The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 183

Chapter 183 The Nine Dragon Furnace

Chapter 183 The Nine-Dragon Furnace

Hearing Qin Haodongs mention of the blackmail last time, Fatty Wang said embarrassingly, "Doctor Qin, Im sorry. I was blind last time. I shouldnt blackmail you"

Qin Haodong raised his hand to stop Fatty Wang and said, "You misunderstood what I mean. In fact, we should all thank that mirror. Thats a magic instrument. It saved me once and just now saved your life. Without that mirror, the ghost with you would be very difficult to be disposed of."

"Ah?" Fatty Wang was confused. He did not expect that the mirror which he used to blackmail and took as a waste product would be so useful.

Qin Haodong said, "Where on earth did that mirror come from? Do you remember that?"

Fatty Wang came back to life and said, "In our business, we often go to villages and towns to pick up some goods from people who dont understand antiques. The mirror was sold to us by an old man. I supposed it to be a good thing. As a result, many experts failed to identify what it was. Later, we put it on display for a long time and didnt sell it. So I used it to blackmail.

"Can you find that old man who sold the mirror?" Qin Haodong did not give up and asked.

Fatty Wang shook his head and said, "I cant find him." I met the old man on the road and I had no idea where he lived."

Qin Haodong was disappointed. Originally, he wanted to find the origin of the mirror of Yin-Yang through this clue. Maybe there was other ancient relic. It seemed impossible to find the opportunity to improve his cultivation by this way.

After calming down for a while, he said to Fatty Wang, "Since you have been doing business in the antique industry for a long time. Do you know who has the antique of the furnace? The bigger the better."

"What do you want it to do?" Fatty Wang whispered to Qin Haodong, "Brother, you saved my life, and I will not take you as an outsider. To tell you the truth, this kind furnace is strictly controlled by the state and cannot be brought to the table at all, otherwise it would be very troublesome."

Qin Haodong said, "You misunderstood me. Im not trying to resell, but to find something I need."

"Well!" Fatty Wang said, "To tell you the truth, I have some bronze wares in stock, but I havent left them at home. If you really need them, you can go with me. But lets come to an agreement, you can take whatever you like and keep it secret."

"Bronze wares are all commodities coming out of the ground. Although I have spent money to collect them, we cant let others know."

"No problem."

Qin Haodong simply promised. Tombs robbing and antique selling were frequent and it was more than a doctor could handle in Huaxia. Besides, what Fatty Wang said was true. He really did not have the kind of dead spirit which was peculiar to grave robbers.

At this time, Fatty Wangs wife brought two bowls of instant noodles. Fatty Wang was hungry these days. He ate the two bowls of noodles quickly, and then left home with Qin Haodong.

Instead of driving Qin Haodongs sports car, they got on an SUV of Fatty Wang. After leaving the city, they went to a small village on the outskirts of the city and drove directly into a dilapidated courtyard.

Inside the courtyard were three dilapidated tiled houses. Fatty Wang opened the door and took Qin Haodong into the house, and then he moved a large water tank in the kitchen to reveal a cave.

They went down into the cave. Fatty Wang groped something on the wall, and then clicked on the electric light. The cave was instantly lit up.

Qin Haodong looked around. Although the opening of the cave was small, it was very spacious below. It was about thirty or forty square meters in size and was very dry.

In front of them, they were many bronze wares of all sizes. There were a large furnace which was about 50 kilograms in weight, and small coins and candlesticks.

Fatty Wang said, "Brother, all my stocks are here all these years. Whatever you like, just take it away."

Qin Haodong looked around and suddenly saw a big furnace in the corner. The furnace was as high as a man, and it looked very sturdy.

Qin Haodong stepped to the furnace, and before he reached it, he felt a burning felling and a residual scent of medicine.

"Furnace, its really a furnace!"

Qin Haodong was so excited. He searched high and low only to find it when he least expected to.

He went to the front of the furnace and examined it carefully. The whole body of the furnace was dark, and it gave people a steady feeling. The surface of the furnace was also painted with nine vivid dragons. The dragons heads were just at the top of the furnace. At the bottom of the furnace, three big words, Nine-Dragon Furnace, were carved.

Qin Haodong stroked the furnace with ecstasy. The furnace was excellent in quality. It was only one grade lower than the furnace he used in Cultivation World.

"Brother, you like this?" Fatty Wang said, "I dont know what material this thing is made of. Its not copper or iron. Its so big, but its not heavy."

In order to prove it to Qin Haodong, he reached out and held up the Nine-Dragon Furnace.

Qin Haodong secretly felt it was amusing. How did ordinary people know what a magic instrument was? Even in the Cultivation World, the Nine-Dragon Furnace was a priceless treasure. How could it be cast out of copper and iron?

He said, "Brother Wang, I want this furnace. How much is it?"

"Brother, arent you insulting me?" "I would have been taken to a psychiatric hospital by that guy, and my life would be over but for you. As I said just now, whatever you like, you can just take it away."

