The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 211

Chapter 211 Mystery

Chapter 211 Mystery

Toad flared up at once. He had the name Toad because he had been soaked in poisonous water all the time, which caused his skin to change. He was ugly like a toad. But the more he cared about his appearance, the more he resented being told that he was ugly.

He turned around. It was the little fellow next to Qin Haodong who was speaking. Tang Tang covered her eyes with her hands and made a look of being disgusted.

“Little brat, do you want to die soon?”

In his anger, he forgot to wonder how the little fellow’s hands were able to move. He extended his ugly hand and tried to grab Tang Tang!

“Take away your stinky hands!”

After a roar of anger, Toad’s body was sent back flying like a rubber ball for more than ten meters. He banged into an old tree. This fellow was also unlucky that he hit a hedgehog just after falling. He screamed and jumped up again.

“Hedgehogs on a toad’s butt. It’s so funny!”

The wretched look of Toad made the little fellow cry merrily.

It was Qin Haodong who kicked Toad. Scorpion and others were shocked. It was unexpected that someone could still move under the Muscle Weakening Poison.

“Who are you? Why aren’t you poisoned?”

Scorpion stared at Qin Haodong and said.

Qin Haodong sneered and said, “You little thing is not deserved to be poison in my eye.”

Qin Haodong noticed when scorpion and others were within a hundred meters of them. He closed his breath and his pore in advance, so that he would not be poisoned. The little fellow had Suzaku Sacred Body. This simple poison had no effect on her at all. She fell to the ground only after receiving the hint from Qin Haodong.

Others were really poisoned, but they were only cooperating in a play, to bring out Scorpion and other people.

“Don’t be complacent, boy. You’re doomed to die when you meet us, the Devilish Five.”

Then Centipede raised his hand to poison Qin Haodong again, but suddenly he felt very dizzy, and then lost consciousness.

“Did you use poison?”

As a master of poisoning, Scorpion immediately perceived the wrong.

“Who stipulated that only you can use poison, and I can’t use it?” Qin Haodong said with a laugh, “How is it? Does this Ecstasy smell good?”

Just when the Devilish Five appeared, he drew an Ecstasy pill from the storage ring and crushed it. This pill was subsidiary when he made other pills, but it had high quality with its description of Cultivation World. It was colorless and tasteless in the air. The Devilish Five were poisoned without any awareness.


Scorpion realized that he met a master today. He turned his head after shouting, but how could he run after being poisoned by Ecstasy? Before he could take further steps, he flopped to the ground.

After him, Black Widow, Toad, Centipede and red-coated woman all fell to the ground. All the people in Xuanyuan Pavilion, including Hu Xiaoxian, were unconscious. Only Qin Haodong and the little fellow remained awake.

“That’s a good poison!” Qin Haodong nodded satisfactorily, and then took out a small black pill and stuffed it into Hu Xiaoxian’s mouth. It was the antidote of Ecstasy. Hu Xiaoxian soon woke up.

After opening her eyes, Hu Xiaoxian was relieved to see the Devilish Five fainted to the ground. If she were really stained by the ugly toad, she would not have to live for the rest of her life.

She asked, “Haodong, what happened?”

“These people are here to kill you. I don’t know what’s going on, but these people have been poisoned by me. You can ask them later.”

Then Qin Haodong took out the silver needle and began to detoxify Hu Xiaoxian. Five minutes later, Hu Xiaoxian spat out a mouthful of black water, thus clearing all the Muscle Weakening Poison in her body. After the black water spat on the ground, the contaminated grassland became wilted immediately, which showed the strong toxicity of the poison.

“Aunt Xiaoxian, drink some water!” The little fellow handed a bottle of water to Hu Xiaoxian.

Hu Xiaoxian caressed Tang Tang’s cheek, and then drank water to rinse her mouth. She drank half a bottle of water, and her body had completely recovered to the state before being poisoned.

She asked doubtfully, “Haodong, we were all poisoned. Why were you not poisoned?”

Qin Haodong laughed and said, “I am a doctor. How could I be poisoned so easily?”

“The poisoner did not poison you, but was poisoned by you. I really don’t know how you did it.” Hu Xiaoxian said, “Haodong, I have to trouble you to help detoxify them.”

She pointed at Lei Tianrui and other four people with an embarrassing look.

After all, Qin Haodong had rescued these people once, but these people bit the hand that fed them. At this time, she was glad that she made the best choice to engage Qin Haodong in their team, otherwise they would have died in the forest of Shennongjia.

“I’ll detoxify them later. Get rid of these guys first.”

Then Qin Haodong kicked the hedgehogs on Toad’s butt and sealed their acupoints, which relieved them from the effect of Ecstasy.

When One-eye Dragon regained his sanity, his first reaction was to run quickly, but he found that he could not move at all.

“Who the hell are you? What do you want?” he asked, staring at Qin Haodong with his one eye.

Since his debut, he had never met anyone who was not afraid of his poison, and the young man was clearly poisoned by Muscle Weakening Poison, but nothing happened to him, indicating that he was absolutely a powerful role

Qin Haodong slapped him and said coldly, “Now is the time for me to ask you, what right do you have to ask me?”

