The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 184

Chapter 184 The Big Strengthening Pill

Chapter 184 The Big Strengthening Pill

“You are a foodie!” Qin Haodong patted the little fellow’s head and said, “Tang Tang, remember this is medicine, and medicine cannot be eaten arbitrarily.”

The nine pills he had just used as a test product were called Ecstasy Pills. If he crushed one of them, it would be colorless and tasteless in the air, and all the creatures within a hundred meters could be fascinated.

Ecstasy Pills were low level medicine in Cultivation World. The materials of it were cheap, so Qin Haodong chose to refine this medicine when practicing.

Now he was familiar with the innate fire and the attributes of the Nine-Dragon Furnace, he put the Ecstasy Pills away and began to formally refine the Little Strengthening Pill.

After experiencing a failure, Qin Haodong refined nine Little Strengthening Pills. However, the higher the grade, the more difficult it was to refine. Compared with the low-grade Ecstasy Pills, the nine Little Strengthening Pills had lines, but they were much dimmer.

Then he refined the Little Strengthening Pills one by one. The little fellow sprayed fire and collected the refined pills, and put the pills into the jade bottle. She was very busy and had a lot of fun.

After 108 the Little Strengthening Pills were refined, and Qin Haodong began to refine the Big Strengthening Pills.

Big Strengthening Pills could help the masters in the realm of Covert Power to upgrade. It was at a higher level than the Ecstasy Pills and the Little Strengthening Pills, so it was more difficult to refine, and the medicinal materials needed were more precious.

He started the Nine-Dragon Furnace carefully. Fortunately, with the previous experience, the Big Strengthening Pills were refined successfully in one time. But the quality of the refined pills was a little worse, and did not form a line.

Later, he refined three times in succession, collecting 36 Big Strengthening Pills.

It was 10 o’clock in the evening after all the pills had been collected.

Qin Haodong put the Nine-Dragon Furnace in the Storage Ring, patted the little fellow’s face and said, “Tang Tang, are you tired?”

“No, it’s fun!” the little fellow said excitedly.

Qin Haodong stretched out his hand and grabbed the little fellow’s wrist and began to check her pulse. She sprayed fire dozens of times tonight. He was afraid that it would have a bad effect on the little fellow’s body.

But soon he was relieved. Instead of causing harm to the little fellow, it made the Emperor Yan’s Heart Sutra in her body more stable. Although the total amount of Genuine Qi did not increase, it was much more condensed than before. It seemed that pills refining really helped to improve the cultivation.

After checking that the little fellow was okay, Qin Haodong took her out of the underground warehouse and came to Nalan Wushuang’s office.

Daddy Security Company was in good condition. It was a large suite with an office outside and a bedroom inside. Since the Nalan family was smooth recently, Nalan Wushuang had been in the company all the time.

“Second Mama, I am coming to see you.” When the little fellow entered the door, she immediately threw himself into Nalan Wushuang’s arms and kissed her on the face. “Second Mama, I missed you so much!”

Nalan Wushuang liked the little fellow so much that she kissed her on her little face. Then she said to Qin Haodong, “When you came, you ran into the warehouse and you didn’t let others in. What did you do?”

The little fellow said, “Papa take me to make medicine, and we have a good time!”

Qin Haodong explained, “I think our cultivation is still too low. I take time to refine some pills so as to help everyone improve their cultivation.”

Then, he took out the refined pills and placed them on Nalan Wushuang’s desk. “There are 100 Little Strengthening Pills which were suitable for the Divine Mercenaries and your cultivation. They can quickly improve the cultivation for the realm of Overt Power. As for the distribution, you can decide it yourself.

These 20 are the Big Strengthening Pills for realm of Covert Power. Since others are not in this realm, you can give them to Qi Waner and Ma Wenzhuo 10 pills respectively.”

“You’ve made so many pills in such a short time?” looking at the large and small jade bottles on the table, Nalan Wushuang was surprised. As a martial artist, she knew the value of these pills very well. If she got them on the market, every pill would sell at a high price. Now, Qin Haodong took them out as sugar beans for his team members to eat.

She asked again, “Pony and Qi Waner live here. Why don’t you send them by yourself?”

“Oh… It’s too late. Tang Tang is going to bed. I’ll take her back now. You can take it for me.”

Then, Qin Haodong left Nalan Wushuang’s office with the little fellow in his arms. In fact, The most important reason why he did not personally deliver the medicine was that he did not know how to face Qi Waner.

When they got downstairs, he drove the little fellow away from Daddy Security Company. But he did not know that behind him in a bedroom, bright big eyes were watching his back until he completely disappeared.

After Qin Haodong left, Qi Waner lay in her bed again. After the vital battle that day, she was sure that she had fallen in love with the man.

But when Qin Haodong came to the company, he did not come to see her, which made her depressed again. She did not know how she could do about her emotion in the future.

Qin Haodong returned home with the little fellow and got her to go to sleep. Then, he left Lin’s Villa to go to his home.

“I don’t know whether Hu Xiaoxian has gone.”

When he thought of the woman at home, his heart was full of regret and he really did not know how to deal with it. He Looked up upstairs and found that the lights in the living room and bedroom were turned off. It was dark.

Did she leave?

As Qin Haodong thought about it, he went upstairs. There was no one in the living room, but there was a faint light in the kitchen. He stepped over and saw Hu Xiaoxian was busy in the kitchen.

