The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 223

Chapter 223 Divine Technique Of The Upper Level

Chapter 223 Divine Technique of the Upper Level

Qin Haodong comprehended Eyes of Phoenix wholly and was astonished deep inside that the Yiyuan Sect, a sect with profound foundation, possessed such a powerful Divine Technique.

To define Divine Technique, one must begin with the origin of cultivation artists.

In Jianghu, warriors did not know the magic arts while the mages did not know the martial arts. However, cultivation artists were the masters of these two kinds of arts.

Having said that, even to display the best magic arts, one had to activate incantation first, and this required time more or less. However, things changed at every moment in a battle, and there would not be too much time for one to prepare the incantation. As a result, many superior mages died of assassination.

Because of this, cultivation artists preferred magic treasures than magic arts as they could control the former with their will, which would take less time. Like using a gun, which chambering, aiming, and removing the arming barrier were needed before firing, preparing steps were also needed when displaying a magic art. However, using a magic treasure was as simple and quick as defending with a sword.

Compared with the two arts, Divine Technique had a unique advantage. That was, when someone mastered it, it would become his own power, and he could use it at any time and as simple as using his four limbs.

Besides, once one started to practice a Divine Technique, the power of the technique would grow with the improvement of his cultivation level, because of which, the technique was few both in kind and quantity. Especially those practices related to eyes, they were so rare that Qin Haodong had never seen one during the 500 years in Cultivation World. Coincidentally, Eyes of Phoenix was exactly of this kind.

It could be regarded as a Divine Technique of the Upper Level among all, and one could burn the void out after he highly mastered it. For Tang Tang, it was a great opportunity to get Eyes of Phoenix because she just needed a technique that matched her awakened Suzaku Sacred Body.

Having learned all the key points of Eyes of Phoenix, Qin Haodong said to Tang Tang, “Tang Tang, I’m going to teach you a Divine Technique of fire. Promise me, you’ll learn it hard, or we’ll be trapped here and can’t go home.”

“But, Papa, you’ve told me we couldn’t use fire at will, haven’t you?” asked the little girl.

“Yes, but that’s not under special conditions. Now, we’re trapped here and we must use fire to break out.”

“Then, why don’t you and Auntie Xiaoxian learn it yourselves?”

“Because we’re less smart than you and less efficient in learning as well. Hurry, Tang Tang, your friends must be waiting for you to return school now!”

With a serious face, Tang Tang answered, “Okay, Papa. Please teach me. I’ll learn it hard and take you home soon.”

Having convinced the girl, Qin Haodong started to teach her the key points of learning Eyes of Phoenix little by little.

It was no surprise that possessing the Suzaku Sacred Body, Tang Tang had a talent for learning the technique and mastered it quickly. After that, she needed to cultivate it again and again, and when she reached the level of Small Completion, she could open the door.

While the girl sat aside practicing, Qin Haodong looked back and said to Hu Xiaoxian, “We seldom could get a spirit stone of Upper Level, so, let’s take time to practice and improve our cultivation.”

The main reason he went to Shennongjia was to break through the Qi Refining Realm, and now, it was time to make a try.

Sitting on the ground and leg crossed, Qin Haodong, Hu Xiaoxian, and Tang Tang formed a triangle. Qin Haodong took out the Dragon-shaped Bronze, opened it, and put the Spirit Stone at the center of them. Rich Spiritual Qi immediately filled the stone room.

Qin Haodong closed his eyes and ran Longevity of Emperor Green Wood inside him. Compared to other techniques, techniques for cultivation artists had more advantages but also required more Spiritual Qi. Therefore, he had not been able to break through Foundation Level yet.

However, now, with sufficient Spiritual Qi there, things became simple. As Qin Haodong ran Genuine Qi, the surrounding Spiritual Qi all flew to him like rivers flowing to sea under gravity. Fortunately, the Spirit Stone could provide him with endless Spiritual Qi at the moment.

After the Genuine Qi running through his Cosmic Orbit three times, Qin Haodong heard a slight cracking sound in his mind, and the Genuine Qi in his dantian seemed to be boiling and grew ten times stronger, which greatly strengthened his aura.

“Finally, I completed establishing my Foundation.” Qin Haodong let out a sigh of relief. Reaching the level, cultivating became a simple thing, and he could improve his cultivation by taking elixirs, despite that it would be less efficient.

He opened his eyes and observed Tang Tang, who was absorbed in cultivating and in steady status. He then turned to look at Hu Xiaoxian and found her cultivation improved a lot and that she had reached the third level of Covert Power and was still making progress.

With the Firmament Stone around, Hu Xiaoxian not only could cultivate at a much higher speed but also did not need to worry about Qi Deviation. Thus, she could wholeheartedly concentrate on improvement.

However, the three cultivating at the same time consumed a lot of Spiritual Qi, due to which, the Spirit Stone had shrunk a little bit.

“Opportunity like this is rare. I must take time to practice.” Qin Haodong sighed to himself and closed his eyes again. As the Spiritual Qi was sufficient, his cultivation improved fast, and with the experience of his previous life, he was free from Qi Deviation even without Firmament Stone.

The first level of Covert Power, the second level… When he reached the fifth level of Covert Power, a long time had passed, and as he was about to continue to cultivate, he could not find any trace of Spiritual Qi in the air as if it had been drained.

He stopped cultivating and found the Spirit Stone in front of him disappeared already. He could not help but sigh to himself. “Though Spirit Stone of Upper Level is great, it would be consumed.”

