The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 220

Chapter 220 The Phantom Magic Field

Chapter 220: The Phantom Magic Field

"Nice move, youve grown better at Wind Thunder Palm."

Zhao Qiankun yelled excitedly. He had wanted to fight Qin Haodong for long. Now that Lei Tianrui was doing it, he felt like his dream came true. In his opinion, Qin Haodong might know some fighting skills, but he was no match of Lei Tianrui who was already in the level of Covert Power. Qin Haodong would be killed by just one palm.

At this moment, a shadow flashed. Hu Xiaoxian popped out and stood in front of Qin Haodong. She raised her hands and blocked Lei Tianruis attack.

The four hands collided and banged. Hu Xiaoxians body shook slightly while Lei Tianrui turned backward and flipped, and then he flew backward.

When Lei Tianruis feet landed on the ground, he stepped back for more than three steps and asked in astonishment, "Xiaoxian, when did you arrive the second level of the Covert Power?"

Both of the two were at the first level of the Covert Power, and his cultivation was even higher than Hu Xiaoxians. That was also why he had been named the team leader of this trip in Shennongjia.

Now that he had fought Hu Xiaoxian by himself, he actually found Hu Xiaoxian had reached the second level of the Covert Power before him. And he knew how hard it was to reach the next level, especially in the realm of the Covert Power.

And that was why many people tried throughout their entire life but failed to reach the second level from the first level of the Covert Power.

Hu Xiaoxian said with a cold expression, "Attack him again, and I wont be so gentle next time."


Lei Tianrui halted for a second. He thought the whole situation was under his control before they entered the Zhaixing Palace. He thought he would never need Qin Haodong to get out of the palace after he got the inheritance of Situ Zhaixings formation skills.

After a short hesitation, he yelled, "Hu Xiaoxian. Dont forget youre one of us. I know youre higher than me in cultivation level, but can you beat us all?"

Dong Sihai, Zhao Yukun, and Wang Yuancheng took out their weapons and stood behind him. Xie Zidan hesitated, and decided to stand still.

"Lei Tianrui, I never know youre so shameless." Hu Xiaoxian pulled out her Purple Flash Sword and scolded, "Youve got more people, so what? I dare you to start the fight!"

She thought these people were holding gratitude now because they had been saved by Qin Haodong for so many times. It had never occurred to her that these people would still try to kill him after what he had done for them. She was now outrageous.

She was performing at the peak of the second level of the Covert Power. Her aura was overwhelming, pushing Lei Tianrui, Zhao Qiankun and other people backward.

"Forget it, Xiaoxian. Lets go!"

Qin Haodong shook his head. He was so disappointed by Lei Tianrui and the others. He walked forward and grabbed Hu Xiaoxians wrist, taking the little fellow to the wall aside.

"What are they doing?"

Lei Tianruis and the others expressions were even more surprised than the faces they wore then they knew Hu Xiaoxian had reached the second level of the Overt Power. It was a wall ahead, but Qin Haodong was walking towards it. He wondered if Qin Haodong was nuts.

Watched by the others with their shocking eyes, Qin Haodong, Hu Xiaoxian, and the little fellow walked through the wall and disappeared in front of everyone.

"This what just happened? Did he just walk through a wall?"

Lei Tianrui was so surprised that his jaw dropped.

Zhao Qiankun said, "It fine, boss. Lets forget about him. We should be quick to collect the treasures."

"Thats right, the world shall be ours in the future." Lei Tianrui said, "Zhao Qiankun, go check the formations. Wang Yuancheng, you go to collect those elixirs and pills. Dong Sihai, go for the jewels and valuables. Ill go pick up scripts."

The other people had been assigned with works, too, except Xie Zidan. Lei Tianrui was irritated because Xie Zidan had chosen the wrong side just now.

Hu Xiaoxian was confused about what Qin Haodong was doing at first. After they walked through the wall, the scenery ahead changed. An aged cave came into their sight.

She asked in surprise, "Haodong, what was happening? How did we come out?"

Qin Haodong smiled and said, "Go check on yourself."

Hu Xiaoxian looked back with doubts, only to see the magnificent Zhaixing Palace had already been gone. They were facing an empty cave. All the treasure rooms, formations, elixirs and pills, and scripts had all gone.

Lei Tianrui, Zhao Qiankun, and the others were running back and forth for nothing, except Xie Zidan who was standing still with disappointment on his face.

"What what happened?"

Hu Xiaoxian was even more confused when she saw all of this at the first glace. She wondered what was happening.

Qin Haodong said, "There was no such thing as Zhaixing Palace in here. We were not crossing a wall, either. That was how we got to walk through it."

"But I just saw" Hu Xiaoxian said with disbelief.

Qin Haodong said, "Sometimes what you see doesnt make it real. It was just a Phantom Magic Field."

He now respected the owner of the cave so much because he mustve reached an unparalleled level in both the application of formation and the manipulation of human psychology.

This Phantom Magic Field had the highest level among all kinds of formations they had been through. It had reached the Earth Scale. The trickiest part is the order of the formations that had shown up. If the final Phantom Magic Field had come as the first one, Zhao Qiankun might study carefully on it. He might fail to break the formation, but he could still tell this was a formation.

Now that the Phantom Magic Field came as the fourth one, that made everything tricky. Most people would relax after passing the first three formations. They would think they were going to reach the destination. The Phantom Magic Field appeared now could easily trap people and stick them in.

