The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 228

Chapter 228 The Most Expensive Backpack In History

Chapter 228 The Most Expensive Backpack in History

Lei Wanjun said, "You liar. The Xuanyuan Pavilion is a special department of Huaxia. How can it be a gang?"

Qin Haodong said with a smile, "Nice to hear that. Then how about we talk in a reasonable way?"

"Its fine. Im quite a reasonable person."

"Then that would be easy." Said Qin Haodong as he took out of a stack of debt bills. Then he asked Lei Wanjun, "Please take a look. These bills were written by a member of the Xuanyuan Pavillion. They each owe me 10 million, except for one that got a 50% discount. That would be 45 million in total. They should pay me back, am I wrong asking them for the money?"

Lei Wanjuns expression froze; however, as one of the elders of the Xuan Department of the Xuanyuan Pavilion, he knew he couldnt go back on his words after he said he would be "reasonable". He turned back and asked Lei Tianrui, "Did you sign the bills?"

They looked at each other and then admitted by lowering their heads because the words and papers were just there, and there was no way for them to deny.

"Grandpa, we signed the bills."

Lei Wanjun said, "Then shut up and give the money back to him!"

"Okay, I will!"

Lei Tianrui was going to deny the 10 million debt because he didnt see the debt bill coming out when they were trying to get the treasures. Under the circumstance, he had no other option but to take out his phone and pay the debt.

Xie Zidan paid his 5 million after that. Soon, Zhao Qiankun, Dong Sihai, and Wang Yuancheng paid 10 million each.

After Qin Haodong received the money, Lei Wanjun looked at him and said, "Now the debt has been paid. What do you say?"

Qin Haodong nodded with satisfaction, and then took the backpack off his back. Then he said, "Then lets keep talking in a reasonable way."

"The bag is mine. I said there were no treasures in it but you wouldnt believe it. How about I sell it to you? Then Ill have nothing to do with it. That would be fair enough right?"

"Well" Lei Wanjun wasnt sure about what was in this backpack, so he turned back and looked at Lei Tianrui.

Lei Tianrui insisted that the treasures Qin Haodong and Hu Xiaoxian got were in the backpack, so he said, "Sure, how much?"

"Since you said that there are treasures here; treasures would be a little expensive. A hundred million yuan, not a penny less."

"One hundred million? Isnt it too much?"

Lei Tianrui said it perplexedly. He might come from a rich family, but he had been "blackmailed" by Qin Haodong all along the way. A hundred million was all he had in his bank account at the moment; he would be broke if he spent it all.

Qin Haodong said, "Not a penny less. You said that all the treasures are in it. You can have it you pay the hundred million, or you can just forget it."

Hu Xiaoxian said, "Lei Tianrui, I told you there was nothing in that cave, neither was in this bag."

The more the two said it, the more Lei Tianrui thought they were trying to cover up. He thought they were trying to scare him away with a hundred million yuan. He then ground his teeth and said, "Then thats the deal. If I paid you a hundred million yuan, you shall give the backpack to me."

Qin Haodong said, "Of course, weve got all the elders witnessing. I never cheat in any of my dealings, and Im a man of my word."

Lei Tianrui said, "Ill pay the hundred million yuan. Now give me the backpack."

Qin Haodong said, "Not now. What if you take the bag and refuse to pay after you find nothing in it? What am I supposed to do to you on Mr. Leis watch? Hes so powerful."

Lei Wanjuns face turned sullen. He asked, "What did you say? I am an elder! Are you saying Ill repudiate your debt?"

Qin Haodong smiled and said, "I didnt say that, but if you want it, you have to pay it first. I cant go anywhere on your watch. Ms. Hu can be my witness, and she will never allow me to play any tricks."

Lei Wanxi turned to look at Lei Tianrui and asked, "Are you sure you want to buy it?"

He was implying if Lei Tianrui was sure there were treasures in the backpack.

"Dont worry, grandpa, they mustve hidden them in the backpack. Now theyre just bluffing." Lei Tianrui took out his cellphone and asked Qin Haodong, "Ill pay for it, but dont you touch the backpack from now on."

With Lei Wanjun there, he no longer worried if Qin Haodong would play tricks anymore. He transferred one hundred million over and asked Qin Haodong proudly, "What do you say now?"

Qin Haodong smiled after he received the money. He took two steps back and said, "Deal. Now weve cleared our business. This backpack will be all yours now."

Qin Haodong looked quite relaxed, without a single clue of reluctance on his face. Lei Tianrui had a bad hunch. He grabbed the backpack over and unzipped it. The first thing he grabbed out was a diaper, and the second one, a diaper, too.

He was dumbfounded. As he kept taking things out of the backpack, he saw pacifiers, bottles, and toilet paper.

Lei Tianrui looked so reluctant and couldnt believe that he had just paid a hundred million for. He kept digging and nothing came out. The backpack was already empty, without a thing in it.

He cried out crazily, "Thats impossible! The treasures, where did you put them?"

He used to see the backpack as a treasure, but it turned out not to be. There was no trace of treasures in it at all.

Qin Haodong said sarcastically, "I said there was no treasure in it, but you insisted. Whos to blame?"

Hu Xiaoxian also said, "I told you there was nothing in the cave! Why would you think there was anything in the backpack? The Japanese ninja was an idiot! And so are you!"

