The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 200

Chapter 200 The Wrong Choice

Chapter 200: The Wrong Choice

“Boss of the underworld?” Hu Xiaoxian casually glanced at Long Haisheng, who was sulking nearby, and said, “Are you sure your cousin is the boss of the underworld?”

“Of course, my cousin is an absolute boss in the underground world in the Jiangnan City. His whistling can call hundreds of brothers…”

The more Wang Ziming boasted, the angrier Long Haisheng was. At that moment, the door was opened fiercely. Wolf rushed in with a dozen hooligans.

“Look, here comes my cousin!” Wang Ziming said with excitement. He came to Wolf and shouted at the people in the room, “You all should be careful. Let me solemnly introduce my cousin Wolf, the boss of the underworld in Jiangnan City!”

After he finished speaking, he saw Qin Haodong and other people were silent. Then he shouted proudly, “Are you all fools? What are you doing? Get up and greet my cousin!”

After this, he felt comfortable all over. He wanted to suppress Qin Haodong tonight, but he had not succeeded yet. Now with the support of Wolf, he seemed to see that Qin Haodong’s legs were broken and Hu Xiaoxian was thrown into bed.

Qin Haodong looked at him playfully and said lightly, “You want to let us greet him. You can ask him if he is qualified.”

Wang Ziming cried, “Boy, don’t you want to live, can you open your eyes? My cousin is the boss of the underworld. You say that he is not qualified. Are you qualified?”

After entering the house, Wolf’s eyes were blocked by Wang Ziming’s fat body, so he did not see Qin Haodong and Long Haisheng. At this time, he heard the voice and felt that he was a little familiar with it. He scuttled away from Wang Ziming to look forward.

At that moment, he felt he saw a ghost. Although this man was wearing a security uniform, he was still the real Qin Haodong. He didn’t expect that even he was so careful that he eventually met Qin Haodong again.

That was not all. Then he saw Long Haisheng sitting next to him with a blue face. Then he almost cried out. He came to the front of Long Haisheng and said he was the boss of the underworld. Wasn’t he looking for death?

How were them here?

It seemed that Wang Ziming did not know Qin Haodong and Long Haisheng, and he dared to shout at them. He was simply impatient with life.

Wang Ziming did not find Wolf’s unusual appearance. Now that he had got helpers, the next step was to start the war. Then he could let Wolf help him.

When he saw Long Haisheng didn’t even say a word, he felt very uncomfortable. He came to Long Haisheng and pulled off his glasses on his face, clapped his cheek and shouted loudly, “Are you silly? How dare you still wear sunglasses when you saw my cousin?”

He didn’t think much of it, but Wolf was so frightened that his bones were crisp. He really wanted to die now. Who was Long Haisheng? Over the past ten years, he controlled the underground world in Jiangnan City by extremely fierce means. Now, Wang Ziming, such a fool, dared to pick his glasses and pat his face. He was asking for death.

“Do you want to die?” At that time, Wolf could not care anymore. He kicked Wang Ziming to the ground with one foot and then turned to his hooligans and cried, “Beat him, beat him mercilessly. Don’t stop without my command.

After that, he knelt in front of Long Haisheng and said, “Doctor Qin, Big Dragon, I deserve to die for my crimes. But I really don’t know that this fool dares to provoke you.”

At this time, Wang Ziming was pulled by the hooligans and crawled on the ground. He cried out in horror, “Cousin, did you make a mistake?”

Liu Yuqing, who had been silent all the time, turned pale with fear. As a college student who had not yet left the campus, she never thought that the scenes on TV would appear in front of her.

Seeing her boyfriend was beaten like a dog by hooligans, she wanted to help, but she didn’t have the courage to face those dark steel pipes and shining daggers.

On the contrary, the little fellow in Qin Haodong’s arms was much calmer than her. She had seen many hooligans who were beaten by his father. At the same time, she had gone through the war with old Taoist Dao Tong. These scenes had no effect on her at all. She did not even look at Wang Ziming and concentrated on enjoying the red ribs in front of her.

“What do you think I’m doing?” Wolf gritted his teeth in anger and cried, “I must kill you today. I must give you such a lesson for my Boss Long.”

Qin Haodong looked at Wolf with a playful expression. This professional cousin, really had a good relationship with himself. He met Wolf many times these days.

“Cousin, we are relatives. You can’t do that. Are there any misunderstandings between us?” Wang Ziming cried.

“No misunderstandings!” Wolf scolded indignantly. He raised his hand to stop those hooligans, looked at Long Haisheng and asked Wang Ziming, “Do you know who this man is?”

Wang Ziming wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, and he was not drunk anymore now. At this time, he could see that the middle-aged man wearing sunglasses was not simple, otherwise he would not frighten Wolf.

Wolf cried, “Remember, this is Mr. Big Dragon of Jiangnan City!”

This sentence was like a thunderbolt from the clear sky, which blasted Wang Ziming. He never thought that the middle-aged man he didn’t take seriously was Long Haisheng, the king of the underground world in Jiangnan City.

At this time, a great cold feeling rose from the sole of his feet, and soon spread throughout his whole body. As a man in Jiangnan City, It was impossible not to know Long Haisheng’s fame.

