The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 227

Chapter 227 The Protective Old Woman

Chapter 227 The Protective Old Woman

Seeing that Qin Haodong did not want to explain, Lei Tianrui and his fellows didn’t ask more. They were glad to see that the national treasures had been saved. After all, they didn’t end up being possessed by the Japanese.

After leaving the cave, Qin Haodong successively broke the killing, trapping and hidden formations. He took all the formation flags and boards away with him. Those things were commonly seen in the Cultivation World, but they were rare on earth, because their materials were too precious for one to forge them alone.

They returned along the way they came. It was almost evening and they finally passed the basin-shaped valley, which was beautiful but full of terror. Finally, they made it out of the dead zone.

Upon their arriving, they heard engines roaring in the air. Soon a big military transport helicopter landed on the ground.

Seeing the helicopter arriving, Qin Haodong and others were immediately alarmed because of a bunch of things that had happened. They wondered if there were enemies or friends inside.

After the helicopter stabilized, seven or eight people got off. Their leading ones were an old man and an old woman. The old man was in his seventies or eighties. He was tall and looked imposing.

At the same time, the lady looked the other way. Her hair was all grey but her skin looked fair. Somehow she looked coquettish.



Hu Xiaoxian and Lei Tianrui called out at the same time. Then both of them walked fast to the old man and the old lady.

The two were two elders from the Xuan Department of the Xuanyuan Pavilion. They were Hu Feifei and Lei Wanjun. Hu was Hu Xiaoxian’s grandma, and Lei was Lei Tianrui’s grandpa.

Qin Haodong checked the two. It turned out that the Xuanyuan Pavilion was indeed powerful. Both had reached the ninth level of Covert Power, no lower than the taoist, Dao Tong. They were one step away from entering the Supreme Power Realm.

“Grandma… Why are you here?”

Hu Xiaoxian held Hu Feifei’s hand and asked.

“You’re one to talk. It’s been more than five days and we still didn’t hear from you. How can we not be worried? We have to drop by and check.”

Hu Feifei seemed to be blaming Hu Xiaoxian, but her eyes were filled with love.

Hu Xiaoxian said, “Grandma, it was not our fault. The place is so odd. We lost all the signals as soon as we got in.”

On the other side, Lei Wanjun looked at Lei Tianrui who was covered with wounds and asked, “Kid, what happened to you? Who hurt you so bad?”

“Grandpa, it was him!” Lei Tianrui felt backed up after he saw Lei Wanjun. He turned back and pointed at Qin Haodong. Then he said, “He hurt me and took away the treasures of our Xuanyuan Pavilion.”

Seeing the guy getting back at him again, Qin Haodong frowned slightly. The guy did show some patriotism when confronted with the Japanese ninjas, but beyond that, nothing in him had changed.

“Young man, did you hurt my grandson?”

Lei Wanjun took the first two steps forward and stood in front of Qin Haodong face to face, giving out an overwhelming aura. Ordinary warriors in the fifth level of Covert Power would’ve crashed down, but not Qin Haodong, who had a strong Spirit. A cultivator in the ninth level of Covert Power was far from enough for him to treat seriously.

Seeing Qin Haodong remained calm, Lei Wanjun got confused. He was going to move but somebody moved first. Hu Xiaoxian stood before Qin Haodong and yelled, “Grandpa Lei, that’s not true.”

Lei Tianrui yelled, “Hu Xiaoxian. With what he has done to me, are you really defending an outsider?”

Hu Xiaoxian answered loudly, “Lei Tianrui, have you no shame? How many times has he helped you? You could’ve died a thousand times if he hadn’t helped. Now you’re getting back at him?”

Hu Feifei took her dragon head crutch and walked over. She stopped Hu Xiaoxian and asked, “Girl, what was going on? Who’s this young man?”

Hu Xiaoxian said shyly, “Grandma, he’s my boyfriend.”

Hu Feifei asked in surprise, “You grandpa said you’ve been backfired by Fox Hypnosis, was it because of him?”

“That’s him!”

Hu Xiaoxian nodded and answered.

Hu Feifei looked at Qin Haodong again, and this time, she was like a grandma looking at her grandson-in-law. She then nodded with satisfaction, “Fine. He seems nice and qualified to be my grandson-in-law.”

She was actually worried when she first heard that Hu Xiaoxian had been backfired by the Fox Hypnosis, because she thought it might be an old and ugly guy. Now it turned out it was a young and handsome young man; she felt happy for Hu Xiaoxian.

At the time, she looked at the little fellow and asked Hu Xiaoxian, “Who’s this little girl? Is she your daughter?”

Hu Xiaoxian blushed and asked, “Grandma, what are you talking about? How could I have the time? That’s Haodong’s daughter.”

“It’s a pity. He was a nice guy, but with a daughter.” Hu Feifei looked pitiful and said, “That’s fine. He’s better than an old man, and the little girl is adorable.”

Seeing Hu Feifei and Hu Xiaoxian judging him from head to toe, as if they were actually picking up a grandson-in-law, he felt helpless, but couldn’t find a proper excuse to stop them.

At the same time Lei Tianrui said, “Grandpa, you’ve seen it. Hu Xiaoxian has teamed up with the gigolo boy. The two stole the treasures of our Xuanyuan Pavilion.”

Hu Xiaoxian said angrily, “Lei Tianrui, what are you talking about? What do you mean by ‘stole’?”

“Are you still denying? The gigolo boy was carrying them on his back!”

