The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 18

Chapter 18 Nalan Wufeng

Chapter 18 Nalan Wufeng

Zhang Dazhi finally picked himself up from the ground after the guards left. He glared at Qin Haodong with grudge and said, "How dare you hit me? Do you know who I am?"

Qin Haodong didnt say anything. But he had disdain at his mouth corner. He had no interest in Zhang Dazhis family background at all. No matter how noble Zhang Dazhi was, he would be no stronger than an ant in the eyes of Emperor Green Wood.

Zhang Dazhi thought that Qin Haodong was afraid, so he continued, "You messed up with the Zhangs? Just wait to get wiped out from Jiangnan City."

Nalan Wushuang looked sharp, and she said, "Zhang Dazhi, Doctor Qin is an honored guest of my family. If you keep being so rude to him, your father wont be able to protect you!"


It was true that Zhang Dazhi wasnt courageous enough to face the Nalans. He humphed and glared at Qin Haodong with his vicious eyes, then he left resentfully.

Nalan Wushuang thought Qin Haodong was scared by Zhang Dazhi when she saw him silent. So she tried to comfort him, "Doctor Qin, dont be afraid. Just tell us if Zhang Dazhi comes to make you trouble, my family wouldnt let him go easily."

"Afraid?" Qin Haodong shook his head in disdain. He smiled and said, "No one in the world could scare me. I am just curious how could a grumpy woman like you have admirers."


Nalan Wushuang stamped heavily on the ground, then she turned over and walked forward. Soon, the two arrived at a broad yard which was much more heavily guarded than other places, thus it could be seen how the Nalans was respected in the military area.

Behind the gate was the yard in which there were a Mercedes-Benz bus and five luxury cars. Each of those cars was worth millions.

The most eye-catching one was a brand-new black sports car. It looked beautiful, and aggressive. The most amazing part was that the car had not been painted, and it had original patterns of carbon fiber all over, looking both luxurious and quaint.

"God, this is Lamborghini Centenario!"

Nalan Wushuangs mouth was widely opened because of surprise. She walked fast to the black sports. She felt the car with her hands, eyes filled with admiration.

Qin Haodong was not a luxury car fan, so he rubbed his jaw and asked, "Is it expensive?"

Nalan Wushuang explained while she was admiring the car, "Its more than expensive. Its a new edition designed to commemorate the 100th birthday of the companys founder. The car is worth more than 40 million and there were only 40 of them were produced in total."

"Its so expensive!"

Qin Haodong was still shocked by the price even though he wasnt interested in luxury cars at all. It was worth more than the Korean Ginseng in his hand.

Nalan Wushuang said, "Its expensive, but its worth the price. The car can accelerate from 0100 km/h in 2.8 seconds, and the highest speed could reach 350 km per hour. It has a braking distance of 30 m"

She was such a fan of sports cars that she couldnt even stop talking.

Qin Haodong said, "Lets go to visit your grandpa."

Then Nalan Wushuang realized Qin Haodong was invited here to treat Nalan Jie. So she took a few pictures of the Lamborghini Centenario with her phone, and left unwillingly, then she introduced Qin Haodong inside.

In the big hall, Nanlan Jie was wearing his cozy practice uniform, sitting on the broad leather couch. A young man in his twenties was bending before him.

Behind the young man, a tall and beard foreigner was standing, and he looked quite proud. He had seven or eight people around him which might be his assistants, all with medical equipment and tools in their hands.

"Grandpa, this is Dr. James, the most famous expert in chest and lung of the World Medical Association in M Country. I invited him here to diagnose you."

The young man was talking to Nalan Jie respectfully. Hes the grandson of Nalan Jie, Nalan Wufeng.

Nalan Jie had four sons. The eldest son, Nalan Hongfei was a politician in the central government of Jiangnan Province; the second son, Nalan Hongxiang and the third one, Nalan Hongjun had taken their own positions in the army, and the youngest one, Nalan Hongyi, ran a business worth trillions.

Nalan Wufeng was son of Nalan Hongxiang, and also the eldest grandson in the family. But he had neither learning or skills. He did nothing but drinking, eating and playing every day. So Nalan Jie didnt like him.

However, as discursive as he was, he knew his grandpas position in the family, and he knew he should try everything to flatter him. That was why he spent so much inviting Doctor James from M Country to cure his grandpas disease.

"Forget it, my disease is out of his capacity. Ive already had Doctor Qin here, just let Doctor James go back."

Said, Nalan Jie.

With the financial resources of the Nalans, they had invited numerous famous doctors these years, but all of them were at the end of their wits when facing Nalan Jies disease. He had lost his patience on those so-called "experts".