At this time, her hair was hanging over her head. A pink smashed flower household dress could hardly hide her sexy figure. Her cheeks were white and delicate, and her manner was quiet and serious. It was like a wife was busied herself in the kitchen for her man. She looked so beautiful that Qin couldn’t help being dazed.

Hu Xiaoxian stood up straight and stretched herself. All of a sudden, she showed a kind of curvilinear beauty. It vividly explained what a perfect figure should be. It was incomparably sexy.

“Have you seen enough? Would you like me to change a posture?”

During the conversation, she smiled at Qin Haodong, which was so brilliant that the whole kitchen seemed to get brighter.

“Uh…” Qin Haodong come back to life and scratched his head in embarrassment and said, “Why haven’t you left yet?”

“I’ve said that I’m going to live here. Why should I go? This is my new home dress I bought today. Does it look good?”

Then, Hu Xiaoxian turned a circle in front of Qin Haodong, displaying the pink home dress in an all-round way.

“It’s good-looking!”

Qin Haodong subconsciously said. He completely forgot that he had been driving her out just now.

As a burst of fragrance came, Hu Xiaoxian flew to him like a beautiful butterfly. She whispered, “I also bought some super-sexy pajamas, and I’ll show you later.”

Because of the close distance, Hu Xiaoxian’s breath directly drilled into Qin Haodong’s ear hole. With attractive body fragrance, it instantly let his heart full of weeds, and become a bush of grass.

This woman was so attractive!

Qin Haodong had deeply felt that Hu Xiaoxian could easily make his heart beat by her moves.

Hu Xiaoxian said again, “It’s too late. Are you hungry? Taste the love dinner I cooked for you.”

“No, I’ve already eaten dinner!”

“If you’re not hungry, you can taste it. I’ve been busy for it all day.”

Hu Xiaoxian said, holding Qin Haodong’s arm. Her chest backed up on his arm, which made him fully experience what was called elasticity.

His brain was still hesitating whether to go in and have a taste, but his legs were already out of control and heading towards the kitchen.

The kitchen table was decorated with four delicate dishes and a bowl of soup. These dishes looked very ordinary, but a burst of fragrance was smelt by Qin Haodong’s nostrils.

“Just eat. Are you afraid that I will poison you? You are not Wu Dalang, nor I am Pan Jinlian.”

Hu Xiaoxian said, stretching out two tender fingers, grabbed a golden strip of meat directly from the dinner plate and sent it to Qin Haodong’s mouth.

Qin Haodong opened his mouth subconsciously. Hu Xiaoxian put the meat strip directly into his mouth. Her fingertips slipped across his lips, which made his heart beat faster.

Just as his mind was in frenzy, a strong fragrance began to fill his taste buds and stimulate his brain nerves.

Qin Haodong began to close his eyes and chew the meat strip in his mouth slowly, only to find his mouth full of delicacy. The meat strip was definitely no ordinary beef. Every time he chewed it, he had different feelings. It was delicious, tender, or crisp and refreshing.

In this way, after eating a slice of meat, he still was not satisfied. He opened his eyes and looked into the plate. After looking closely, he found that each beef slice was made of four slices of meat. No wonder it tasted so good.

He couldn’t help picking up the chopsticks and putting another slice of meat into his mouth.

“How is it? How is it?” Hu Xiaoxian bent down, stared at Qin Haodong and asked.

At the same time, a cleavage appeared from the neck of the household clothes, which draw Qin Haodong’s attention.

“Uh… It’s delicious. It’s really delicious!”

Qin Haodong said as he stretched out his chopsticks and picked up a slice to divert his attention from his two eyes. Otherwise, he was afraid that his nosebleeds would come out, which would be a great disgrace.

It had to be said that Hu Xiaoxian’s cooking skill was really good. Although Qin Haodong had eaten dinner in the evening, these dishes increased his appetite. He ate all the four dishes and the soup quickly.

“I didn’t know that you’re such a good cooker!” Qin Haodong patted his stomach satisfactorily and said, “Unfortunately, it’s all meat dishes. There aren’t green vegetables. The dishes taste a little greasy.”

“I don’t know why, I only cook meat dishes. All vegetarian dishes cooked by me were terrible.” Hu Xiaoxian took Qin Haodong’s arm and said, “I have been busy all day, but I haven’t eaten yet.”

“Uh…” Qin Haodong was embarrassed. He had just eaten too much. He had eaten all the dishes on the table, but Hu Xiaoxian hadn’t eaten yet.

“Well, I’ll make you something to eat. Contrary to you, I can only cook vegetarian dishes. I’m not good at cooking meat.”

Qin Haodong stood up, took out several vegetables from the refrigerator and began to cook. His cooking skills were exquisite and special. In less than half an hour, he put four vegetarian dishes and a pot of porridge with fragrant aroma on the table.

Hu Xiaoxian doubtfully picked up a green vegetable and put it in her mouth. Then she ate them quickly. Although she tried hard to keep her image as a beautiful woman in front of Qin Haodong, the dishes were so delicious that she could not control her mouth at all.

Soon, all four dishes on the table were eaten by Hu Xiaoxian. After drinking a bowl of porridge, she wiped her mouth satisfactorily and said, “Delicious! It’s really delicious! I’ve never eaten such a delicious vegetarian dish before.”

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