Lei Tianrui pointed to the backpack behind Qin Haodong. Now he was sure that the treasure from the dungeon was in that backpack.

Lei Wanjun turned gloomy and said, “Hu, we’re all members of the Xuanyuan Pavilion. Your granddaughter robbed my grandson with an outsider. You have to give me an explanation.”

“Nonsense, old man. My granddaughter is way better than that.” Hu Feifei asked Hu Xiaoxian, “What happened, honey? Tell grandma and I’ll stand up for you and my son-in-law.”

Qin Haodong felt so awkward. He just became another person’s grandson-in-law by doing nothing.

“Here’s the thing, grandma…”

Hu Xiaoxian started to tell her the whole story about how they received the mission to Shennongjia and how she met Qin Haodong in the gangster inn. Then she told her how they had ridden themselves of the Japanese jonin Yamamoto Kusakara. She told her everything except for the inheritance they got from Sikong Zhaixing.

She told her how Qin Haodong poisoned the Devilish Five, and repelled the ants with a leaf. Also, she mentioned how he broke the four formations in the dungeon and killed more than twenty ninjas, including a jonin. Lei Wanjun and Hu Feifei’s expression changed after they heard that, because they knew they themselves wouldn’t be able to do it.

“Honey, you’re lucky to have him.” Hu Feifei turned to Lei Wanjun and asked, “Old man, did you hear her? My grandson-in-law saved your grandson many times, and now your ungrateful grandson is accusing him of stealing. I think he really needs a lesson.”

Lei Wanjun looked sullen and asked, “Is that so?”

Lei Tianrui looked embarrassed and said, “He did save me a few times, but we paid for that. At last, he left us in the formation and went into the dungeon with Hu Xiaoxian. Those treasures in there were supposed to be ours, but he stole them all.”

Lei Wanjun said to Hu Feifei, “Did you hear him? He might have saved my grandson, but that was personal stuff. These treasures belong to my Xuanyuan Pavilion, and we can’t let him take all away.”

Seeing Lei Wanjun’s attitude, Qin Haodong finally knew why Lei Tianrui was so ungrateful. It was in their genes.

Ordinary people would just express their gratitude when knowing Qin Haodong had saved his grandson many times over; however, that guy couldn’t stop asking for treasures. Qin Haodong wondered if the treasures weighed more than Lei Tianrui’s life.

Hu Xiaoxian said, “Grandpa Lei. That dungeon was nothing but the ruin of a predecessor. There was nothing in it except for some elixirs which they’ve already seen. There was no other treasure.”

Lei Tianrui yelled, “You liar! Those treasures were all in his backpack! I won’t believe it unless you show it to me.”

Hu Xiaoxian argued in anger, “Lei Tianrui, how shameless are you? Why are you saying it so confidently? You were the ones who couldn’t make it into the dungeon.”

“Haodong didn’t find anything in it, and even if he did find anything, what does it have to do with you? He made it in there by himself, and those things in there belonged to anyone who first went in and claimed them.”

“Hu Xiaoxian, don’t forget that you are also a member of the Xuanyuan Pavilion.” Lei Tianrui turned back and said to Lei Wanjun, “You’ve heard them, grandpa. They’re ganging up against us. She’s trying to send our treasures to an outsider.”

Lei Wanjun waved his hand and let him stop talking. Then He said to Qin Haodong, “Young man, you might be powerful in some way, but the Xuanyuan Pavilion found the dungeon. You can’t claim all the treasures in it.”

‘How about handing the backpack to me and let me check? We’ll redistribute the treasures. You can calm down. I’m a respected old man, and I swear I won’t take advantage of you.”

Qin Haodong was wearing his sarcastic face. He would never believe the two, especially after he had seen what kind of men they were.

He said, “It’s just some of my personal belongings and nothing else. You don’t need to check.”

Lei Tianrui yelled, “It’s not your call. You have to show us first.”

Qin Haodong sneered, “Who are you to check my backpack?”

Lei Wanjun said as he soared into the air like a giant bird. “You’ve been way out of line, young man.” He reached out to grab the backpack on Qin Haodong’s backpack. He was moving fast. Qin Haodong was almost overwhelmed by his powerful aura.

Qin Haodong felt a little nervous. He might have reached the fifth level of the Covert Power, but that was far behind the ninth level. He had no way but to avoid that powerful strike.

At that moment, a shadow flashed. Hu Feifei popped out and stood in front of Qin Haodong. She raised her hands and blocked Lei Wanjun’s attack.

The confrontation of the two powerhouses shook the ground and mountains. A strong airflow swept the leaves on the ground and scattered them everywhere.

Lei Wanjun and Hu Feifei were in a deadlock. Both of them had been pushed backwards by the strike. After they landed on the ground, he asked in anger, “Are you going to shelter the thief?”

Hu Feifei answered, “Yes, I am sheltering him, so what? You don’t get to lay a finger on my grandson-in-law, not in my watch!”

Lei Wanjun yelled, “You old woman! Don’t forget that you’re also a member of the Xuanyuan Pavilion. If the treasures are lost because of you, you and your man won’t be able to take the blame of the master.”

Hu Feifei’s expression changed, but she still argued firmly, “So what? I’ll take all the responsibility.”

Qin Haodong liked the protective lady somehow, although he wasn’t exactly her grandson-in-law. He didn’t want to bring troubles for Hu Xiaxian’s family.

He said to Lei Wanjun, “Old man, let me ask you first. What is the Xuanyuan Pavilion? Is it a gang?”