Nevertheless, he was still happy that he had reached the fifth level of Covert Power from the ninth level of Overt Power, a speed which could drive other warriors crazy with jealousy.

Not only him but also Hu Xiaoxian had made remarkable progress. She had reached the fifth level of Covert Power from the second level of Covert Power. At the moment, she seemed to feel the disappear of Spiritual Qi, so, she stopped cultivating as well.

“Unbelievable! I improved so much!”

Unable to remain calm as Qin Haodong, Hu Xiaoxian was overjoyed by the power she gained as it was rather hard to advance to each higher level of Covert Power, and it might take others years to achieve that.

However, just several days after she met Qin Haodong, she improved her Covert Power to the fifth level from the first level, and everyone would be amazed by the news if they heard it.

She wanted to cry with joy but suppressed her excitement when she saw that Tang Tang was still cultivating.

Arms around Qin Haodong’s neck, she kissed him on the cheek and said in a low voice, “Haodong, I made it! The fifth level of Covert Power!”

“Yes, it should be so. After all, we consumed a whole Spirit Stone of Upper Level.” Qin Haodong fondled her delicate face and said in a teasing tone, “I made more progress than you, and now, I’m at the fifth level of Covert Power, so, you can’t pull me down easily anymore.”

“Really? Great!” Hu Xiaoxian felt happy for Qin Haodong’s improvement and continued to say, “Well then, I’ll try to attract you.”

As she said that, she pulled her collar lower, revealing her sexy collarbones and cleavage.


Qin Haodong felt his nose in a fever and changed the topic right away. “I’m wondering how long we have cultivated here.”

On hearing the words, Hu Xiaoxian let go of his neck and checked the time on the phone. “Oh my, it’s been five days.”

As if she had thought of something, she continued, “It’s been so long. I’m wondering if Lei Tianrui and other are fine now.”

Trapped in the illusion formation, Lei Tianrui and his companions had no supply of water or food.

“Don’t worry, they won’t die,” answered Qin Haodong, “there is no use in worrying since we can’t get out now.”

After saying that, he stood up to stretch his body, closed the bronze, and sealed it with an incantation. Though there was no longer a Spirit Stone of Upper Level in it, as one of the Twelve Bronze Animal Heads of Chinese Zodiac, it still worth tens of millions of yuan.

“By the way, I heard there was a Dragon-shaped Bronze in Treasure Island’s museum, as same as the one in your hands, which one is fake?”

Qin Haodong answered, “They are both real antiques, but the one in the museum doesn’t have a Spirit Stone in it and should be a remade one after this one was seized by Senior Situ.”

As he said that, an idea suddenly struck him that aside from the Dragon-shaped Bronze, the others Bronze Animal Heads of Chinese Zodiac should have Spirit Stone of the Upper Level sealed in them and that if he could get these Spirit Stones, he would make more progress in cultivation.

However, these were what he needed to consider later, and what he needed to consider now was how to get out from there.

“Haodong, I’m so hungry. Let’s get something to eat.”

The two finally felt hungry after five days of cultivating despite during which period the metabolism of their bodies was at a low rate.

As Hu Xiaoxian said the words, with a sheer of her will, some dried meat and clear water appeared in front of them. She now was in her element when using the Storage Ring and loved it very much for she felt like carrying a mobile warehouse with her, and this warehouse could keep the things inside fresh for a long period.

The pity was that the foods Sikong Zhaixing prepared were of the same kind, and meat and water were what they only had.

“I don’t feel like eating them. How about trying the food I brought?”

Before coming there, Qin Haodong had prepared well, and with a sheer of his will, various kinds of dishes and beers appeared in front of them. A Storage Ring was like a three-dimensional space without time-base, and the things inside it would be the same as when they were put in. Therefore, the dishes Qin Haodong took out were steaming hot.

“It smells good. Papa, I’m hungry!”

When Qin Haodong and Hu Xiaoxian were about to eat the foods, Tang Tang also finished cultivating.

Hearing Tang Tang’s voice, Qin Haodong looked back only to find that her eyes had become totally different from before. Her pupils now looked like two flames of fire which were jumping in her eyes, and they were so dazzling that Qin Haodong almost dared not to look directly at them.

However, it happened just in a second, and with a blink of her eyes, the flames in her eyes became smaller and disappeared quickly. Her eyes, therefore, became big and cute again, but if one took a closer look at them, he would find that there was still a jumping flame as small as a needle in each of her eyes.

“Tang Tang, you made it!”

Qin Haodong was full of surprise. Though he did not practice Eyes of Phoenix, he was very familiar with it. Therefore, he could tell that Tang Tang had reached the Small Completion realm judging from her status.

According to records left by Sikong Zhaixing, even the most talented disciple of the Yiyuan Sect would need at least three months to reach the Small Completion of Eyes of Phoenix. Qin Haodong had not expected that it only took Tang Tang five days to make it. It was true the one who possessed Suzaku Sacred Body had a talent for cultivating.

“Papa, I want to eat ribs.”

Tang Tang drooled over a plate of Sweet and Sour Spare Ribs. She was more interested in foods than cultivating.

Hu Xiaoxian said, “Let’s eat something first. We can talk about cultivation later.”

The three of them sat down in a circle and enjoyed their foods.

After the meal, Qin Haodong pointed at the thousands of years old iron that blocked the exit and said to Tang Tang, “Tang Tang, have a try, to see if you could break that iron down.”