The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 207

Chapter 207 Drinking And Enjoying The Show

Chapter 207 Drinking and Enjoying the Show

Lei Tianrui had ignored the Cannibal Vine because he thought himself to be a powerhouse of Covert Power. Thought no matter how the vines were, they could never be more powerful than him.

Therefore, he didn’t leave Dong Sihai after he had saved Dong Sihai with just one strike. He was standing there, sword in hand, to show the great desire to fight in front of Hu Xiaoxian.

But he regretted it very soon because the vines were nearly overwhelming. They’re much more difficult to deal with than he had expected. Ten more vines attacked from every corner, some on his head, some on his arms and legs, and some even entangled his sword.

All the vines worked on their own; they attacked and withdraw as a whole like somebody was manipulating them.


Lei Tianrui yelled and started to wave the sword in his hand to resist the attack of the vines. His bright sword reflecting cold light chopped the vines into sawdust. The sawdust kept falling on the ground but those vines were endless. One vine being cut, two more added in. Their attacks became fiercer and fiercer.

He survived the vines with his high cultivation level, but he barely made it in a tie. It seemed impossible for him to withdraw now.

Dong Sihai and Zhao Qiankun were not as powerful in cultivation as Lei Tianrui. They had just reached the ninth level of Overt Power. They panicked out when seeing the overwhelming vines. The two stood back to back, each defending one direction. They had survived, too, and they couldn’t get out of the close-in circle of the vines, either.

At the same time, Xie Zidan and Wang Yuancheng moved. They didn’t rush into the attacking range of the vines immediately, but instead, each of them held an AK and started to shoot the vines like insane. They tried to save out the three companions trapped there.

The intensive fire had broken some of the vines, but the vines were too many and overwhelming. Those bullets were useless attempts, and couldn’t bring much help to the people trapped inside.

Seeing her companion in danger, Hu Xiaoxian looked at Qin Haodong out of instinct and asked in shock, “Haodong, what’s this monster?”

“The plant is called Cannibal Vine. Any people or animals entering its attacking range will be eaten.”

“Really? That’s the first time I’ve heard about a plant that eats people.”

Hu Xiaoxian felt so incredible.

“Of course it’s real.” Qin Haodong pointed to tens of meters away. There was a thick tree which would take three men to get their arms around. He said, “Look, that’s the truck of the vines.”

Hu Xiaoxian looked at the direction and saw those overwhelming vines ended up gathering on that big three. The truck was like a calm general, commanding its soldiers to attacked Lei Tianrui and the other two constantly.

As she looked down, she saw the piled bones under the tree, some of which were from animals; others were obviously human.

Finally, Hu Xiaoxian believed it. She asked nervously, “Haodong, what should we do?”

“It’s easy.” Like playing magic tricks, Qin Haodong took two beers, a coke, and pot-stewed chicken wings out of his backpack.

He opened the beer and sent it to Hu Xiaoxian. Then he gave the coke to the little fellow. At last, he opened the beer and had an enjoyable sip. Then he said, “It feels so nice to drink while enjoying the show.”

He didn’t have excessive mercy on those who were going to trap him. They were eating their own bitter fruit, and there was no way he would save them.

The little fellow agreed on her dad’s proposal. She yelled happily, “That’s great! We’ve got chicken wings to eat! And coke!” she said as she grabbed a chicken wing and gulped. She took a sip of the coke from time to time.

Hu Xiaoxian was completely stunned. She had no idea that this was the good idea Qin Haodong talked about, especially under this situation.

At the same time, the battle of Lei Tianrui and the others changed again. It seemed that the Cannibal Vine was intelligent, and it had found out that the way it fought carried little impact to the three people. So it wrung three or four vines together to attack.

The change might look simple, but it changed the battle situation immediately. Lei Tianrui could cut the vine every time he waved his sword, but now to cut one or two wines had little influence on the attack of the vines.

The consequences were severe. Soon Lei Tianrui had been closed up by the ropes formed by vines. They tangled his arms first, and then his legs; at last, the sword in his hand had been entangled firmly.

“Please help me!”

Finally, Lei Tianrui was completely panic. He yelled to his fellows and tried to scatter the vines on his body with his internal power; however, those vines were so tough that even swords wouldn’t cut them, let alone his internal power.

With a blink, he failed to break free, and got his neck and head entangled in vines. He looked like a green Zongzi.

He was in the first level of Covert Power and still got caught, let alone Dong Sihai and Zhao Qiankun. The sword and dagger in their hands had been taken away by the Cannibal Vine. They were also lifted in the air like two Zongzis.

Seeing their companions in danger, Wang Yuancheng and Xie Zidan threw away the AK in their hands and picked up two cutlasses. Actually, they were being dumb about this because within two minutes after they entered the attacking range, they were all tied up.