“God, what on earth did I do? I took off his glasses two times, and clapped him on his face?” Wang Ziming really wanted to hit his head on the wall, but he didn’t have the courage.

“Tell me, should you die?”

Wolf ferociously said. What he feared most now was that Long Haisheng would be angry with him. The Big Dragon had not spoken so far, and he had no idea in his mind at all.

Wang Ziming came back to his mind and knelt down before Long Haisheng and said, “Big Dragon, spare me! I am blind, I have eyes but I don’t recognize you. I am a fool; I am really a fool!”

Long Haisheng finally spoke, pointing to Qin Haodong and saying coldly, “First apologize to my brother. If he doesn’t forgive you today, you must die.”

Wang Ziming looked at Qin Haodong with a blank face. He was very puzzled. Wasn’t this a small security guard? How did he become the brother of Big Dragon?

He wanted to suppress this little guy today, but he didn’t expect that he could kick on the iron plate. Now even his life was in the hands of this little guy.

Long Haisheng was famous for his being extremely cruel and merciless. Wang Ziming did not doubt the truth of this statement. As long as Qin Haodong was not satisfied with him, he would say goodbye to the world.

Thinking of this, he dared not delay any longer. He knelt down and crawled in front of Qin Haodong. He raised his hand and slapped himself on his face and said, “I’m sorry, I’m wrong today!”

At this moment, looking at Wang Ziming kneeling on the ground, Liu Yuqing’s mood was extremely complex. Originally, she thought that it was a right choice of rejecting Qin Haodong and accepting this rich man in her life. But now, it was really right?

At the same time, her heart was full of doubts. Qin Haodong was her college classmate. His family had difficulties. He had been working and studying outside. He just worked as a security guard in the stadium. How could he turn into a brother of the Big Dragon of Jiangnan City in a twinkling of an eye?

Qin Haodong looked at Wang Ziming, who was kneeling on the ground, and said, “Got out and don’t interfere with my daughter’s dinner.”

“Thank you! Thank you!”

Wang Ziming apologized, but Wolf slapped him on his face and scolded, “Doctor Qin let you go because of his magnanimity, but you can’t be ignorant of that.”

Wolf was now doing his best to make a good impression on Long Haisheng.

“Well… What shall I do then?” Wang Ziming asked, covering his face with his hand.

“Make the compensation!”

“How much should I pay?”

“10 million!”

Wolf not only used Qin Haodong’s punishment way to Wang Ziming, but also increased the compensation to ten times.

“This… Is it too much? Can you reduce it a little?”

Wang Ziming asked painfully. All his current liquidity was barely about 10 million yuan.

“Sh*t!” Wolf raised his hand and clapped on Wang Ziming’s face. “You have offended Doctor Qin, It’s a charity that you can pay for your life. How dare you to bargain!”

“OK! I’ll pay it now!”

Wang Ziming tremblingly took his handbag, taking out the checkbook from it. Then he wrote a cheque of 10 million yuan and sent it to Wolf.

After Wolf took the check, he flatteringly sent it to Qin Haodong and said, “Doctor Qin, are you satisfied with it?”

Qin Haodong wiped the soup from the corner of the little fellow’s mouth with a paper towel and said, “Put it aside!”

“Well, Mr. Qin. I’ll put it here for you!”

Then Wolf respectfully put the cheque on the table in front of Qin Haodong.

Liu Yuqing looked at all this with a dull look. She once asked Qin Haodong if he had a house, a BMW or millions of deposits in Jiangnan City. But now he just casually took a cheque of 10 million without looking at it. By contrast, her request was too low.

After putting the cheque, Wolf turned to Long Haisheng and said, “Big Dragon, how should we dispose of this guy?”

Long Haisheng said in a cold voice, “Since my brother let him get out, I will spare him. Let him get out quickly.”

“Did you hear that? Big Dragon let you get out!” Wolf kicked Wang Ziming’s ass and said.

“Yes, I’ll get out now!”

Wang Ziming turned around and ran away. He had offended Long Haisheng and could still survive. It was fortunate. As for Liu Yuqing next to him, he didn’t look at her. Women were just playthings in his eyes.

Liu Yuqing was foolishly standing there and did not know what to do for a while.

Hu Xiaoxian smiled at her and said, “Do you know that the biggest mistake you’ve ever made in your life is to miss such a good man?

A house in Jiangnan City is nothing. He has a villa which is more than 2,000 square meters. I just feel that the house is too big, so I come out to see the concert.

“He does have no BMW, but he has a Lamborghini which is worth about 40 million yuan. It can buy dozens of BMWs.

“I don’t know how much money he has, but I guess it’s over 100 million.”

Liu Yuqing seemed to be greatly stimulated. She screamed, “No way, he is a small security guard. I saw him at the stadium just now.”

Hu Xiaoxian said, “Do you think anyone who wears security clothes is a security guard? Have you heard of Jiangnan City’s most famous Daddy Security Company? He is the boss of the company! Today, because Daddy Security Company is responsible for the security of Miss Ouyang’s concert, he wore security uniforms for a while.

“How could that be? How could this be?”

Liu Yuqing’s eyes were empty. She sat there and muttered to herself like a fool.

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