The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 205

Chapter 205 The Devilish Five

Chapter 205: The Devilish Five

Hu Xiaoxian was a nice cook. The meat she cooked smelled fragrant. The little fellow was just about to be full, but she couldn’t help eating more.

“Auntie Xiaoxian, the meat you made is delicious.”

“Have some more then.”

Hu Xiaoxian said as she added one more piece of cooked venison into the little fellow’s plate. Then she added one more to Qin Haodong’s bowl.

The three were talking and laughing like family. Lei Tianrui’s eyes were giving out cold lights; he could do nothing but take it all out on the food before him.

The team left after lunch. Lei Tianrui’s team had arrived in two well-equipped Hummers. The cars were large enough to accommodate Qin Haodong and the little fellow.

Hu Xiaoxian was in the same car with Lei Tianrui at first, but she got in another car with the other two. The three of them sat in the back seat.

Lei Tianrui looked depressed. He asked Xie Zidan and Hu Xiaoxian to drive. The rest of the team went in the other Hummer.

The engine started and the team drove deep into the primitive-forest of Shennongjia. The Hummers’ ground flotation was excellent, but the ground of the primitive-forest was too cragged. There weren’t many roads and the ground was covered in decaying tree branches and leaves. They were driving slowly, maybe no faster than walking.

When they started the engine, Zhao Qiankun said, “Boss, looks like we have to get rid of the gigolo boy as fast as we can; he’s so annoying.”

Lei Tianrui said with a sullen face, “He has to be killed. But we should do it in a surefire way, making sure Xiaoxian doesn’t notice.”

Zhao Yukun turned to Dong Sihai and said, “Sihai, you’re an expert in the jungle, and you’ve been to Shennongjia many times. Is there any way that we can kill the guy with no one noticing?”

Dong Sihai read the electronic map on the car and pointed a spot on the way ahead of them. He said, “There’s a huge Cannibal Vine here. One of my friends was eaten by that monster. We’ll be arriving there tomorrow morning, and may camp there for dinner.”

“Let’s move quickly and take all other spots and leave the spot near the Cannibal Vine. You know what’s gonna happen next.”

Dong Sihai said as he laughed; the others had read his mind.

Zhao Qiankun said, “Sihai, that is a good idea, but Xiaoxian has been with that punk all the time. She’s the woman our boss favors; we can’t let her be hurt by the Cannibal Vine.”

Dong Sihai said, “It’s fine. Our boss and Xiaoxian have the highest cultivation level among us all. They’ve reached the first level of the Covert Power. A Cannibal Vine is horrifying, but it can’t just swallow a powerhouse in level one of Covert Power without a sound.”

“We’ve got so many people here. We’ll be prepared; if Xiaoxian is in danger, we’ll save her immediately to make sure she’s fine.”

Lei Tianrui nodded with satisfaction. He said, “That’s a great idea. Xiaoxian won’t be able to accuse us of anything if we feed the gigolo boy to the Cannibal Vine.”

Wang Yuancheng said, “I feel pity for the little girl. She’s so adorable.”

Lei Tianrui said with a sullen face, “Her father will be the one to blame. How dare he seduce Xiaoxian?”

After the two Hummers left, five people dropped in at the hotel, among which there were three men and two women. They were in weird costumes, and the leading one was a bold man. He was about 1.9 meters tall, with a blindfold on the left eye, looking quite fierce.

After they entered the house, a woman in tight clothes swayed her waist like a snake. She approached the table at which Qin Haodong and the others just had their dinner, and reached out to feel the unwashed dishes. Then she turned back and said, “Scorpion. It’s still warm. They haven’t been gone for long.”

“Who knows if these were eaten by them? Maybe these are someone else’s.”

Said a woman in black from head to toe. Even her shoes were black. The color really accentuated her hot body figure.

The woman scolded coquettishly, “Black Widow, you always question my speculations.”

At the moment, a tall and thin man said, “Boss, someone’s behind the room.”

One-eye Dragon said, “I’ll go check.”

When the fat boss was thrown out, he looked into the forest with fear deep in his eyes. The night had barely fallen, but several wolves were already circling around him. As soon as the night gathered, they’ll jump over and tear apart the meal.

“Help, somebody help..”

As much as they had suffered, nobody cried out for help until Hu Xiaoxian and others left, because they were afraid they’ll piss those people off and got killed immediately.

Now that the two Hummers had already left, they feared nothing and tried their best to cry for help. All of them were disabled now, and could barely crawl. They would definitely end up being the dinner of the wolves if nobody helped.

While the fat boss was trying his best to cry for help, a pair of black leather shoes stopped in front of him. He raised his head, then he saw One-eye Dragon and the others.

“Help, help, buddy, please help me,” the fat boss pleaded as if he had seen the Savior.

One-eye Dragon glanced around with his only eye and asked, “What happened to you?”

“We’re honest man, running a store here. We were robbed by a bunch of bandits today. They robbed us and broke our arms and legs, please help us!”

