Have your son eaten anything unclean? His internal organs are totally parasitized by bugs. They are consuming his body and energy. He will lose his life in three days without timely treatment.”