Five people were hung by the vines in the air. And they were gradually taken to the truck. A one-meter-cross crack opened on the tree, which looked like a mouth that would eat all of them. The scariest part was the white saliva drooping out of it.

Lei Tianrui and the others had totally panicked out when seeing the panicked bone under the tree. They tried their best to struggle, but their efforts ended up in vain under then heavy wrap. They could only watch the scary mouth getting closer and closer.

Hu Xiaoxian had not moved yet, but she couldn’t sit and watch anymore. As a member of the Xuanyuan Pavilion, she couldn’t watch her fellows became the food of the Cannibal Vines.

“Stay here with Tang Tang. Don’t get any close to that weird thing.”

She warned the two and drew out her Purple Flash Sword, yelling and rushing to the Cannibal Vines.

Qin Haodong took another sip. He grabbed a chicken wing and said, “She’s so stupid. It would be no use rushing there. She’s only changing the flavor of the food for the vines.”

The little fellow was eating the chicken wing and asking, “Papa, will Auntie Xiaoxian be defeated by the weird tree?”

Qin Haodong said, “She could enter fast and withdraw fast, but she had few chances to save another guy, because that would cost her own life.”

Hu Xiaoxian’s cultivation level had reached the second level of Covert Power, and the sword in her hand was a treasure; therefore, she got in the vines easily and it went well at first. Hundreds of vines were chopped down by her, and she approached Lei Tianrui soon.

However, the Cannibal Vines soon switched their strategy. They wrung tree vines together and when they found out that wouldn’t work, they added the wrung vines into six or seven. No matter how sharp the Purple Flash Sword was, it was impossible to chop so many vines at once.

If she failed to cut those vines during her fight with the Cannibal Vines, she would definitely end up being entangled by the vines. By then, all six people of Lei Tianrui’s team had been caught by the vines. They were hanging in the air and were about to be the food of the vines anytime soon.

The little fellow got along well with Hu Xiaoxian. Seeing she got caught, the little fellow dropped the chicken wing in her hand and yelled, “Papa, I’ll set a fire and save Auntie Xiaoxian out.”

Qin Haodong said in haste, “No, no way. We’re deep in the forest. You can’t set a fire, or you’ll burn down the whole Shennongjia district. Setting a fire would do no good to help Xiaoxian, and it may burn them together.”

“Hong on.” Before she took any steps, Qin Haodong stopped him.

The little fellow yelled, “Papa, please come up with a way to save Auntie Xiaoxian.”

“Don’t worry, she’ll be fine as long as I’m here.”

Qin Haodong could sit down and watch the show, but he couldn’t sit by and watch Hu Xiaoxian getting caught. He said and stood up. With the beer in his hand, he walked to the Cannibal Vines.

Although Hu Xiaoxian was tied and hung up, she could still see Qin Haodong strolling over here. The guy was walking while drinking. She wondered what he was thinking and if he had really seen how fierce the Cannibal Vines were.

She screamed at her best, “Haodong, get back now and took Tang Tang away from here! Don’t get any closer! It’s too dangerous!”

She knew Qin Haodong might be powerful, but she never thought he could be her match. Now that the Cannibal Vines had already taken hold of her, Qin Haodong’s coming in would do no more than costing his own life.

Qin Haodong looked at the anxious Hu Xiaoxian, and felt warm inside. He knew the woman was treating him with her heart and soul. She still cared about him so much under such circumstances.

As he walked, he smiled and said, “No worries, we’re friends. They’ll never eat you for my sake.”

“You jerk. It’s not the right time for jokes! Stop walking closer! Or we’re all doomed.”

Hu Xiaoxian was screaming herself hoarse, but she still saw Qin Haodong walking into the attacking range of the Cannibal Vines. She closed her eyes and wouldn’t want to see the man she loved getting caught in the Cannibal Vines.

However, a while had passed, but she had never heard any sound; on the contrary, a warm hand patted on her cheeks, with a cheeky voice saying, “Hey, what are you doing? Why are you closing your eyes? It’s too early for sleep. Are you taking it as a hammock?”


Hu Xiaoxian opened his eyes and saw that Qin Haodong’s hands being so close to her. All those vines were hanging beside him, but no of them was attacking Qin Haodong.

She asked with a surprised face, “What? What’s going on? Why aren’t they attacking you?”

The other five people were as confused as her, especially Dong Sihai. He had planned all this out. He was going to feed Qin Haodong to the Cannibal Vines, but now they were not responding to him. He wondered if it was because Qin Haodong would taste bad.

Qin Haodong smiled and said, “I told you we’re good friends.”

He said and patted on the vines on Hu Xiaoxian, and he said, “Let go of her; she’s my friend.”

The vines on Hu Xiaoxian started to loosen up as if they had understood what Qin Haodong just said. Then they put her down on the ground gently. What was more intriguing was the two vines patting on Hu Xiaoxian’s shoulder; they seemed to be apologizing.