"No way. Thats impossible. You mustve hidden it elsewhere."

Lei Tianrui still couldnt believe what had happened. He insisted that Qin Haodong had treasures.

Qin Haodong smiled and said, "Well then. Ive got a coat and my pants. We couldve hidden treasures in them. How about I sell them to you? Ill give you a discount as regulars, how about ten million for each?"


Although Lei Tianrui was reconciled, he could tell now that Qin Haodongs pockets were empty. There wouldnt be a piece of paper in it, let alone treasures.

Lei Wanjun was so embarrassed because he had just paid a hundred million for several diapers, but it was already too late to regret, and Hu Feifeis alerting eyes were on him. He was the third elder of the Xuan Department, and he couldnt back out of such small things.

So he could only take it out on Lei Tianrui. He yelled in anger, "You rubbish. Even you standing here is a shame to me. Now get back home!"

"Grandpa I"

Lei Tianrui wanted to explain, but he had little to say. All he could do was to get on the helicopter reluctantly.

Qin Haodong said aloud, "Hey, wait a minute. You should take your backpack with you. Youve paid a hundred million for this. You cant just throw it away."

Lei Tianrui glared at him, and then he turned back and got in the helicopter.

"Thats a nice backpack. Itll be bad for the environment if left here. Ill have it if he doesnt."

Qin Haodong took the backpack with a sarcastic face and slung it on his shoulder again. He had earned a hundred million within just a few minutes. Even Old Maldini couldnt be that fast.

Hu Xiaoxian couldnt stop laughing. A hundred million for a backpack? That was much more expensive than any luxury product. That might be the most expensive backpack in the world at the moment.

The more Hu Feifei checked Qin Haodong, the more she admired the young guy. He was handsome and brilliant. She exclaimed, "What a nice guy. Its wise of Xiaoxian to have picked up such a perfect son-in-law for me."

"Grandma Hu, actually Xiaoxian and I"

Before Qin Haodong could finish, Hu Feifei said, "No more explanations. I might be old, but I keep upgrading my views. Young people can live in the way that they want. She can move into your place before you get married, or sleep with you, or do whatever, wherever. Ill just wait for my grand-grandson to be born for me to raise."

The old lady did not give Qin Haodong the opportunity to explain it. After she finished speaking, she turned back and got in the helicopter.


Qin Haodongs opened his mouth widely, but couldnt say a word. The old lady seemed to have identified him as her grandson-in-law.

Hu Xiaoxian said, "Haodong, you can go with us."

"Its fine. I dont know how much the old man Lei Wanjun would charge me if I get in the helicopter." Qin Haodong smiled and said, "Ill go back with Tang Tang. Ill take that as one more trial. Ill pick up more herbs along the way. Ill start refining elixirs as soon as I go back."

He said it because he meant it. Shennongjia was an inaccessible place. All kinds of herbs grew there and many of them were aged ones. In the no-mans zone, he saw many herbs that might be over a hundred years old.

The little fellows fire had been upgraded and his cultivation had been greatly improved. He should go back to refine elixirs and pills of all levels, especially the Breakout Elixir which could help break the bottleneck of the Foundation realm.

Hu Xiaoxian held Qin Haodongs hands and said with reluctance, "Fine, Ill leave you here. You and Tang Tang have got to watch out. Ill have to report this mission to our supervisors. Ill drop by in Jiangnan City as soon as I finish."


Qin Haodong was going to refuse her, but he didnt say it out loud because that would hurt her badly.

The little guy was extremely reluctant to leave Hu Xiaoxian. She said, "Aunt Xiaxian. Come visit me soon. Ill miss you."

"Okay, Ill visit you soon."

After she said that, she kissed the little fellows cheek and Qin Haodongs cheek as well. Then she turned back and got on the helicopter.

Soon the helicopters hatch door closed. It rose into the air with the loud roar of the engine. Then it flew away, turning into a small spot, and then vanishing from Qin Haodongs sight.

With all of them gone, Qin Haodong was walking through the forest with the little fellow. They collected all kinds of herbs along the way. Three days later, they went out of Shenongjia and took a flight back to Jiangnan City.

At the exit of the airport, a beautiful tall woman with a fascinating figure was waiting. She was peeking into the airport from time to time.

The woman was so beautiful. Her face was so flawless that many mens eyes had been attracted. Lots of them wanted to pick her up, but they gave up after seeing those bodyguards around her.

"Saber, havent they arrived yet?"

The beautiful woman was Lin Momo. She was there to pick up Qin Haodong and the little fellow. She had never been away from the little fellow for that long. She also missed Qin Haodong badly, and she couldnt wait to see them.

Saber said, "Miss Lin. Dont worry, theyll be here soon."

At the same time, a tender voice came out of the airport, "Mommy! Tang Tangs back!"

The little fellow had been missing her mom for days. She jumped into Lin Momos arms.

"Mommy! Tang Tang missed you so much!"

The little fellow kissed Lin Momo on her cheeks.

Lin Momo kissed the little fellow back and then jumped into Qin Haodongs arms. She groaned, "What took you so long? Why didnt you pick up my calls? I was so scared."

Qin Haodong kissed Lin Momos gorgeous cheeks and said, "Its complicated. Lets go home and then we can talk about it."

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