The ultimate goal of the Phantom Magic Field was to confuse people. Low-level cultivators were usually mentally unstable, which made it easy for them to get lost.

Qin Haodong could see through the trick so easily because he held a strong Spirit which was even more powerful than that of the arranger of the formations.

He tried not to point it out because he wanted to test Lei Tianrui and the others. He would bring them out of the formation if they turned out to be good; however, the result was rather disappointing. He immediately took Hu Xiaoxian away from the formation and left all of them there.

That was when Hu Xiaoxian realized that everything just now was fake. The funny part was that Lei Tianrui and the others showed their true colors for something that didnt even exist.

When she realized that, she asked with concerns, "Will they be fine?"

After all, they were her companions. She didnt know how to report it if they all died here.

Qin Haodong said, "Dont worry. A Phantom Magic Field is not a killing formation. They wont be killed so soon."

After he said that, he started to stride forward, checking up the whole palace.

There was a stone cabin in front of them, in which there were all kinds of jars and bottles. The air was filled with the fragrance of elixirs and pills. The cabin was now empty, with some marks on the floor. It might be the spot where the Nine-Dragon Furnace was placed.

Now Qin Haodong understood how Dilong entered the palace. It turned out he was here all because he was being lucky.

Dilong fell into the cave when he rolled off the mountain. He was in a coma back to then, so he had not been influenced by the Phantom Magic Field at all. He slipped directly into the elixir room.

The four formations they had been through were all one-way defense, which was to say, those who came in would trigger the formations, but those who went out would have no idea about the existence of the formations.

After Dilong got the Nine-Dragon Furnace, he left the cave easily, yet without any chance to get back.

When Qin Haodong came up with it, he had to admit that the guy was being so lucky and sometimes the destiny made fools of people. He would never be here if Dilong hadnt smuggled the Nine-Dragon Furnace out of here.

He observed the elixir room again. The elixirs and pills in the room were precious enough for the ordinary, but a little bit lower than those he made back to then. Moreover, these elixirs had been left unattended for too long, so most of them had lost their efficacy.

"Would this be a Phantom Magic Field, too?" Hu Xiaoxian asked.

She was like a burnt child dreading the fire. The touch of the Phantom Magic Field gave her just now was terribly real.

"No, its not." Said Qin Haodong, "This should be the real cave of that cultivator. But theres one thing that I cant be sure. Normal cultivators would set no more than one or two formations in front of their caves, so why would he had set so many? All of them were defensive formations. Is it because he had many enemies?"

However, that reason couldnt explain everything because based on the cultivation level of the owner of the cave, his enemies must be at the same level as him. The formations they had run into today might be exquisite, but they couldnt stop powerhouses above the level of supreme power.

But he had to find the answer on his own because even Hu Xiaoxian wouldnt be able to give him the answer.

They left the elixir room together and headed to the stone cabin. The cabin had all kinds of books and bamboo slips inside. They were all about the owners analysis of elixir refining and formation skills.

Qin Haodong picked up two books at random and read them. Judging by the content of the books, the level of the owner was far lower than the Tribulation Realm, and he was at no more than the Nascent Soul Realm.

The third stone cabin was a treasure house, in which there was a formation concealing the Spiritual Qi. As soon as they opened the door, the Spiritual Qi went directly on their faces. Qin Haodongs expressions changed when he saw the piled-up Spirit Stone in the room. Most of them were basic of middle-level Spirit Stones, but the Spiritual Qi they were giving out was much too heavier than that of other stones out of here. They would do great good to the cultivation of warriors.

The value of these Spirit Stones was priceless. Their trip to here this time would be totally worth it even if these stones were all they had got.

There were Spirit Stones and elixir room. He was sure more than ever that this was the cave of that cultivator.

There was nothing but Spirit Stones here, no jewels, no valuables. No wonder Dilong said there was nothing good here because an ordinary people like him couldnt tell how precious these Spirit Stones were.

"What are these stones for?"

Apparently, Hu Xiaoxian didnt know these stones either. Spiritual Qi became so rare these years that most people turned to learn martial arts. They barely had any idea about Spiritual Qi or Spirit Stones.

Qin Haodong answered, "Theyre called Spirit Stones. They give out Spiritual Qi which is beneficial to the cultivation of warriors. You can take some, and Ill take all the rest of it."

"Papa, I want that, too!"

The little fellow had the Suzaku Sacred Body, so she felt intimate to the Spiritual Qi naturally.

Qin Haodong gave two middle-level stones to the little fellow for her to play. Then he gave some to Hu Xiaoxian. Then he thought about it for a moment and all the Spirit Stones had been collected into his Storage Ring.

Seeing the piled-up Spirit Stones disappeared immediately. Hu Xiaoxian asked in surprise, "How did you do that?"

"To tell you the truth, I am a cultivator myself. I have my own way to do this."

After all they had been through together, Qin Haodong now trusted Hu Xiaoxian even more.

They left the treasure room for the fourth stone cabin. The room was empty without many things inside. In the center of the room, there was a memorial table there on which there was a memorial tablet. On the tablet, it said, "In Memory of Situ Zhaixing, Yiyuan Sect."

Situ Zhaixing!

That reminded that the middle-aged cultivator appeared in the Phantom Magic Field should be Situ Zhaixing. This used to be his cave, but instead of ascending to heaven, he died here.

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