The fat boss put on a pitiful look.

One-eye Dragon asked, “How do those bandits look like? Give me all the details.”

The fat boss said, “At first, a good-looking guy came in with a little girl in his arms, followed by five men and a woman. Those people are very fierce. They beat us as soon as they got in. You see how badly we’ve been injured.”

Black Widow took out a photo. She handed it to the fat boss and asked, “Do you know the woman?”

The one in the picture was none other than Hu Xiaoxian. The fat boss answered hurriedly, “Of course, she broke my leg.”

The woman in red said, “How about that? Black Widow? My guess was right. They just left.”

Black Widow asked again, “How about the good-looking guy with the kid?”

The woman smiled and said, “Why do you care? Just go after our targets. He’s just a gigolo boy; I’ll suck him up if I find him good-looking, or kill him if I don’t.”

One-eye Dragon said, “Looks like they haven’t gone far. Let’s hurry up to catch up with them.”

He said as he turned back to leave. At the moment the fat boss panicked. He yelled in haste, “Buddy! I answered everything you asked. Now help us!”

“Thanks for reminding me.” One-eye Dragon looked back to the fat boss and said coldly, “Get rid of all of them. We can’t let them expose our whereabouts.”

The fat boss was dumbfounded. He had been a bad guy throughout his entire life, and it had never occurred to him that he would run into a really bad guy who wouldn’t even hesitate to kill them all.

He begged in haste and said, “Please don’t, buddy, have mercy. I won’t tell anyone I’ve seen you.”

The woman walked to him, swaying her waist like a snake. She said in a coquettish voice, “You fatty. I could let you have some fun before dying if you were handsome, but since you’re not, I’ll just kill you.”

After she said that, a cold light flashed in her hand. The fat boss’s neck and been cut. At the same time, the seven or eight people of the fat boss screamed. Soon, all of them had been killed.

After they were done, the five people traced the track of the tires of the two hummers and drove quickly to catch up.

Lei Tianrui and the others had no idea that they were being followed. They were driving forward slowly. The road in the jungle was getting rougher and rougher. The paint of the two Hummers was being scratched. Fortunately, the armor was tough enough, so there was no major damage.

The situation sometimes became worse; there was no path to follow. Thorns were so lush, making it difficult to pass. They had to get off the vehicles and cut out a way out with knives.

At the same time, Qin Haodong would take the little fellow to collect herbs. While Zhao Qiankun and the others were exhausted, Qin Haodong was leisurely and carefree, which really pissed off the others.

They stopped and continued. After half a day, they had driven for sixty or seventy kilometers. In the evening, they drove into an open field. Dong Sihai said, “Boss, it will be too risky if we continue going at night in the jungle. Let’s camp here.”

Lei Tianrui said, “It’s your call. You’re the expert here.”

Zhao Yukun pulled over the Hummer, so did Xie Zidan. Later they started to set camp, preparing to spend the night there.

Dong Sihai had a lot of experience in the jungle. He felt right at home. Soon after he grabbed his gun and went out, he came back with three pheasants and two hares.

After he cleaned the hares and the pheasants, he started a fire to cook them. It could be dangerous to make a fire in the jungle, but these people were so experienced that they wouldn’t be worried about any forest fires.

Half an hour later, the pheasants and the hares were almost ready. The smell filled the air of the forest. Lei Tianrui picked up a crispy golden pheasant and walked to Hu Xiaoxian. He tried to play up to her and said, “Xiaoxian, you must be tired from a whole day’s work. Are you hungry?”

He was going to share the pheasant with Hu Xiaoxian, but before he could finish, Hu Xiaoxian grabbed over the pheasant in his hand and said, “Thanks.”

Before Lei Tianrui could react, Hu Xiaoxian had already thrown the pheasant to Qin Haodong and said, “Haodong, you must be tired. Are you hungry? The pheasant is well cooked, eat it while it’s warm.”

Qin Haodong and the other two sat around and shared the pheasant like a family. Lei Tianrui might be careful, but he could no longer hide his sullen face. If eyes could kill, Qin Haodong would’ve been chopped into pieces.

Zhao Qiankun picked the best-cooked pheasant and pulled Lei Tianrui aside. He whispered, “He will be dead in no time. Stop letting him bother you. He’ll be killed no later than tomorrow.”

Lei Tianrui felt more comfortable when he heard that. He tore off a roasted hare leg and chewed it hard.

What had happened was just a beginning, and what was going to happen was even more depressing.

Although the Hummer was well-equipped, they had brought just six one-man tents. The problem came out when they were going to sleep because Qin Haodong and the little fellow had no tent to stay in.

Qin Haodong actually had a big tent in his Storage Ring. He had prepared for it, but he wouldn’t let out the secret of the Storage Ring in front of so many people.

Lei Tianrui said, “We don’t have enough tents. Why don’t you sleep in the car?”