Nalan Wufeng felt nervous upon hearing he said that. He explained in a hurry. "Grandpa, Doctor James is not an ordinary one. He is the core member of the World Medical Association. I used a lot of connection to invite him here. He is way better than those ordinary doctors, just let him treat you, please."

It had cost him countless efforts and money to invite James to Huaxia. He promised one million USD for the consultation. He wouldnt let his efforts lead to no end, so he shot a glance to Wang Dawei, a health doctor standing behind Nalan Jie.

Wang Dawei read the glance and bent to whisper to Nalan Jie, "Doctor James was indeed famous. Ive read lots of his papers on journals, and he specialized in treating lung disease. Just let him try, or youll let Wufeng down."

Nalan Jie considered for a while and said, "Well, Ill let him try just because hes already here. But let him do it faster, dont make me delay Doctor Qins diagnose."

Seeing the old man agreed, Nalan Wufengs face was lightened up. He turned over and said, "Doctor James, please."

James nodded with pride, then he waved his hand. His assistants prepared all the instruments and were going to examine Nalan Jie.

Those foreigners were getting busy, Nalan Wufeng went to Wang Dawei and whispered, "Brother Wang, who is the Doctor Qin grandpa talked about?"

Nalan Wufeng felt curious by the second time Nalan Jie mentioned Doctor Qin, because he had never seen his grandpa trust and respect a doctor so much.

"I havent met him, either. Miss Wushuang went to pick him up. I heard he was a Chinese medicine practitioner. Yesterday he let Master bathed in herbs for 12 hours."

"Traditional Chinese medicine! Does it really work?" Nalan Wufeng looked disdainful.

He had been sent out of the country to be educated in the west since he was ten, and he was back to Huaxia just years ago. Its natural that he had no good impression of Chinese medicine.

When Qin Haodong and Nalan entered the house, they saw James and his assistants working busily around Nalan Jie.

Nalan Wushuang halted for a second because she couldnt recall any plan involving other doctors coming to treat her grandpa. "What are those foreigners doing here? Whats happening?"

She was going to ask but was stopped by Qin Haodong.

Qin Haodong took Nalan Wushuang to the corner, because he wanted to see how Western medicine would treat meridian infarction.

All the attention in the house had been caught by Nalan Jie, and no one had noticed the two had entered.

Indeed, James team was very effective, and a large stack of medical data was sent to him soon.

He checked the text result page by page. Nalan Wufen went towards and asked, "Mr. James, hows my grandpa doing?"

"Its really bad. His lungs cells are largely necrosis."

The bearded foreigner opened his mouth and spoke fluent Chinese language. It sounds rough but most part of it could be understood.

Qin Haodong slightly frowned. So the western medicine practitioner took the meridians infarction parts as necrosis ones.

"What should we do? Can it be cured?"

Nalan Wufeng asked.

"The World Medical Association holds the worlds most advanced medical technology, and I am the best chest and lung specialist in the medical association. Although this disease is a bit more complicated, its still curable."

James said with a proud face.

"That would be great, thanks, doctor James!" Nalan Wufengs face was brimmed with joy. If the doctor he found cured Nalan Jie, his position in the family would soon be promoted, much better than the awkward position he was in now.

"Doctor James, whats the therapeutic plan?"

"Surgery! Surgery is the best way to treat him. The necrotic parts have to be removed to prevent the lesion from expanding further." James explained to Nalan Wufeng. "Just contact with the best hospital in Huaxia. Ill perform the surgery, and the chance of success is over 95%."

Nalan Wushuang couldnt stand it anymore, she stepped forward and asked, "Lungs are nothing like appendix! How could it be removed so easily? It will cause major damage to my grandfather."

See Nalan Wushuang appearing, Nalan Wufeng smiled, and asked, "Wushuang, when did you arrived?"

Although he was the eldest grandson of the family, his position was inferior to Nalan Wushuangs because the grandpa favored her.

Nalan Wushuang glared at him and asked, "What kind of doctor you have in here? And hes removing grandpas lungs?"

Before Nalan Wufeng could speak, James said, "My beautiful lady, you dont know about medical knowledge at all. Everyone has five pulmonary lobes, and it would do little harm if two or three of them are removed. Just take some rest and take good care.

"Moreover, his condition is so serious that he would have 3 to 6 more month to live if we dont perform the surgery in time."

Nalan Wufeng added, "Thats right, Wushuang. Doctor James is the best in the world, so will be his plan."

"Bu****it!" said Nalan Jie who had been irritated. He sat on the bed and asked, "No major damage? Can I still practice Wushu with half of my lungs?"

"I am afraid you cant. You have to get rest after the surgery, no strenuous exercise," said James.

"And how much more time do I have if I chose your therapeutic plan?"

Said Qin Haodong, who was walking out of the corner.

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