The slap was so heavy that half of One-eye Dragon’s face suddenly swelled up and he lost several teeth. His eyes burst into flames with anger.

“Boy, don’t be too rampant. Don’t forget that all your companions have been poisoned by me. Although you are not afraid of Muscle Weakening Poison, they will be useless all their lives without my antidote.”

In his opinion, the reason why Qin Haodong didn’t kill him was to get the antidote of Muscle Weakening Poison, which was his last card.

Qin Haodong slapped him on the other side of his face again. “It’s just a little poison. You even take it as a threat to negotiate with me. Who gave you courage?”

“Boy, Muscle Weakening Poison was exclusively developed by me. No one can get rid of poison without my antidote!”

Qin Haodong kicked him to the ground and said, “Don’t you have another eye? Didn’t you see that one of my companions had been detoxified?

“Th-that’s impossible!”

One-eye Dragon couldn’t believe when he saw the energetic and beautiful Hu Xiaoxian. How could he detoxify Muscle Weakening Poison?

Qin Haodong said to Hu Xiaoxian, “These people are coming for you. Come and ask! But be careful not to touch this guy’s body. He’s poisonous.”

Hu Xiaoxian nodded and came to One-eye Dragon and asked, “Say, who let you come?”

Seeing that they would be finished today, One-eye Dragon said in frustration, “We are the Devilish Five. A few days ago, someone offered a reward on the dark net for a task, 10 million yuan for killing you. We thought it’s a good chance to make a fortune, so we took over the task.”

Hu Xiaoxian frowned and asked, “How did you know we have come to Shennongjia?”

“The employer gave us the information. He told us to wait for you at the entrance to the forest of Shennongjia.”

One-eye Dragon’s reply made Hu Xiaoxian’s heart tremble. Xuanyuan Pavilion’s mission was extremely secret. The person who wanted to murder them was sure that they would come to Shennongjia, which was scary.

She asked, “Who is your employer? How to contact them?”

One-eye Dragon said, “You should know the rules of the dark net. The mercenary Corps that takes over the task never knows who the employer is.”

Hu Xiaoxian asked a few more questions, and eventually even used Enticement, but she did not get much useful information. After the interrogation, Qin Haodong directly found ropes to tie up all the five people and threw them into the deep forest

After everything had been dealt with, Qin Haodong saw Hu Xiaoxian’s grave face and asked, “What are you thinking about?”

Hu Xiaoxian said, “I wonder, what is the problem? Who on earth is that employer? How did he know we came to Shennongjia?”

Qin Haodong said, “What kind of tasks are you going to carry out this time?”

“This is the secret of our organization, but you are not an outsider. I’ll tell you the truth.” Hu Xiaoxian said, “The intelligence department suddenly got a map a few days ago. It was said that it is a treasure handed down from ancient times. So the superiors sent our Xuan Department to see what happened.”

“What kind of treasure is it?” Qin Haodong asked.

“It’s not clear yet. We just got a treasure map. It’s deep in Shennongjia according to the location of the map.”

Hu Xiaoxian took out an old map of sheepskin and handed it to Qin Haodong.

Qin Haodong took a look at the map. Although the appearance of this sheepskin map was very old, his strong Spirit could perceive it. It had no spirit at all. It was absolutely a forged new product.

It was shocking that the place marked on the map was almost the same as the one painted by Dilong, except that the painting technique was not quite the same, but the location should be the same.

This was a little strange. If this map was fake and the purpose of forgery was to kill these people in Xuanyuan Pavilion, why was the location exactly the same as the ancient tomb he knew?

“Where did this map come from?” Qin Haodong asked.

“It was given to us by the intelligence department. We don’t know exactly where they got it.” Hu Xiaoxian asked doubtfully, “Is there any problem?”

Qin Haodong told Hu Xiaoxian about his exploration of the underground palace in Shennongjia, and then expressed his doubts. “This map was fabricated by someone to attract you people here, but the purpose is not clear, and the location of the map is real. It’s not clear whether there is treasure or not, but there’s an ancient tomb here.”

Hu Xiaoxian said, “That’s strange. If someone gets a map of the treasure, he is sure to find it himself. How can he reveal it to others?”

Qin Haodong thought about it and said, “Is it possible for someone else to get a real treasure map, but he can’t open it. He made a fake map and spread it out to attract you to come and open the treasure, so he can get it.”

His reasoning was well-founded. According to Dilong, there must be a boundary on the periphery of the palace, and ordinary people couldn’t enter it.

Hu Xiaoxian said, “Since he wants us to open the tomb for him, why did he send someone to kill us halfway? Is it true that the person who forged the map and the one who employed the Devilish Five are two different people?”

They discussed for a while, and finally did not get a definite answer, but one thing was certain, there were people behind the scenes, that was to say, this trip to the underground palace would be beset with difficulties.

Qin Haodong said, “Forget it, we just need to be careful.”

If the underground palace was really a relic of the practitioners, then he was bound to acquire the treasures in it. No matter how many people coveted it, he would get it.