The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 169

Chapter 169 Unreliable Teammates

Chapter 169 Unreliable Teammates

It had been over seven days after he was back in Huaxia. He had visited almost all Chinese medicine practitioners in Jiangnan City, and had taken plenty of afrodyn, but none of that seemed to work.

Thinking of that, Wang Bao shook his head like he as going to shake off the depression. He forced himself to move his eyes away from the beautiful woman to the counter of Daqin Jewelry.

“Why goods here so few?” After the three jade products sold in succession, there were only 17 exhibits left in the broad counter, making the counter look extremely empty.

“What the heck? Why so expensive?” Wang Bao was startled upon seeing the tag of the products. He had been traveling around these years and he had seen lots of things. He had been too numerous jewelry exhibitions but was still shocked by the price.

“Hey gorgeous, pass me that gemstone necklace.” Wang Bao said to Nalan Wushuang.

Before Nalan Wushuang spoke, Qin Haodong patted on Wang Bao’s shoulder. He held a dragon-shape jade pendant and said, “Sir, please check this jade pendant, it fits you so well.”

Wang Bao turned back and looked Qin Haodong, then he focused on the jade pendant. It was made from a piece of light green jade which was as crystal as ice. It had a flying dragon sabring its claws on it. It looked divine and was definitely a masterpiece.

He took over the jade pendant and said, “Nice work, but nowadays no one wears this stuff anymore.”

Qin Haodong smiled and said, “You have to try it on before making the final decision. You can feel it on you, and you may never want to give it up ever since.”

“Just kidding, but it’s just a piece of an exquisite jade pendant, it’s not like drugs. Why would I be addicted to it and could never give it up?”

Wang Bao said while hanging the dragon-shaped jade pendant on his waist. He felt the warmth rising from there immediately. His “little soldier”, which had been frustrated for months, was immediately brought back to life and was ready for the fight.

“Gosh, what happened?”

Wang Bao nearly jumped up in shock. He had felt the taste of being a man in charge during the past few months, and now in surprise, his lost manhood was brought back again. He felt so excited that he nearly cried out.

“What happened? Is it because of this stuff?”

Like the Hong Kong businessmen, Wang Bao took the jade pendant off and put it on. Several times later he was sure the jade pendant was the reason why his little soldier could stand up again.

Qin Haodong was watching Wang Bao from aside, smiling. The dragon-shaped jade pendant was attached with an anti-curse spell, which could encounter the curse on Wang Bao. That was why Qin Haodong recommended it.

After he calmed down, Wang Bao asked Qin Haodong, “Little brother, what’s hapenning?”

“If I am right, you’ve been cursed by someone, and that jade pendant happened to have the function of expelling the curse, so it fits you well.”

“Little brother, no, master, I did have been cursed. Is it possible that I can be saved?”

Wang Bao looked at Qin Haodong with high expectations. He had been wandering and visiting lots of Taoists and masters recently, none of which had any idea about how to remove the curses on him, now he finally saw hope. No wonder he was so excited.

Qin Haodong said, “It’s very simple. You can put it on for three months and all the evil spirit on you will be expelled.”

“How much is it, master? I’ll have it.” Wang Bao asked excitedly.

“100 million yuan, no bargain.”

“Well… that’s a bit too expensive.”

Qin Haodong said lightly, “It’s not expensive if it’s worth the price. You can’t have yourself cured in other ways even if you have one billion. Then you would have no other option but to serve as a eunuch in the palace. I’ll exhibit it for just one day and if someone buys it later, you would never have the opportunity again.”

“Well…” Thinking of the grievances and pains he had been suffering these days, Wang Bao clenched his teeth and said, “Fine, 100 million is our deal. I’ll have it.”

He said as he was going to the cashier to pay, but Qin Haodong stopped him and said, “What’s the rush? This ring fits you as well.”

Qin Haodong took out a gemstone ring out of the counter while he was speaking, and gave to Wang Bao.

Wang Bao took over the ring and put it on, yet this time, unlike the immediate effect of the dragon-shaped jade pendant, he couldn’t feel the difference.

“Master, what’s good in this ring?”

Qin Haodong said, “In fact, I am a doctor who happens to know some magic tricks. I see you drain yourself up during these years, and even if the curses on you can be removed, I’m afraid you could no longer father any children.”

“Please save me, master!”

If there hadn’t been that many people around, Wang Bao would kneel down and kowtow to Qin Haodong immediately after he heard that.

He had been living an indulging life since he was a teenager because his family was rich. He had slept with countless women which had totally worn himself out. The doctor told him three years ago during a physical exam that his sperm ratio was low and would definitely be infertile.

As he grew older, his needs to have a family and kids grew as well. He wished Qin Haodong could cure the two diseases at once.

He said eagerly again, “Master, please cure me, no matter how much it costs.”

Qin Haodong said, “That ring can give you the supply of Yang constantly, and would fix you within one year, as long as you can discipline yourself. You can soon be a dad.”