Qin Haodong nodded. Although Fatty Wang was at the bottom of the society, he also knew that one should seek ways to return others kindness. He could be a friend.

"Brother Wang, do you know where this furnace came from?"

He had found that the Nine-Dragon Furnace was a furnace for cultivators. If he could find the origin of it, he may find an ancient site where ancient cultivators lived. The treasures in it would be really good for his cultivation to a higher level.

Fatty Wang shook his head and said, "I dont know that. Theres a rule in our business that we only pay for things and never ask where they came from. If we ask too much, nobody will come next time."

"Can you contact this person who sold you the furnace?" Qin Haodong said, "Brother Wang, I want to find out where this furnace came from. This is very important to me. As long as you can help me with this, we will be friends in the future."

Fatty Wang said, "The man who sold me this furnace is called Dilong. He specializes in underground work. He always lives by robbing tombs. I bought a lot of things from him."

"But although we are old business partners, we dont leave contact information with each other. You know the reason. If you want to contact him, you can only wait for him to come to me. But its almost a month since he last came to me. According to his usual habit, he should come for me in the next few days."

"Brother Wang, keep leaving my phone number. If Di Long comes to you, please inform me. You can rest assured that I have no other intention, I just want to ask him something."

Fatty Wang clapped his chest and said, "Dont worry, brother. Your business is also mine. Im sure Ill let you know when he comes."

After this was settled, Qin Haodong went around the basement again. But no other good things were found.

They took the Nine-Dragon Furnace out of the basement and returned to Fatty Wangs house. Qin Haodong first loaded the furnace on his car, and then he found an uninhabited place to put the furnace in his Storage Ring directly.

He did not find the anticipated ancient sites in todays trip to the Antique Row, but he found the Nine-Dragon Furnace and the clue of the Dilong, which was also very fruitful.

With the Nine-Dragon Furnace, he went to the wholesale market of medicinal materials and carried out a crazy shopping, which spent him more than 30 million yuan. There was a lot of room in the Storage Ring. He was very rich now. It was good to have more medicinal materials in reserve.

After all things were prepared and had the dinner, Qin Haodong came to Daddy Security Company with the little fellow.

He did not disturb Nalan Wushuang and Qi Waner. They went directly to the basement warehouse and told Zhang Tieniu to take people to guard the door. No one was allowed to enter before he came out.

After the last raw gemstone was disposed of, the large warehouse seemed empty. The little fellow asked, "Papa, what are you taking me here to play with?"

Qin Haodong said, "I will play a trick for you first, and then lets play something fun."

Then, with Qin Haodongs intention, the Nine-Dragon Furnace appeared in the middle of the warehouse.

"OK! OK! Papa is great," the little fellow cried happily, "Papa, Im going to learn that with you."

"You cant learn this now. When you grow up, I will teach you." Qin Haodong patted the little fellows face and continue to say, "Tang Tang, lets play a game of medicine refining now."

"Well, I like play games best. Papa, tell me how to play it."

Qin Haodong opened the fire entrance of the Nine-Dragon Furnace and said to the little fellow, "You help Papa to spit a little fire into here."


The little fellow opened her mouth and sprayed out the innate fire into the Nine-Dragon Furnace.

Qin Haodong closed the fire entrance, then took out some of the cheapest medicinal materials and threw them into the Nine-Dragon Furnace, constantly feeling the temperature of the innate fire.

He had never used the innate fire before, so he was not familiar with it. In a short period of time, there was a muffled sound inside the Nine-Dragon Furnace, and all the melted liquid of the medicinal materials exploded in the furnace.

Fortunately, Qin Haodong was always ready for his thoughts and immediately picked up the little fellow and avoided the explosion.

"Funny! Its funny! Papa, are you making popcorn?"

The little fellow didnt know it was a failure of medicine refining and clapped her hands happily.

Qin Haodong was embarrassed. He cleaned up the Nine-Dragon Furnace, and then said to Tang Tang, "Tang Tang, you can only spray out a smaller fire this time. Half of the last time is good."

"Well, I will listen to Papas words."

The little fellow opened his mouth again and spray out a innate fire into the furnace. The fire was half smaller than the last time.

After three successive failures, Qin Haodong gradually became familiar with the temperature of the innate fire and the use of the Nine-Dragon Furnace.

At the fifth time, the fragrant medicine pills finally came out. Qin Haodong reached out and caught nine white pills which had golden lines on them.

"Good! Thats good!"

Qin Haodong was very satisfied. With the innate fire and the Nine-Dragon Furnace, the refined pills had lines. Although there was still a long way to go from the nine lines of the best pills, it was also very rare. In the Cultivation World, the price of pills with lines was more than ten times higher than that without lines.

"Papa, what is this? It smells good. Can you give one to me?"

The little fellow looked at the pills in Qin Haodongs hand with her mouth watering.

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