“Great, master, how much is it? I’ll have it!”

“It’s affordable, only 50 million.”

“Well, I’ll pay for it.”

Wang Bao said and rushed to the cashier in haste.

Lin Momo and others were stunned. Later they felt it funny because the scene looked quite familiar. It was like television funny show.

Qin Haodong created a turnover of 150 million in a blink. That was beyond the reach of even the best salesman in this world.

At the cashier, Lin Zhiyuan and Lin Zhigao opened their eyes widely upon hearing Wang Bao was giving 150 million to Daqin Jewelry all at once.

Li Zhiyuan then looked excited while Lin Zhigao’s eyes were full of jealousy. He wished he could rob the money and give it to his son, but Wang Bao said it clearly that the money was for Daqin Jewelry, so he couldn’t possibly do anything about it.

Lin Pingchao had seen it and he was so jealous. He felt anxious and wondered why the guy Feng Tianda looked for still didn’t show up.

He might’ve gone mad if he knew Wang Bao was the capper sent by Feng Tianda. The only problem was that he had spent all the money on Qin Haodong, and that was the 300 million yuan he gave.

Wang Bao paid the bills and wore the jade pendant Qin Haodong gave to him on his waist. Then he put the gemstone ring on his hand. Till then he realized that he was the capper of Pingchao Jewelry.

He grabbed his card and went to Lin Pingchao, then he bought some random stuff with the 150 million he left. At last, he left the jewelry store in a hurry.

All the people in the jewelry store were stunned. They wondered what Wang Bao was here for, and if it was just because he had too much money.

Lin Pingchao’s turnover increased by 150 million, which made him happy and confused as well. He thought Wang Bao was Lin Momo’s capper, but later the guy spent as much as he had spent in Daqin Jewelry, 150 million. Whose capper was he?

Lin Momo and other people were also confused. She saw Wang Bao buying pointless goods in Pingchao Jewelry, and she was sure he was a capper, but why would he spend 150 million in her place if he was Lin Pingchao’s capper?

No one could imagine that Qin Haodong earned the 150 million on his own.

Wang Bao was scared as soon as he left the store, because he had no idea how to explain the extra 150 million he had spent.

Later he moved on over it because he thought his health was the first priority. He would go back and tell his parents about it, then let them raise the money and give it back to his cousin.

Thinking of that, Wang Bao went back to his home instead of going to Feng Tianda. He was so afraid of Feng Tianda that he turned off his phone.

It was already afternoon and Pingchao Jewelry was still 90 million behind Daqin Jewelry in sales.

Lin Pingchao was really anxious this time, he dialed Feng Tianda’s number and asked, “Mr. Feng, where’s the man you send?”

Feng Tianda answered surprisingly, “I’ve already sent my cousin there. I asked him to spend 150 million in your place and send another guy to spend another 150 million, but he isn’t back yet.”

Upon hearing that, Lin Pingchao’s heart almost lost a bit, he asked anxiously, “Is your cousin around 1.7 meters tall, in a plaid half-sleeved shirt, dark blue jeans?”

“Yes, that is my cousin Wang Bao.” Feng Tianda asked, “Have you seen him?”

Lin Pingchao said, “If that was your cousin, he did have come.”

“Well, that’s fine. I asked him to spend 150 million, did he do that?”

Lin Pingchao said with a pale face, “He did have spent 150 million here, but I don’t understand why he spent 150 million in Lin Momo’s place.”

Feng Tianda asked in surprise, “Wang Bao spent money there? That’s impossible, I asked him to bring the money back.”

“Stop that impossible crap. I saw it on my own. He did have spent 150 million in Qin Haodong’s place, and buy two things.”

“Is he insane?” Feng Tianda was stunned and asked, “Don’t worry, I’ll can him now.”

He said and hanged up Lin Pingchao’s phone, then he dialed Wang Bao’s number.

“Sorry, the number you dialed has been turned off.”

Feng Tianda dialed a few times, and it was always the same reminding tone repeating over and over.

“What the heck, the lad was so not trustworthy!”

He swore annoyedly.

He wasn’t afraid of Wang Bao debying his debt because his aunt held assets worth more than one billion, although that might be no match of Feng’s Group. The problem now was that he couldn’t raise that much money within such short notice.

At the moment Lin Pingchao called.

“Mr. Feng, how is it going? Please call me! It’s urgent! We’re still 100 million yuan behind Lin Momo!”

Feng Tianda said, “I don’t know where Wang Bao had gone. He even turned off his phone. I don’t know what to do, either.”

Lin Pingchao got mad upon hearing that, and he yelled, “Mr. Feng, how can you do that? Get me 150 million, no matter how, or I’m definitely losing it.”

Feng Tianda said annoyedly, “The time is too short. Where can I find so much cash? I have to get the permission of the borders even if I get the money from the company, and I won’t have it until tomorrow.”